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I Knew

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Having rich parents meant large houses, pools, nice cars, and almost complete isolation. Dad was suspicious of boys getting friendly with me. This meant two things. If I couldn't get my happies with boys then girls did the job nicely too....but that usually only happened at school.

Then one day, and it seemed like it all happened in one day, when I was 17, mum started to get and look tired. Just before I turned 18, mum went to the doctor one Monday morning. By Wednesday she was in hospital and she died on the Friday. Looking back it felt like one day she was well, the next day, she had gone. It devastated me and my dad.

No girlfriends for him. He was terrified of some gold digging slut marrying him then taking him for every penny which here in England is only too easy. So summer just gone I was in our pool. It was savagely hot and I was certainly feeling horny. The last decent cum I had was at boarding school about five weeks before and, well. I was ready.

I jumped in the pool and removed my bikini...both parts. Then I found my special jet. The one that is just at the right height, the pool,edge was up to my neck so I could spread my legs, ride that hard jet that feels like a good thick cock, pinch my nipples on my sadly very small boobs and cum.

I was getting into this when something caught my eye. I glanced up to the house and saw dad standing, naked, in the full length patios doors to their bedroom. He was looking in my direction and he was hard! Suddenly I had the most overwhelming feeling of sadness for him. I could get fingered at school, he had nothing. In a blink I changed my plan. I kicked off from the side and floated on my back, spread my legs and carried right on playing with myself. I stole a glance in his direction and now he had his cock in his hand.

I drifted around, but always made sure he could see. Then I got out, lay on a recliner and really went for it. My legs up and bent at the knee and two fingers from one hand in me while the other hand did my clit. For me this isn't the most powerful way to cum but this wasn't entirely for me. Through half closed eyes, I kept watch until I saw him spurt onto the glass of the window, that sent me over nicely as we were almost facing each other, I had a kind of fantasy that his sperm was shooting out of his cock and into me.

Later that night at dinner, it was as if nothing had happened. The usual banter, but them right out of nowhere he said 'you saw me. Didn't you?' I got up, hugged him and for a few moments we just cried together, I told him I knew how lonely he had been and would be. Then I said that I was ok with him watching. Then I reached to his crotch and said, 'let me help'

That night I wanked him off a couple of times, and I got him to learn how I like to be fingered too.

Since then we sometime masturbate each other or together.

I have to say though, things may get kind of intense, and I have been very close to guiding his cock somewhere it really doesn't belong.



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