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I Love Work

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My story involving Teresa.


(I was alone in my family's shop when I saw my friend, Teresa walking by. I wolf-whistled and she came over.)

So, there we both were, chatting to each other, and having a good time, because we were relaxed with each other, and I sat down. She quickly came over and sat on my lap, because there was only one chair, and I got to see her gorgeous ass as it lowered on to my throbbing cock. She put her arm around me, smiled, and said 'I'm not too heavy, am I?'. 'No, no', I said, not wanting this to end. She must have felt my boner stretching through my boxers and shorts and pressing on her thigh, because she reached down and brushed it with her hand. Oohh, it felt so good, I wanted to jack off at that moment. 'Kiss me', she whispered quietly. I was quite surprised, but she asked me again, and said she had fancied me for ages, and was dying for me to kiss her. I leant in, and we began to kiss, which lead to a full on snogging session, with tongues and everything. As we got into it, and started to touch each others bodies, she jumped up, and closed the door of the shop, and pulled the shutters down on the windows. 'What are you doing?', I said, getting up. 'We haven't got long, but I'm so fucking horny', she said, almost breathless.And with that, she locked the door, and turned the sign to closed. We then snogged passionately, and she began to undo my zipper, as I pulled her tight top off, exposing her pert C-cup tits bursting out of her white lacy bra. 'I want you to fuck me now', she moaned, 'I want your cock inside me'

I thought I was going to cum hearing her talk so dirty, and she shoved her hand in my boxers, and pulled my huge dick out and began to stroke it hard. She unsnapped her bra, and her tits fell out, leaving them free to suck them, and caress her nipples, to which she sighed, and begged for more. As she pulled my shirt, and shorts off, I pushed all of the stuff on the desk on to the floor, and flung her on to it, so she was lying down, while I yanked her jeans off, and her thong, revealing a soaking wet pussy, and the most amazing sight I have ever seen. 'Fuck, make me cum, James, get down there now. I want it hard. Hard, and rough.' I ran to get a condom from upstairs, but there wasn't one, but as I was coming downstairs, I heard loud moaning, squeals, and heavy breathing, and I saw Teresa spread-eagled on the desk, her heavenly body writhing around in pleasure as she fingered herself. I quickly tossed myself off, as she curled her toes, grabbed the desk in desperation, and shut her eyes, while rubbing her dripping pussy frantically, and shoving two fingers in and out of herself as hard and quickly as she could. She stroked her tits with her other hand, her nipples now fully erect. I ran to her, and replaced her hands with mine, making sure she came with force. She screamed my name, and I got on top of her, as we rolled over and over on the desk, her jacking me off with her own pussy juice as a lube, and me taking drastic care of her downstairs. I can't tell you everything that happened because it isn't right for Solo Touch, but when she began to pant, and groan, and scream, I knew she was ready to finish, and she moaned 'Ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh fuck, I'm close.. I'm cumming, I'm cumming' And she did. And so did I. It was the best day ever, and I opened up the shop two hours later, after lying in Teresa's arms, naked, hot, and gagging for more. Maybe there will be more to report soon. If you liked what you saw, make comments.



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