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I Know I'm Dispicable

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I go to college and work part time every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. My uncle got me the job in a expensive country club that he manages. It's nothing glamorous and I'm more of a janitor than anything. I only work five hours each night from 10pm until 3am.


The pool area closes at eight pm on the weekends and so at 10 pm my first job is to clean around the pool area and empty all the trash and recycle cans. When finished I have to wash down and clean both the men and womens locker rooms. I squirt down the floors with a hose but the worst part is cleaning the toilets and urinals. I collect all the towels and put dirty ones in the back for the linen service then get out fresh towels for the next day. All the toilet paper is replaced and new soap put in each of the showers. The locker rooms are closed and locked at 9:30 so my uncle gave me the keys for both. In each locker room there is a large metal cabinet that is like a small shed. That's where we keep all the towels, toilet paper, soap and other supplies. It has two doors but is one large type closet. One night I was getting towels out in the mens locker room with one of the doors shut the other door swung closed accidently. It was very dark and when I turned to open it I could see into the locker room where the two doors met. When I went into the ladies locker room I purposely shut the doors and could clearly see out into the locker room where those two doors came together.

I think that's when I made up my mind to become a peeping tom but the problem was that there was no locks on the doors. I was afraid someone would open one of the doors if I were inside looking out at the women. For weeks I tried to figure a way to lock the doors from the inside and finally used two small pieces of wood to jam the handles so no one could open the doors. Since the pool closes at eight pm everybody was out of the locker rooms by nine or at the latest 9:30 and that's when my uncle locked the doors. That gave me plenty of time to get to the pool area by 10pm.

The first time I did it I was really nervous and to make sure nobody was in the ladies locker room I not only knocked on the door hard but also hollared in to make sure it was empty. I went into the closet quickly, jammed the wood in the handles and tested it a few times so it couldn't be opened. This was about 20 minutes to eight and within about 10 or 15 minutes some of the women began coming in. Unfortunatly I can't see into the showers but can see most of the dressing area where the lockers are. That first night I saw at least 15 naked women when they came out of the showers to the dressing area. Most of them came out with a towel around them but I was able to watch them dry off and get dressed. Some of them weren't very good looking but there were many with fantastic bodies and very attractive.

I was so nervous that first night I didn't masturbate. Now I am so confident I won't get caught I get undressed inside and masturbate as I watch all these naked women. Some are only five or ten feet away from me and I am immediately erect. I not only see them removing their bathing suits but also see them when they come out of the shower. Some still drying themselves off and I get to see them putting on their bra and panties. It excites me so much I am able to cum twice during the hour or so I am in there. I wish I could see them showering but each stall has a door. I can tell which of the women are self concious about their bodies and others who have no inhibitions about being naked in front of the other women. There are a few women that I know are older than my mother and two in particular who have nice bodies for their age. There are few very young women and I think most are in their 30's or 40's and some are knockout beautiful. There are a few I know by name but many others I see around the building. The longer I have been here the more I recognize when I see them, either in the locker room or on the grounds.

I masturbate at least once or twice every Friday Saturday and Sunday and a few times on Monday mornings my penis is sore. I use a hand lotion to masturbate but sometimes I just jerk off too much during the weekend and week thinking about it. I'm not sure how many women I have seen naked or how many times I have seen most of the regulars. There is one who is there every Saturday who I have seen naked many times. I'd say she is in her early 30's and is the most gorgeous of them all. Her name is Monica and I got a chance to talk to her one time last month. Even then I felt myself getting aroused even though she was dressed at the time. I don't get a chance to see or talk to most of them because by the time the locker room is empty they are either at dinner or at the lounge. Before I unlock and come out of the ladies locker room I stack up towels and toilet paper just in case my uncle sees me in there before I clean the pool. So far he never seems to be around at that time but I still fear getting caught. Even the older women have nice bodies and it seems the ones that don't are rarely at the pool. I don't know what the odds are but almost all the women I have seen naked have pubic hair. Very few of them are completely shaved.

By the time I'm done watching them I don't feel like working but have no intentions to quit this job. When I go in that early I don't want my uncle to see me or anyone see me for that matter. I sneak in the back way and always keep an eye out for my uncle. Sometimes a woman or two are in the locker room when I first arrive and I have to wait until they come out. I am extremetly careful not to let anyone see me go in there before the pool closes. I hate cleaning toilets but the benefits of this job makes up for it. I know what I am doing is dispicable and know I could get fired or worse if caught. Being naked myself and able to masturbate while being so close to all those women is the most arousing thing I have ever experienced. I think I have seen every size and shape of breasts I could imagine. Most of the time I just look around the room at as many naked women as I can see. Sometimes if I see one who is extremely good looking I just concentrate on her while I masturbate. I try not to cum right away and prolong it as long as possible. I often feel like I am going to moan or make sounds but am very careful not to do so. I did one night but because of all the chatter and noise from the showers doubt if any of them were able to hear me. Its hard to relate how powerful the sight of these unknowing women turns me on. Its like a dream come true and I can't imagine anything could be more stimulating.



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