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I Knew I Was Being Watched

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When I was 17 I left home to take a job in a town about 70 miles from where I lived. At first I stopped in a bed & breakfast then one of the ladies who I worked with told me she knew a family who would rent me a room on a long term basis. The house was lovely and was occupied by a mother and father both in their late 40's and their two daughters (22 & 19). I had been living there for over two months and had become friendly with the whole family.

One day I came home from work at lunch time to get a sandwich and realised there was someone else in the house, more to the point someone was in my bedroom. I crept up the stairs quietly and looked along the landing to my room, the door was open it was then I saw her, the mother was sat at my desk reading one of my girly magazines, I was immediately turned on by this but at the same time confused as to what to do. I went back down the stairs opened the front door and then slammed it shut. I heard her quickly putting my magazine back and shutting my door before coming downstairs to see who it was.

She looked flustered and surprised to see me there and explained that she had come home for some lunch as well. We went to the kitchen and made sandwiches then both left for work again. That night I got home and went straight to my room, shut the door and opened my drawer which I kept my magazines in, the one on top was the one she had been reading and it was still open at a story page, a very descriptive passage about two strangers having sex in a health club... I read it and couldn't stop myself from undoing my trousers and bringing myself to a very quick but very powerful orgasm thinking about her maybe doing the same thing in my room earlier that day.

The next day I decided to go home again to see if this was something she did regularly. I was disappointed to find the house empty but I was feeling very horny so decided to go to my room and read a few stories. It wasn't long before I was naked laid on one side on my bed, my hard cock in one hand, wanking it slowly as I read a story about two women exploring each others bodies for the first time. It was then that I heard a creak on the stairs, I hadn't heard anyone come in but was sure someone was on the landing. I decided not to stop and continued stroking my cock which was now as hard as ever the tip wet and shiny with pre-cum. My door was not closed fully and sure enough I could see someone moving through the crack.

At this I became extrememly aroused, I laid on my back, one hand pumping my cock faster and harder the other pinching my nipples which are very sensitive, knowing she was there watching me was the sexiest thing I had ever experienced and it wasn't long until I felt my balls tighten and I shot 3 or 4 long thick ropes of cum all over my chest and stomach, I was positive that I heard her gasp when I came....I got up off the bed and cleaned myself up with a towel. While I was doing this I heard a few creaks on the landing and stairs. I put my mag away, got dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen. She was in there busy making a sandwich, she looked up...her face was flushed and she looked a bit embarrassed, god knows how I looked. We talked about this and that and then both left for work. Nothing happened for a few weeks but things did progress a little further...but that's another story! Let me know if you want to hear more.

M x



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