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I Let Him Watch Me

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My parents let my moms best friend Rita and her son Jeff move into our house after her and her husband seperated. We have a big house but not enough bedrooms. My dad converted the attic into a bedroom for me and it is in the rear and cool and I just love it. That way Rita and Jeff have their own room also and my little sister has her own room. My parents and Rita all work but me, my sister, and Jeff were only alone for a couple hours each day. Jeff is almost 14 and my sister is 12.


My attic bedroom is real neat the way my dad fixed it up. I have one big closet but there are two others that I hardly ever use where the roof slopes down. One day my sister told me that Jeff was hiding in one of those closets when they were playing. I didn't think anything about it and figured they were playing hide-and-go-seek. My dad put a bathroom in for me when he did over the attic to make it my bedroom. I just love it and would be naked lots of time and always locked my door. I didn't masturbate a real lot but did sometimes two or three times a week.

A few months went by after Rita and Jeff moved in and one day my sister again told me that Jeff was hiding in one of the eve closets in my room. Again I didn't think much about it but then she said she thinks he saw me naked and that he did it a lot of times. Right away I asked him but he denied it but right away I knew he was lying. I couldn't prove it so there wasn't much I could say. I don't know why I started thinking about it so much but the thought of it made me feel turned on if he did see me naked. I don't know why but it did and then I started to think he might have seen me masturbating too. I never payed much attention to those closets because they are small and I never needed them for anything. One day after school I was in the bathroom and took a shower. When I came out I was naked and I did lock my door. As I was standing at my dresser I saw the one door move. As I turned aroud the door shut so I knew someone was in there. I was naked but at the same time it had me aroused that Jeff was looking at me. I never had a boy see me naked and I know I should have been mad and embarrassed but I wasn't. When I turned back to face the dresser I could see through the mirror that the closet door opened again. I just stood there drying off and got dressed knowing he was watching me. When I left my room I waited at the bottom of the steps and watched Jeff come out of my room.

Since that day he has been in the closet 14 more times. After the third time I started to let him watch me masturbate. I don't know why I do this but just knowing he can see me naked makes me turned on and I purposely masturbate every time now. I even leave the bathroom door open when I shower and know he can see me from the closet. About two months ago I started shaving my pubic hair while in the shower and sometimes masturbate in the shower each time I do. I know he is watching me but I never let on that I know he is there. Most of the time I lay on my bed with my feet toward the closet. I guess he thinks I am dumb but sometimes I can even see his eyes when he is peeking out. I spread my legs open real wide and touch my breasts a lot when I masturbate. By knowing he is looking at me I sometimes have more orgasms than usual. I don't know why I feel like that because he is not at all a cute guy and I really don't like him very much. I hardly ever talk to him but never let on I know what he is doing. I do know his mother would kill him if she found out and I do like Rita very much.

I do feel guilty sometimes because I know I shouldn't do that. I told my sister I check the closets and tell her he is never there when I do. The only time that closet door is open slightly is when he is in there. He pulls it shut sometimes but only when I get too close to it. The door is low and only comes up about waist high so he has to be on his hands and knees when he is in there. I always lock my bedroom door so he must go in there before I go up to get my shower. I can only imagine sometimes how long he is in there. A few times Rita was looking for him and thought he was outside somewhere but I knew he was still in the closet. It just makes me more excited when he watches me and I keep letting him.



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