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I Live for Friday Nights - My Story

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When I was 23, I was working in a factory that made metal fabricated parts for automobiles, tractors and heavy equipment. Through a momentary lapse of attention, I was tossed into a machine that rendered both of my arms useless, completely losing my right hand, broke my back, and rendered my left leg a grotesquely deformed limb. I am wheelchair bound and I type on a computer with a 12 inch special rubber tipped stick clenched between my teeth. I can actually manipulate two at a time for capitalization and punctuation. I've become pretty good at it.

It goes without saying, that my social life is a disaster now. I live with my divorced mother who is a saint. Besides helping me dress and bathe, she is still a great looking woman. Of course I don't date. I don't think there are many women out there desperate enough to want a homebound, wheelchair bound husband.

My fondest memories are of the sexual times I had before my injury and I have missed and wanted to relive those trysts, but I know I cannot. I cannot even masturbate because I cannot use my left hand or my arms. I am for all purposes useless.

My desire for sex is still strong. I watch movies and envy the people making love in the movies. One day when I was 26, my mom was talking to me. I had this overwhelming desire to ask her for some relief, some help, something forbidden. I just couldn't. Another year went by. Finally one day, we were talking about life and married friends of ours. I started crying. I wanted to just end my life but I can't even do that. I told my mom that I was just existing and not much more. Sure, I can read books and play on the Internet, but what else was there to live for? I blurted out ... I have not even been able to have an orgasm since I was hurt. I was still crying. I said I missed that. I wanted that so badly and I'll never ever get to have that one good feeling God was able to give all of us ever again. My mom started crying then. This was one of the first outpourings of feeling I had expressed after some years of bitterness.

My mom and I cried together and she held me until it all subsided. The next day was a Friday. That evening, she came into my room where I spend 90% of the time. I could tell she was nervous about something. She started very seriously telling me how sex was a cherished thing between people who love each other. She said she loved me dearly. She must have thought about this the whole night before and all day long the next day. My mom said that she was going to help me and this was something she wanted to do.

My mom stood up and untied the robe she was wearing. She was totally naked when it fell to the floor. Although I have no use of my arms, and my broken back left me partially paralyzed, my penis was never compromised. I hadn't seen a naked woman since my early 20's, except on the net. She said for me to look at her. I did. In moments, I was getting hard. My mom reached over and pulled the elastic waisted loungewear that I almost live in down my waist and out from under my butt and down to my ankles. Although she has bathed me and cleaned my ass thousands of times this was different. I was seeing my mom as a sexual being now.

She took my penis in her hand and started massaging it. I got hard quickly. She began jacking me off. She said nice things to me like how hard my dick was and how good it felt. This all made me really hard. She jacked me for no more than a minute and I had an orgasm that was many years overdue, shooting my semen all over myself. She cleaned me up and said she would do that from then on, and she was sorry. She didn't know how badly I wanted some sort of sexual relief for all these past years.

Now, every Friday night is our play night. I live for Friday nights. She has become quite daring and explicit and she will pose for me in any way and do anything I ask her to do. She also masturbates and she lets me watch her. I love her 57 year old body. Her pussy is so hairy and sexy. Her nipples are so full and yes, she lets me suck them. I just wish more than anything that I could take my own dick in my hand and jack off in front of her as I watch her masturbate. She jacks me off every Friday night and often another night or two during the week now. She always gets totally naked for me when she does it. I now know she likes it as much as I do.

I am not as depressed and I love life more than ever now thanks to my mom. I love my mom very much.

I found this site by accident as I searched masturbation one day. I'm glad your site exists. I hope I haven't offended anyone by describing my life.



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