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I Love To Be Naked

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This happened forty years ago on the farm I grew up on.


I grew up on a farm. From the time I was little I liked to run around naked. My mother said from the beginning she had a hard time keeping clothes on me. As soon as I went into my bedroom my clothes came off.

When I was thirteen I followed a path that was behind the barn that lead to an abandoned farmhouse that was about half of a mile from our house. It was a two story that was white. The windows were broken out and the paint was peeling off. The doors were not locked so I went in from the back porch. The first room I entered was the kitchen. I still had cabinets and an old table. Next I entered in the front room. There I found some old newspapers and a pile of animal poop. I walked into the bedroom but found nothing but a couple of hangers left in the closet. I climbed up the stairs and found two more bedrooms on the second floor. In the one room were a table and two chairs. In the other room there was nothing. I looked in the closet and found a ladder hidden off to one side with a hatch above it. I climbed up the ladder and pushed the hatch open. It was an empty attic. You could see light shining up from the holes in the floor.

That night I asked my mother about the house. She said it belong to Dad's grandfather and grandmother. She told me that nobody has lived in the house for over twenty years. She thought it was sad to see it empty. I asked her if I could play there and she thought that it would make a good play house.

I couldn't wait to go back to the house. The next morning I hurried back to the house. I climbed up the stairs and checked out each bedroom. I looked out the windows and didn't see anyone. Ah solitude. I quickly removed my clothes and ran through the house claiming it as my domain.

As the next few years went by I would spend most of my free time there. I would take books with me and lay in the sun, nude and read. It was freedom that I really enjoyed. Things seemed perfect and then came that one day I can't forget.

I entered the upstairs bedroom and disrobed. I sat down in the sun and began to read my book. As I was reading I suddenly heard the door open downstairs and voices in the kitchen. I didn't have time to grab my clothes. I climbed up the ladder and hid in the attic. My heart was pounding as I quietly closed the hatch. I could hear voices coming up the stairs and entering into one of the bedrooms. I crawled over to one of the holes in the floor and looked down into the bedroom below. I could see my older brother and two of his friends. I then heard 'Hey what is this?' from one of the boys as they found my clothes. It was my jean shorts, shirt, bra and panties. 'Look panties!' yelled the other boy as he picked them up and began to play with them. 'Hey Jim (my brother) are these yours?'

I felt some relief when he didn't recognize them. The boys then went and checked through the house searching for a naked girl. They met back in the bedroom below me.

'I guess who ever left these must have been changing clothes here and left them,' said Jim. They didn't know about the attic! I felt some more relief but still had the jitters about being nude in the attic with the boys so close.

I looked back down through the hole as I heard the redheaded boy say 'Hey I got to pee.' He walked over to the window, dropped his pants and underwear down to his ankles and began to pee out the window. The other boys laughed as they watched. I found this to be kind of strange but I found boys to be kind of strange back then. When 'Red' was done peeing he turned around and wiggled his penis. 'Got to shake off the last drops,' he said as the other boys continued to laugh. I noticed that his pubic hair was also red. 'Red' didn't seem to be in any hurry to pull up his pants, in fact he began to run around with them at his ankles. The blonde boy then backed up to my brother and dropped his pants and underpants down, stuck his butt out, and farted. This made all three yell with laughter. 'Blondie' then stood straight and turned around. His pubic hair was light brown and his penis was smaller than 'Reds'.

'For that you need your ass whipped,' said Jim. He grabbed 'Blondie' by the wrist, drug him over to the chair wear he sat down and pulled 'Blondie' across his lap. 'This is going to hurt you more than it will hurt me,' Jim said as he slapped his hand across 'Blondie's' white butt cheeks leaving a red hand print. 'Ow' protested 'Blondie', 'that hurt.'

'Don't be such a wussy,' laughed 'Red', 'Give him five more for being a wussy Jim.'

Jim gave 'Blondie' five more swats and let him up. As 'Blondie' was standing up he was rubbing his now red butt. The surprise came when he turned around and had an erection. His penis was now bigger and pointing upward. This was the first erect penis I had ever seen and couldn't believe how it changed in size.

'Look who has a hardon,' laughed 'Red'. 'I guess the spanking wasn't so bad.'

'Well don't waste it, stroke it,' Jim yelled.

