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I like It Wet

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Back when I was 12, I still had occasional problems wetting my bed. Looking at the pictures of incontinence briefs, and the thought of diapers always gave me an erection. Though I was too innocent to know what to do with them, I still liked the feeling of arousal and a hard penis, and would just sit, staring at the pictures... I even went so far as to try to get the same absorbent effect by wearing multiple pairs of tight white briefs, only to have them leak. I wanted to try diapers so badly, but gave up knowing that I could never get them into the house without my very conservative parents finding out.,

Fast forward 40 years. Working at home, I found myself totally alone for several hours one or two days a week. I don't know what got me started, but I found myself thinking about those pubescent days, the delightful feelings between my legs. I wondered what it would be like to try a diaper, and realized that there was nothing to stop me from trying them. So I did.

Getting to the point where my body would let the pee flow took some learning, but I found it to be interesting and enjoyable. I've kept at it, with a supply of disposable diapers stashed away where nobody but me will find them.

I usually have one 'diaper day' a week. Time when everyone else is out of the house. Sometimes just a couple of hours, sometimes most of the day. As soon as I know I'll be alone, I lose my briefs, and put on as thick a diaper as I can buy, with a booster pad.

I enjoy the feeling of the diaper snug around my body and pulled tight between my legs. The bulk of the diaper with the booster forces my legs apart a bit, and I like the way that it rubs against my balls and cock, reminding me that they are there. It isn't long before I have to let go, and I like that first flood of warmth running down, and over my balls.

I'll go as long and as often as I can, with the diaper bulking up as it gets wetter, spreading my legs farther, making me hornier as time goes by. I make sure that I drink as much water and coffee as possible. I finally reach the point where I either change, or start to leak. By that time I'm really aroused, but the thick, swollen padding keeps me from coming in direct contact with my cock.

That's when I go looking, either for a good porn clip, or good stories on Solo Touch. My penis is too long to be able to masturbate with the diaper taped shut, but I still like to go for a while with my cock straining against the padding, rubbing myself from the outside. Eventually I have to open up the diaper and let my swollen penis spring free. I'll sit with it open enough to put lubricant on the head, and start to stroke myself. That first touch feeling so good as my hand runs over the knob, and then then rim.

Sometimes it's fast, sometimes I take my time. Sometimes it's just thinking about my dream of thick cloth diapers, a soaker adding bulk, and plastic pants tight against my waist and thighs. I always come in the diaper, with an intense orgasm. It feels so good, as I experience the pleasure only hinted at as a boy.

Some day, I know that I'll have several days to myself with nobody home. You can be sure that I'll be in diapers 24 hours a day while I am, and by the time it's over, I'll have one very drained, satisfied, and happy cock.



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