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I like Being Watched

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My family has a large vacation trailer near the Jersey shore. There is a pool and lots of recreation facilities and my whole family loves it there. My younger sister and I have our own bedroom and mine is in the rear next to the bathroom. Me, my mom and sister are there most of the summer and my dad usually works during the week unless he has vacation time. In the spring and fall we only go on weekends until the weather gets too cold and my dad shuts it down in October for the winter. The bathroom is very small and only has a shower stall with a clear glass door.

One night in June I was taking a shower and noticed someone was watching me outside the window. My bedroom and the bathroom face the woods and I never worried about privacy. I got out of the shower and looked out of the window as he ran away. It was a boy, but I couldn't tell who it was because it was too dark out. I was going to tell my mom but didn't and even though I was mad at first realized it excited me. I started masturbating a couple years back but always thought I was fairly modest until that night. It was the first summer I ever wore a bikini. The bathroom window was always open a few inches on the bottom because the bathroom would steam up so much. Even my bedroom window was open most of the time. The rear of the trailer faced the woods. There was rarely anyone back there since most of the time it is very damp and muddy and lots of bugs. The only nice thing about the woods was we could see deer roaming around often.

I started to look out the window before I would undress or shower and didn't see anyone until the following week. It was 9 o'clock on a Friday and my parents were out and my sister was watching TV. I saw a boy walking around in the back of our trailer but didn't know if it was the same one. I don't know what possessed me to do this but I made sure my bedroom window was open an inch or two and turned on all the lights. I went into the dark bathroom and watched as he snuck up to my bedroom window. I did recognize him from the recreation area but didn't know his name. I knew he was a year or so younger than me probably about my sisters age. I went back to my room knowing he was there watching me and just slowly started to undress knowing he was watching me. I even stood naked for awhile brushing my hair before putting my PJ's on. It aroused me so much I couldn't stop thinking about it and masturbated when I went to bed that night. Three or four days later I saw the boy at the pool and found out my mom knew his mom and his name was Timmy. I talked to him but never let on I knew he had seen me naked. After that I started looking for him almost every night.

Four nights after I met him he showed up again when I turned the lights on in my bedroom. I undressed again and was so aroused knowing he was looking in at me that I actually layed on my bed and masturbated while he watched. It did sort of embarrass me but I orgasmed twice knowing he was watching me and that never happened before. That was at the end of June and after that he was outside watching me at least once or twice a week. I started to not only let him see me naked or masturbating but would let him see me shower and would sometimes masturbate while in the shower. When masturbating in my bed I would do it in different positions and even masturbate while bending over on my hands and kness on the bed. Most of the time I would just spread my legs as wide apart as I could facing the window.

In July he started bringing another boy with him and I later found out there were other boys. One of them was his cousin who I had met before but even now I don't know who the other boys are. They always come when its dark out and I don't know if the other boys are regulars at the park. It was so arousing to me I began masturbating every day and sometimes twice a day just thinking about it. I purposely started shaving my legs, underarms and pubic hair when I knew Timmy and one or more of the other boys were watching me. As I was shaving myself I would get so turned on I had to masturbate as soon as I finished shaving with them watching me. Sometimes I was so aroused I knew I was moaning while masturbating and was afraid my parents or sister might hear me.

A few times at the pool Timmy and his cousin would come over and talk to me and my sister. Other boys were with Timmy sometimes but I couldn't tell which ones were watching me at night. I began to wonder how many different boys there were that Timmy brought with him at night. I was anxious to find out who the other boys were but never found out and certainly wouldn't ask him. When they watched me masturbate while in my bed I would keep my eyes closed but squint enough to see them peeking in the bottom of the window making sure they were looking at me. I could always tell if it was Timmy or his cousin but could never figure out who the other boys are. I would sometimes just lay in my bed naked pretending I was sleeping. My breasts aren't real big but I am proud of my figure. When we are at the pool I can see the boys looking at my breasts a lot and I don't mind at all when they eye me up and down. Its funny sometimes because my dad will tell me to pull my top up higher but my mom just smiles.

Labor Day weekend was distressing for me. My mom and dad were going out that night and my mom was in the shower and saw two sets of eyes looking in at her. She screamed and at first I though she fell or was hurt. My dad ran outside looking for whoever it was but didn't see anyone. I knew it was Timmy right away and one or more of his friends or cousin. They probably ran into the woods when my mom screamed. I couldn't say anything then but started to feel guilty that I didn't warn her or my sister. I don't know why but I never thought about them peeking in at my mom or sister before that night. They probably saw my mom and sister naked a lot of times and I guess I was so dumb it never occurred to me that they were and it did make me feel bad. I guess I thought they were only interested in me. From then on the bathroom window is always closed and both my mom and dad constantly warn my sister and I about closing the windows and pulling down the shades.

The weekend after Labor Day there was no sign of Timmy or the other boys around our trailer. The following weekend my mom and dad went out to dinner Saturday night. The crazy thing is they went out with Timmys parents. Around 8:30 I noticed Timmy, his cousin and another boy walking in back of our trailer and ran into my room to open the window a bit and turn on the lights. I watched from the bathroom as they walked over to my bedroom window. I was fully dressed and by the time I took everything off I was wet and completely aroused. I lay on the bed and began masturbating as they watched me. I never made direct eye contact with them but mostly would only squint to make sure they were there watching me. I masturbate almost every day and always climax. When I know the boys are watching me, my orgasms are more intense and numerous. Never before have I been able to orgasm as many as three times while masturbating. I often wonder if Timmy or the other boys have masturbated after watching me or even did as they watched me. I do feel guilty about my mother and sister unwillingly being watched and wish now that I had said something or warned them.

I only have one more weekend down there before my dad closes it up for the winter and already am anxious for next spring to come. We have had the trailer for three years now and I don't really know how long Timmy or the other boys have been peeking in at us. I know now that Timmy is almost 14 and his cousin is 13 but the other boys I don't know but around the same age or older. I'll be 19 next April and still can't believe I am doing this. I just can't explain how excited it makes me. You would think I would be humiliated by some of the things I've done while they watched. Especially while shaving my pubic hair or some of the positions I was in while masturbating. I do feel embarrassed by it sometimes but am so aroused by them watching me it doesn't matter to me. I think the embarrassment adds to my arousal, as silly as that may sound. Sometimes the sounds I make are also humiliating but the pleasure I get from being watched overwhelms me. Those boys have no idea how much I will miss them over the Winter and I hope they miss me.



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