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I Love My Mother-in-law

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let me know whether any of you other guys are attracted to your mother-in-law


My wife Jean travels a lot with her work. The other day she asked me who I fantasize about when she's gone and I masturbate. I told her that the answer might surprise her, since I usually fantasize about her mother Carol, a very attractive 52 year old widow. Jean said she wasn't surprised at all, since she knew I like older women. Also, she said that she had noticed how flirtatious her mother and I are with each other, but it didn't bother her, she said, since her mother is just an older version of herself. So my sexual fantasies are actually flattering to both her and her mother.

I forgot all about this conversation until my wife had another business trip. She told me to drop by her mother's house because she needed me to do something. I had to wonder what's up, since it was unusual for Carol, a highly independent woman, to need me to something for her. I asked her what her mother needed, and she said she didn't know. But there was a look in her eye that told me she and her mother were up to something.

When I got to Carol's house after dropping Jean off at the airport, her mother said she just needed me to help her hang some pictures. What a let down! But she was at least still in her robe and wearing no bra. Carol's tits are much larger than Jean's, and they hang down a bit from age and gravity. But they look great to me.

As I was hanging a picture, Carol came up behind me and raised the picture a bit saying she'd like it a little higher. I loved the feeling of her body pressing against mine as we fiddled with the picture.

By the time we were finished hanging the picture, I had a bit of an erection from being so close to Carol's big tits. I was about to turn away from her to hide my erection when her robe opened and exposed those beautiful tits. This brought my rather tentative erection to a full salute. Carol's eyes went straight to my hard-on.

'Sorry', I mumbled. 'Don't be', she said; 'but you better do something about it.' She slipped out of her robe and kneeled on the floor directly in front of me with nothing but her panties on. I couldn't help myself. I took one of her tits in my hand. It felt heavy and filled the palm of my hand. I lifted it up and took the nipple into the mouth. The nipple was hard as a rock. It felt great in my mouth. I certainly hope that this is what Jean's tits turn into twenty years from now. Carol pulled herself back, stood up and removed her panties. Now my mother-law was standing right in front of me completely naked.

'Let me see that big dick of yours', Carol said. 'Jean always says it is tight fit for her. I bet I could handle it. But I want to watch you jack off.' Then she handed me her panties. The crotch was very moist. I smelled them. Carol asked whether they smell familiar. 'Yes, just like Jean's, but much stronger and more sexual.'

She laughed, and said, 'Well, I'm really turned on. Let's masturbate together.' Then she sat next to me on the couch, and went to work on herself. I whipped off my clothes, and joined her. I was so turned that I had the worst case of premature ejaculation ever. Two strokes, and I came all over the place.

Carol carried on several minutes after me while I just watched her in awe. She moaned so loud and long that I thought the neighbours would come to the door to ask her to quiet down. But then she was finished and I just stared at her big, beautiful, natural tits. It felt very strange for us to be sitting naked together on her couch, talking about how Jean must be landing in Chicago just about now. She said that it was Jean's idea for us to do this. Carol said that at first she didn't believe that I would like it. Then Jean told her about how I sometime fantasize about doing it with her mother when I'm doing with it her. That's what made her decide to for it with me. She thought that, if it didn't work, she'd just say 'sorry' when the robe 'accidentally' opened up and exposed her tits. But, as soon as she saw my massive hard-on, she figured she'd go for it. I'm glad she did.

As I was leaving, Carol said, 'Whenever Jean is travelling, you can always come to my house and help me hang pictures. So I expect to be hanging a lot of pictures at my mother in law's house.



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