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I Love My Mother-in-law-part 2

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While my wife Jean was still away on business, I sent her an email thanking me for sending me to her mother's house to help her mother Carol 'hang some pictures'. I told her about how her mother's panties reminded me of hers but with a stronger scent. I told her how much Carol and I enjoyed our mutual masturbation session. I also told her that I would be sending a story to Solo Touch about the fun day Carol and I had together. Jean emailed back and said, 'if it gets in, maybe Mom and I can do something special for your next story'.

After our email, Carol came over to our house for a weekend visit, which was somewhat unusual. When she arrived, I noticed that Jean and Carol were identically dressed - blue jeans and sweaters, no bras. They looked a lot alike, except that Carol's tits are larger and fuller, and her hips are wider. While I was staring at the two women, Jean handed me a blind-fold, and said put this on, which I did. I heard sound, and said, 'What are you two doing?' 'Taking off our clothes,' answered Carol. Then they took my clothes off. I can tell you. It's quite a turn-on to have your wife and her mother undress you while they are naked and you are blind-folded.

While I was day-dreaming about the two of them naked, Jean said, 'So you think my mother's panties smell better than mine. Do you?' 'Well no, I mean...' I stammered. 'I just mean they smell really, really good'. They both giggled, sounding the same, like two school girls doing something a little bit naughty. Then I was given a pair of warm, moist panties. 'Now tell us whose it is?' Jean demanded in a tone of mock severity. 'Get it right, and you get to go in the bedroom for some 'picture hanging' with the owner of the panties. ' Now I had an erection that demanded attention real soon, or it was going to take of itself, and send out a burst of semen that would likely stain the ceiling.

I smelled them over and over. But oh my god, I wasn't sure. Their pussies just smell too much alike. As I was saying, 'I can't tell, but they smell GREAT whose ever they are,' it dawned on me that they must be Carol's because of their size. But it was too late. I had already spoken. 'That settles it Mom; I'm just as sexy as you,' Jean said. 'If George can't tell us apart, maybe we both should go in the bed room with him', Carol said. She walked to me and removed my blind fold. I was starring at two naked beautiful women. Despite the differences in their ages, they looked so much alike, and SO GOOD. I honestly couldn't say who looked better naked. They both looked great.

We went straight to our king size bed. I laid down in the middle with my head at the top of the bed. They laid down with their heads on the foot of the bed, one on each side of me. They spread their legs apart, and I was in heaven. We all masturbated together. It was a symphony of sounds as the feelings mounted for us. I finished quickly spraying them both with my semen. Jean said, 'George, help Mom finish if you're done'. So I got into position, and showed Carol my extended finger. 'Yes, Yes, do it. Do it NOW!' I slid my finger into her warm, moist vagina. Her vagina clamped down on my finger with an unbelievably powerful force, as she yelled, 'Oh fuck that feels good!' Her vagina pulsed a few times, with her moaning each time, and then her vagina slowely relaxed and released my finger. She was done. 'God that felt good,' she said.

'Mom, I never heard you talk that way,' Jean said. 'Sorry about the language, dear; I just got carried away', her face a little red with embarrassment. 'It's good to know I can still turn a man on', Carol as the red color left her face, and she just looked relaxed and happy.

I know that her remark about still being able to turn a man on was aimed at me. She noticed how I was mostly looking at her tits while I was jerking off. It's going to be hard for me to keep my hands off them now.

That was without a doubt the most erotic experience of my life. I thank my lucky stars to have these two great women in my life. As long as I remember who's my wife and who's my mother-in-law, I don't see a problem. I draw the line at actual sex. That's something I will always do only with Jean.



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