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I Learned A LOT In Boy Scouts!

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I Learned A LOT In Boy Scouts!
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When I was 13, my dad enrolled me in the Boy Scouts. My patrol leader was a really cool and cute guy, named Brad, he was also 13. The other guys and I would go to Brad's house once a week for patrol meetings, and to discuss scouting events. Usually, the meeting would be followed with a swim party in his family's swimming pool. His parents would hang around and serve sandwiches and punch. His sister though usually just sat around and talked but never went swimming with us. She, Michelle, was 14.
One time, Brad asked me if I wanted to stay for the weekend, and we could go swimming and just hang out at his house. It was cool with my parents, and I was really excited about getting away from my family for a while. Brad had a very nice house, they had horses, and a beautiful swimming pool behind their house.
So after one patrol meeting, after everyone else left, I stayed and we kept swimming and playing in the pool. Brad's parents left us alone, and so did his sister. We were just showing off with stuff like who could make the biggest splash, who could stay under longer, and how many times we could swim from one end to the other without having to come up for air. As it began to get dark, the pool light came on, and it was kind of cozy. We got into the Jacuzzi and started talking about stuff. Somehow, we started talking about some of the guys we have seen in the showers at school, and how some of them had skin covering their dicks, and others did not. Talking about it made me get hard, but since I was in the water, Brad couldn't have known that. Not until he suggested we show each other what our dicks looked like!
OK, I was kind of startled at first, and I didn't really want to, but he assured me that it was cool, and that we never had to tell anyone that we had done it. So I agreed. Well, Brad was also hard, but I wasn't prepared for what I was about to see. For being 13, I had a pretty long dick, 7inches, and pretty thick, circumcised. Compared to some of the guys I had seen in my dads nudie mags, I knew that mine was pretty big for my age as well. So I showed mine first. But when Brad showed me his dick, I felt my heart leap and my stomach sink. His dick was not as long as mine, it was 5.5 inches. But it was about as thick as a can of soup! It had a big wide head on the end, and it was also circumcised. He showed me his balls next, and his sack was the size of a baseball! DAMN! It was all cool though, I was so horny now, that we went to his bedroom and started to play around.
I didn't really know how to masturbate yet. All I knew was how to lay on my stomach, and rub my dick in the bed sheet at night. I could cum pretty good, though not a lot yet. But I have to thank Brad for showing me all about what to do. That first night was awesome. He showed me what it was like to get a blow job, and he showed me what it was like to jack off with vegetable oil. We stroked each other over and over for a couple of hours that night. Neither of us shot a load though, we just kept touching. I remember how I kept shaking and trembling. He kept asking me if I was OK. Of course I was.
As it was probably about 11PM now, he said he was going to go get something. I figure that meant that it was time to get ready for bed, and so I pulled on my boxer shorts. He wasn't gone for very long. But when he came back, he brought his sister in the bedroom! My dick went limp right away, I was afraid that she would tell her parents if she found out what we were doing. Right away, Brad took off his boxers, and told me to take mine off. All in a sudden, again, I had the hard-on right back. I didn't take them off right away though, Michelle walked over to me and pulled them down and off of my legs! I was starting to shake again, and my dick was really so hard it had begun to hurt a little.
Then Michelle started to take off her night clothes, she was wearing a pair of boys pajamas. I will never forget the first time I saw her naked, she took off her bottoms first, and there was this dark bush. And then she took off the top, and there were these two really large tits.
Right away, we lay on Brad's bed, and she started to massage my dick. It was so awesome, that I shot a load right away, and I was embarrassed because NO ONE had ever seen me cum before! But my dick was so hard, that it didn't go limp, but it was a little sensitive. So then she went to masturbating herself, while Brad jacked himself too. This went on for a while, until I could touch my dick again. I have to mention that when I shot my load, I felt kind of powerful because I had cum in front of two people. It felt like a special personal moment.
When I could jack again, the most awesome thing happened. Michelle got on top of me and slipped my dick right into her pussy! AWESOME for a boy only 13 who had never done this before!
Since I had already cum, it would be a while before I could shoot another load, although I came three times that night. Brad could cum four times! While Michelle rode up and down on my dick, Brad stood over me, and kept on jacking. All of a sudden, he started shooting. He didn't shoot in squirts like I did, he shot one long continuous stream, and it squirted all over Michelle's tits, and then ran down into hers and my pubic hair. He completely soaked us! His dick went limp, but only for about 10 minutes. Michelle slowly kept going up and down on my dick, while rubbing her pussy. I couldn't believe how hot the inside of her pussy felt, and how tight it was too. She would flex her muscle inside her pussy and squeeze my dick. It made my dick feel like there was electricity in it.
After a little while, she got off of me and showed me how to rub her pussy lips and where it felt best. So I did for a while. She was lying on her back, and just started jerking her legs suddenly. Brad said that she was having an orgasm. Her pussy was really wet too. After that, I just pulled and stretched out her lips so that I could look into her pussy, and look at her clit. I had never seen the real thing so up close.
We stopped and just rested for a while after that, talking about masturbating. I asked them what would happen if their parents walked in and found us, but they have a bedroom at the opposite end of the house, and would not come out of their bedroom after 11 PM. It turns out that their parents were swingers, and that is how they got the idea with me. Actually, I wasn't the only one, there was another guy in our patrol who was jacking off with Brad, and fucking Michelle too. Michelle allowed Brad to eat her, which she taught me how to do, and she would jack him off all the time. But Brad never fucked her because his dick was too big to fit in her pussy. This went on for about two months, about every other weekend. I never came inside of Michelle though.
I learned later that their parents sometimes set up Brad with other women friends who were able to take his huge dick. I learned that not as an accident, but because after two months of jacking with Brad, and fucking Michelle, his mother came and got me one night, while his dad was away, and took me into her bedroom and taught me how to fuck a woman. WOW I had never seen a woman before, and this was the hottest thing that had ever happened to me. We must have fucked all night, and I was permitted to cum inside of her too! Her bush was different though, she shaved around the lips, and left only some bush above her pussy. She showed me where to touch, and lick. She would get really wet and slick. It tasted OK though. After teaching me how to masturbate her, she taught me how to really fuck properly. Michelle had told her what we had been doing, and that is how that got started.
After that, whenever I would spend the night at Brad's, I didn't fuck his sister that much, but I would almost always fuck his mother or some of her friends. There were three other women friends of hers that she would have over, and I or Brad would fuck them. We were always permitted to cum inside them too. The only strange thing about that is that his dad would sometimes be home, but he would not be in the bedroom with us. But I learned to be comfortable with his family, and they were really nice to me always.
This was the most awesome thing that had ever happened to me, and it lasted until I was 15. For almost two years, I spent weekends with Brad, and fucking his mother's friends.
Then we moved to another city, but not far. For the next year, until I was almost 17, I would only see Brad at Boy Scout campouts, and we would sneak away, usually on a hike, and jack and blow each other as often as we could. I never got to fuck another woman again though, and so for a long time, I had to just masturbate with the memories. But it was all worth it! Sometimes I jacked off 6 or 8 times a day when I was really horny. I still jack off with vegetable oil today. I am really interested in others who have had a similar experience with either guys or girls. Please send me email if you would like to share your experience to --"First Timer"



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