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I like Bras

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I enjoy Solo. Particularly like stories about men/boys and mature women and their breasts.


I discovered my Mom's underwear drawer in about seventh grade. On afternoons when no one else was home, I would get a bra or two out of the drawer. I'd put one on and stuff it with socks and use the other to rub my erect penis. What fun. Her bras were 38D.

As years went by I recovered a cast off bra or two as I emptied the waste baskets. I remember stashing one in a plastic bag in the woods behind our house. I would retreat to the secret spot periodically and masturbate with the bra, sometimes I would partially strip my clothes off and wear the bra, other times I would wrap it around my penis and wank away.

As an adult, I still have a great fascination with bras, breasts, and women's silky smooth underwear, nylons, panties, shapers, swim suits, etc. I have a also developed a fascination for cross dressing, which I do on a limited basis at home, when no one else is around. No one else knows that I do it. When my wife and kids are gone, I love to either go around nude or dressed in a bra (with homemade birdseed breastforms), panties, nylons, a shaper or conventional women's swim suit, and perhaps a skirt and blouse. I can get aroused just planning my dress up session. I also enjoy visiting women's underwear sites on the web, I find as much pleasure there as any of the cruder sex sites on the web. I don't want to go public as cross dresser, would be a problem for me in my small community and for the community service and church work that I do, but I really enjoy relaxing in private in my feminine underwear and clothes. As far as I have gone out in public is to put on the undies and breastforms and go for a walk in normal street clothes under a heavy winter jacket in winter in the cold snowy climate in which I live. Lots of excitement and arousal in that, though.

My wife is out of town for a few days and I'm dressed right now, and have been since fixing and eating supper last night. Here's how it goes:

I start with laying out my collection and deciding what to wear. I usually start with a bra and the homemade breast forms. Then as I start to get aroused and erect, I'll unroll a condom on my erection. That in itself is very satisfying for some reason, too. There is something about unrolling that tight fitting membrane around that erect shaft. There are times that I don't get any further before giving myself a good wank, cleaning up, and going back to a regular routine.

When I have more time and don't get carried away right off the bat, I continue to dress, panties, a shaper, some padding at my hips, etc.

Sometimes, if I am not erect yet, I'll push my testies up into the cavity above them and tuck my penis between my legs, like some cross dressers do. A good tight pair of women's or men's briefs will hold it there. I never get completely erect nor do I cum in that position, but there is a very pleasant buildup that lasts a long time. When I finally release my penis from captivity, I can have a very pleasant session.

A variation if I am erect at this point in dressing, is to put a couple of socks over my condom covered penis before putting on the rest of the undies and panty hose. Layers are fun. Sometimes, I'll add a swimsuit and bra or two more. My base bras are mine (I've got 2 or 3), but I'll sometimes add a couple of my wife's to the stack. I can spend a fun 15-20 minutes just putting different bras or panties on over my my base feminine layer and taking them off. Then depending on what else I need to get done or how long I have to be dressed, I may go about a relatively normal routine of reading, eating, computer work, etc. Or I may work on staying aroused and do some edging, read some Solo, visit some underwear or tasteful nude sites.

Eventually, I'll work up to a fun outright masturbation session. Sometimes I'll work my way through the layers to release my penis and beat off in a conventional way. Other times, I'll work my penis through the various layers with my fingers, palm of my hand, or by humping the bed. I enjoy feeling my 'breasts' and rubbing some of the satiny layers I'm wearing together, like I'm doing right now.

Like I said earlier, I started this session last night, it's now mid morning. What is rare for me is to be able to continue after reaching a climax. Usually, once I've climaxed, the interest dies and a strip off all the fun stuff and put it away. Today, I'm still going after over 12 hours of being dressed and one climax.

After reading about in on Solo, I also have developed a taste for eating my own cum. I used to lose all interest as soon as I came, but after reading Solo, I pressed on and now enjoy catching my cum in my hand if I beat off in the shower or before a shower without being dressed, or I recover it from my condom when I let go while I'm dressed.

I stayed dressed in the bra, panties, shaper. I just love having to release those little hooks in the crotch to use the toilet, also working condom off semi-erect penis and putting it back on after urinating, and nylons in bed last night. I woke up several times and gently massaged my padded penis and worked up some pre-cum. Managed to hold off until just about time to get up this morning before taking it all the way. The padding was effective enough to force me to release myself from the shaper and turn down the top of the pantyhose in order to finally climax. But is was a good one. And an hour later, when I got up, I enjoyed slurping up the cum from the condom.

Then I slipped everything back on and shaved my face. I tried shaving some other parts many years ago, but decided not to continue. Another reason for not seriously crossdressing in public, I have lots and lots of body hair, chest, back, arms, legs, etc, and a mustache. Back to this morning, I then put on one of my wife's slips and a satiny skirt of mine and mid heel shoes of mine and enjoyed my morning routine on a lazy day off dressed in these wonderful, relaxing, and soft clothes. I love getting all the layers to swish around. As I write this, I pause occasionally to massage my padded crotch. Yes, It's great.

Hope to hear from others with similar taste. Also, I plan to write about how I was able to meld my breast fascination with sex with my sexually conservative wife.



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