'I dare you to pull it,' yelled 'Red'.

'I will if Jim gets naked,' said 'Blondie'

Jim stood up and started to undress. Pants, underpants, shirt, and what ever else he had on came off. He stood there with an erection of his own. 'Go on,' said 'Red'; 'Pull your pudd.' Jim reached down and began to stroke his penis. 'First one to cum wins,' yelled 'Blondie' as he began to stroke his penis. 'Red' quickly joined in.

As I laid there watching the boys I began to feel this wetness between my legs. I reached down and felt my wet pubic hairs. I pressed my fingers up against my vagina and gasped as this new sensation rippled through me. I quickly bit my lip and looked nervously down through the hole to see if I was heard. I wanted to touch myself so bad but knew I couldn't do it without making noise and giving my location away. I pressed my thighs together hoping this would help. My hips began to roll gently back and forth and I tried unsuccessfully to stop them. I looked down at the boys who were feverishly stroking themselves. 'Red' grunted really loud as this white goop began to shoot out from the end of his penis and splatter on the floor. 'Blondie' and Jim both grunted and shot their own streams of goop. They were breathing hard as they looked at each other. 'Looks like I won', 'Red' said as he bent over and picked up my shirt and began to wipe his penis off. 'OH NO, MY SHIRT!' I thought as I was struggling not to touch my vagina. I desperately wanted to. I continued to squeeze my thighs together but it wasn't helping. 'Blondie' picked up my jean shorts and wiped himself off. 'NOT MY SHORTS TOO!' I thought. 'Blondie' threw my shorts out the window. 'Let's get something to eat,' he said as he started to pull his pants back up. 'Yea,' agreed 'Red' as he threw my shirt out the window. 'I'm taking these panties as a souvenir,' he continued as he shoved them in his pants pockets and pulled his pants the rest of the way up. 'What do you say Jim?'

Jim was almost dressed by now. 'Sure, I'm in. Hey I'm taking the bra.' Jim picked up the bra and stuffed it halfway into his back pocket. The three boys straightened themselves and headed down the steps.

I thought that they would never leave. I rolled over on my back and waited impatiently for a few moments in the dark. I had both hands over my hurting vagina. I waited in silence listening for any sounds. I crawled over and lifted the hatch and climbed down the ladder. I entered the bedroom were the boys had been. I looked around the room. In my mind I could still see them stroking away. I headed over to the window and looked out. They were just disappearing over the hill. I turned around and stepped into something sticky. I didn't care I had a something that needed my attention immediately. I lay on my back on the table and brought my knees up and out. My right hand went right to my vagina. I didn't know what I was doing but I began to rub anything that felt good. My fingers instinctively went in deeper. I was moaning loudly and didn't care. No form, no style, just lost in the moment. My hips were moving as I was rubbing until I became really light headed and felt this fantastic pleasure flushing over me. I was gasping as my vagina went into spasms. It hit me hard. As my mind became clearer I could feel myself laying limp on the table with my arms and legs hanging over the edge. I slid off of the table and stumble over toward the window to get some fresh air. I stuck my head out the window and filled up my lungs. My legs were feeling like Jell-O. My muscles seemed to be giving out. Suddenly I lost control of my bladder and pee began to splash across the floor at my feet. I headed for the corner and collapsed.

'What time is it?' I thought as I woke up. Looking out the window I could see the sun going down. 'I better get myself home before my folks come looking for me,' I said even thou nobody was there to listen. I went down the steps and headed out into the yard. There in the twilight I saw one mound that looked like my shorts, and another that looked like my shirt. As gross and disgusting as they were I put them on. I could feel on sticky spot on my butt and one in the middle of my back.

It was dark when I reached my house. I went in through the back door and headed right for my bedroom. 'Honey I saved you some dinner,' I heard my mother say. 'I want to shower first and then I'll be right down,' I answered. 'OK' was her reply.

I couldn't wait to get my clothes off and the shower never felt so good. I toweled off and put on my night shirt and headed down to the kitchen.

'What happened sweetie? Why are you late?' mom asked as I sat down at the table. I looked over at her and thought that she really didn't want to know the truth.

'I'm sorry mother, but I was carried away with this book and before you know it the sun was setting,' I answered.



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