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I Love Living Naked With Lynn

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I live Skyclad and honor the Deity within by masturbating and having sex as often as possible.

When I first started Living Naked
Some Of My ways of cumming


I work at home and I love remaining naked all the time. I like to remove my clothes when I come into the house and remain naked as long as I can. The longest I have gone without putting on a single peace of clothing is 17 days. I will even retrieve the mail in my mailbox naked. Granted I will wait till it is in the middle of the night as I live in suburbia and the neighbors would freak if I was too obvious about it.
Lynn she is so sweet I taught her to masturbate when she was 15. I wanted her to have a way to find release for her sexual tensions when I was away. Plus, I liked it when she would masturbate while I was pumping her tight pussy. Oh she had a very tight pussy. It seems that when she would get hot, her clit would not only get hard and poke it little head out from under its hood, but the walls of her pussy would swell and this would make her pussy very tight. We have spent hours masturbating each other and enjoying orgasms together. I taught her also how to masturbate in the shower with the hand held shower massage. She will take the showerhead and make it spray just to the left of her clit. This will give her the best sensations and she comes quickly. A number of times I have sat upon the toilet and watched her in the shower bring herself to a shivering, explosive orgasm. I sit and watch while stroking my cock, my legs spread wide while sitting on the john. She will come before I, and after she comes, I give her a few moments to recover, and then I get into the shower with her and we have some fantastic shower sex. Lynn's favorite way to bring herself to orgasm is a technique one of her girlfriend lovers showed her with a vibrator. I love watching her masturbate as she take the tip of the vibrator and tease her clit with it. Then, she zeros in on that special spot just to the left of her clit, and zoom she can rocket herself to an orgasm in ten seconds or less. I love having my fingers or my cock in her pussy when she orgasms as the pussy gets very tight and on numerous occasions has actually squeezed me out of her pussy. I give her orgasms with my mouth sucking on her clit while my finger is massaging her g spot. And, developed a cool technique to masturbate her. I place my little finger in her anus then my ring and middle finger in her pussy and my index finger is on her clit. I then start to pump my hand in and out of her ass and pussy slowly while my finger slides up and down her clit. This is a one handed method as I am stroking my cock with my other hand. Feeling her pussy tighten as she has an orgasm is often what I need to cum myself.
She loves to watch me masturbate. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and she has gotten out of bed for something else, I will kick off the blankets and start to stoke my morning hard on. I like laying on my back and open my legs wide so the air can ventilate over my asshole. Lynn will be walking in and out of the room putting up clothes or getting stuff and watching me as she passes by. Some times she will strip and join me and sit on the couch and masturbate herself too, or jump on me and rid my cock. But most of the time she just smiles and tells me how much she loves me, and then go about her business. When I get ready to cum, I will call to her and she will quickly return to the bed room. Then when she likes to wait till I signal that I am getting ready to Cum and will then take the tip of my cock into her sweet lips and suck hard to draw out all my jism, as my balls quiver with the ecstasy of the orgasm. It makes clean up so nice when she sucks the cum out of my throbbing cock.
Now, as I am naked all the time, I like to play with my self all the time, while watching TV, talking on the phone or having a conversation with Lynn. The only time I have to be careful is when I talk to my ex-wife as Lynn is very jealous and does not like it when I masturbate when I am talking to my ex-wife on the phone. She doesn't mind when I stroke my cock talking to telemarketers or her friends. On numerous occasions though I have played with her pussy and licked her clit while she was on the phone with her sister, mother and even her ex-husband. Telemarketers are fun to masturbate to as you can hear them get excited when you lead them on in thinking you are going to take their product and then at the last moment you renege on the deal and tell them you changed your mind. Lynn and I have had on a few occasions had phone sex together. She had forgotten to take her vibrator with her once when she went on a trip, and had to get into the shower and aim the showerhead at her pussy in order to bring herself to and orgasm. I was on the phone with her the entire time and stroking my sleek, slippery, super snake, all the while I listened to her in the throngs of her orgasm.
When Lynn comes into the room and I am masturbating one of her favorite things to do when she joins me is to start playing with my balls. I love the caress of her balls while my hand slides up and down my cock. Then she starts to focus on my ass. She'll make rings around the asshole and then lube her finger up nicely and slowly insert it into me. Oh, the feel of a little finger in the ass while my cock is being strokes is so nice. She'll curl her finger upwards and then start to thump upon my prostate, this send a fantastic sensation from my ass to my cock.
She bought 4 vibrators when we were in Los Vegas, and often likes to play with them on my anus. There is one nice one that is like an egg and she will insert it into my ass and it feels so nice vibrating next to my prostate. I have even gone to sleep with it in my ass and woke up on the morning and it was still vibrating in my ass. Another of the vibrators she has is a jelly butt plug, and it is great when I am sitting down. I'll lube it up, and then put it on the chair as it had a flat base it will stand up nicely. Then I lower my ass on it slowly, and turn the vibrate speed to slow. Then I will start to type as I am doing now. Yup, that's right I have it in my ass right now, mmmm. Now I will clinch my ass and then relax it and then increase the vibration. Oh, it feels so nice. I'm now rocking in my chair as the vibrating butt plug pulsates itself upon my prostate. Oh, I'm gona have a nice orgasm tonight.
Another of her vibrators is one that was given to her by one of her girlfriends. Lynn is bisexual, but prefers girls, but of course me over all. This vibrator has two motors in it one for a clit vibrator and the other that drives a pearl shafted cock. I love it when she puts that inside me. I can feel the vibration and also the rotating of the pearls in the shaft of the vibrator. It feels very nice, and she loves playing with vibrators in my anus while I'm stroking my cock.
I just increased the vibration on the vibrating butt plug I have inside me and I'm going to finish and send this story so I can stroke my cock while the vibrations I feel in my ass permeate my entire crotch. I spend hours stroking my cock and like to stretch it out for a long time. Lynn is so great in no other lover have I had took such an interest in watching me masturbate and letting me watch her. We masturbate just as much as we have sex together, sometimes the masturbation exceeds the coitus. Generally three to five times per day. Seldom never less then one. I'm typing with one hand right now and getting a kick out of knowing many others will be masturbating while they read this.
Live naked, and enjoy your live. This is what I always wanted to do and Lynn just followed suit with me.
Happy stroking and jilling.



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