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I like Bras, Too!

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I love to wear bras, too...but masturbate a little differently from most.


I like bras, too.

My girlfriend left her bikini in my car when I was in high school, and when I got home I saw it, wrapped it in a towel and took it to my room. That night, I put it on, and the feeling was fantastic. I was hooked. I was so excited. That week I don't know how many times I masturbated wearing her bikini!

Perhaps I had worn a bra or other things before that. In grammar school, for Halloween one year I asked my mom if I could be a girl, and she made me a nice costume, with a wig and handbag and pantyhose. I felt really good.

But in high school the feelings were different, sexual. I was shy about it. And also, when I masturbated, I imagined that I was a woman, and caressed my nipples and stroked between my legs like a pussy. Something was, well, strange about that, and about how much I liked it. So I didn't do it much. Just occasionally, when my girlfriend's things were around, and the urge hit me, and nobody would know.

All the same, I wore lingerie, and sometimes kept it, from every girl that I was with and secretly masturbated feeling like a woman. When I was old enough to have my own place, I would spend whole days, or weekends, dressed, feeling very erotic and blissful, and ending the day, legs spread wide, rubbing between my legs. I heard of nipple clips, and tried them and though I don't like pain, the feeling was so strong and girlie, and for days afterward my nipples would be so sensitive and put a smile on my face no matter how I was dressed.

One night, about a week after breaking up with my girlfriend, I put on her lingerie, which she had given me, and began masturbating, very slowly and sensuously. I began stroking my cock, and then the other hand went down to my anus, played for a little while, and then entered. My girlfriend had done this to excite me, but, surprisingly, I never had. It felt awesome. I rocked up and down with my pelvis and was grabbing my balls when I had a fantastic, strong, amazing orgasm which took me by surprise. It made missing my girlfriend much easier.

It seems strange or femme or girlie, whatever you want to say; but I'm also very empathetic and in tune with lovers, and I have to think that my high rate of satisfaction with lovers has to do with how I 'identify' with their pussy.

Now I have a lady friend, clear across the country, who loves masturbating as much as I do. We met on line and meet up every night. I told her that I like lingerie, and she was a little shocked and put off, she'd never been into it with men. But because it turned me on, she went along. I sent her some pictures of my hairy chest in a cami, and my cock poking out of some boyshorts, and she was hooked. She masturbates to those pictures all the time!

One night she told me to get dressed in lingerie before we masturbated on line, and then while she used her dildo, she told me to masturbate myself anally too. It was an awesome feeling. We both had the sensation of feeling how each other felt, I felt her pussy, and she rocked her pussy just as I was rocking mine. We had an amazing orgasm together.

Lately she's been picking panties out for me on line at stores that are local to us both, like Macy's or Penny's and Target, and sending me to get them. She also picked out a dildo for me that matches hers. I have a bit of a stash right now, and I love for her to choose what I will wear. I'm very happy to know that she 'sees' me, and she loves the feeling of a femme man with a hard cock, hairy chest, and a bra. One who feels his pussy as intensely as her own.



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