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I Love His This Much!!

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Best day every I swear! I love you so much Davey


Ok, well it started out as a bad day because of some testing I had to do for school. Then at about one thirty I headed over to Davey's house. He had invited me to go apple picking with him and his mum. So of course I said sure! So I got there and we hung in his room for a few minutes, then got in his car, and his mom drove us there. It took a little longer than expected because of traffic, but I wasn't complaining. We had started kissing like totally hard core(haha)I sort of moved my hand over his penis, which was obviously hard at just the thought of me touching it. I know from word that guys like it when a girl touches them through the jeans..

But yea so we did that, and by time we got to the farm place, I was totally happy. So then we went into the apple fields which was ok..lol goofy pics. Then the corn maze. His mum let us go in...alone...I couldn't wait! I had wanted to make out with him more so bad, but I wasn't known for just coming on to anyone that easily. I'm not shy but I'm not totally like 'here and now' we were walking and there were no decisions so he was kinda like 'omg there are no different ways' the signs were kinda showing you how to get out. So I had to urge to just kiss him. I have no idea where it came from, it just happened, not like I didn't want it because boy oh boy I did. So I'm like 'Good choice?' and he just smiled. Soo cute lol. But then we walked a little more, stopping every few minutes to make out...alot.. When we hit a dead end he was like 'Oh my a dead end, oh what to do' I just laughed as he pulled me in to kiss me. I wasn't holding back at all. Then when people would come we would just walk ahead. After getting lost on purpose a lot of times, we finally came out...40 minutes later haha. 40!!

So then we went back to his house where we went up to his room. I felt daring so I made him lay back and I sort of laid next to him, kissing. Then his parents say they wanna go out somewhere...totally sucks but I can't say no..So we were outside near a beach and it was really cold, so I'm like 'can we sit in the car??' he got the keys and we sat in there. I couldn't help myself, I sat towards him on the seat, french kissing him. His parents might have seen because when they were coming back I was still all over him. So we went back to his house again. YAY. I had been wanting to just be in his room with him alone! So I got my chance. We went up to his room, I told him to keep the light off because it was better that way. He laid on the bed and I laid next to him. (This was the first time I had ever been in a bed with a guy even just like this) so we started little kissing, I guess. but I had another 'hormone attack' I guess and I just sort of made him lay down in the middle of his bed and climbed on top of him, letting my 'Area' touch his. I knew he liked it. Then after we made out a little like that, he made me lay down and got on top of me, it was the greatest feeling in the world I think. After a while of that we just lay next to each other. I knew that while I lay there all I could think was 'omgsh this can't be real, it's like my dream come true...' also I was thinking 'hmmm I wanna jerk him soo bad but I can't, we'll get in trouble' so I kept it on the down low. Sooner than I knew it 40 minutes had passed and I had to go home. I got my stuff and we left to go to my house, we made out again in the car, I moved his hand over to my thighs hoping he would get the point that I wanted his to touch me but he just rubbed my thighs, I wanted to tell him, future but his mom wouldn't approve I don't think.. then when I got out he kissed me goodbye. My actual first kiss 'good-bye' it was so romantic. He couldn't see but as I walked to my door I had the biggest grin on my face..

When I went inside, I went to my room and got online as fast as I could. My parents had gone to bed so I was safe to M. I waited for Davey to come online, which took a little while but when he came back we talked about what we felt. Then like we always do, we masturbated. We talked about how we felt. I didn't tell him as much as I would have liked because I almost felt embarrassed, it was so much for me, I hadn't ever done any of this much. We told each other what we were doing for this, I always use my vibrator which is a face cleanser but it's a better vibrator!! So after he said he was done and I was done, we said good night, I told him I loved him and he said it back. Then I went into my bed, no I didn't go to sleep. I just kept playing my day over and over in my head, which made me have a really good time M'ing. Well I think that's it for now. I really love my boyfriend, he is the best. I hope that from this story he gets some of the hints I said...Ok so that's it! A long story finally haha.

TILL next time, this is Laura signing off!



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