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I Jerked With Ricky

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This happened one day after class when Ricky and I went to the school gym


I went to high school with a kid named Ricky. We were both 14. He had brown hair and brown eyes, stood about 5'10" and weighed about 140 pounds. I was about an inch taller and weighed about 120, with black hair and brown eyes.

One day we both stayed after school to work out. I basically ran on the treadmill in one room and he worked out with the free weights in another.

At about 5:45 PM, I got off the treadmill and walked into the locker room to shower and change. It turns out that Ricky was already in the shower when I went to my locker and stripped off my gym clothes.

Now, I was going through my growth spurt, so I was tall and somewhat thin. Although Rick was only a little shorter than me, he was heavier and more stocky. The kid wasn't fat or muscular or anything like that. He just looked like a regular 14 year old boy. Totally non-descript.

When I walked into the shower, Ricky turned around and looked at me. He was washing his crotch, which was all soapy. I immediately turned on a shower head, stepped under it, and started to wash under my arms.

After rinsing off his crotch, Ricky quickly washed his hair, rinsed off, and turned off the water. As he started to turn away from me, I caught a glimpse of his dick. It was about 4 inches long, plump, and as pale as the rest of his body. As soon as I looked at his penis, I felt mine start to get hard. Just as I started to turn away to hide my quickly growing hard-on, he grabbed his towel and walked back into the locker room.

I waited just a few seconds for my dick to go down; then I figured - fuck it, if he saw it, he saw it. My dick had started to grow with the rest of my body and stretched out to a little more than 6 inches. On my skinny frame, it looked huge.

Basically, I just rinsed off, turned off the water, grabbed my towel, and walked into the locker room, where Ricky had moved to stand in front of one of the mirrors. He was flexing first his right arm, and then his left arm, and then his right, again.

What amazed me was that this ordinary looking kid, who didn't have any visible muscle tone, suddenly popped two peaked and well defined biceps that seemingly came from out of nowhere. Every time he flexed his arms, his bicep balls would become bigger and more veiny. Since Ricky was pale to begin with, it looked as if you could see the muscles working under his skin as he flexed.

I was mesmerized. Where in the fuck did he get these muscles from? I saw Ricky in class every day, and I had no idea that he could make his biceps jump out like that.

Rick saw me staring and mentioned something about playing baseball and working out on his off days. Then - his eyes dropped down to my penis, which was rock hard and straining at its full six inches.

It was crazy; I felt like I was going to cum at that very moment. The feeling became even more intense, when I looked over and saw Ricky's dick chub up like a balloon. His penis was a little smaller than mine, but it was thicker and it had a huge head on it. I mean, the head of his dick was bright red, and it was pulsing as more and more blood rushed in.

I didn't know what to do; both of us were standing there, silent, and sporting two huge boners. Next thing I knew, I felt my dick start to pulse like it had never pulsed before. I didn't have any control over it; it was like it had gained a life of its own. I hadn't even touched the damn thing.

Rick was standing there looking at me look at him when a huge wad of cum suddenly shot out of my dick, and landed on the floor. There were three or four intense and mind numbing spurts after that, and I ended up with a large puddle of semen between my feet.

Damn, I had just shot my load in front of this boy, and I hadn't even touched my dick. I looked at Ricky, feeling, totally embarrassed; I didn't know what to say.

Next thing I knew, Ricky reached down, grabbed his dick, and jerked it once, twice, then three times. Each time he jerked, he would let out a low guttural moan - that in itself was hot as all hell. Rick's face, neck, and chest were all bright red, and there were veins that were standing out as he gripped his dick and continued to stroke it.

Oh, and one other thing - his muscles. His biceps were standing out, balled up, straining with each stroke. I had never seen anything so hot in my entire life.

Then he came.

I had sort of oozed large drops of cum that slowly fell to the floor when I ejaculated. Ricky, on the other hand, shot ropes of white sticky jism that he directed into the puddle that I had just created. I remember him shooting five ropes of cream before he finally took his index finger, pressed it against the base of his dick, and ran it all the way up to the head. One last big fat drop of jizz emerged from his pee-hole and plopped onto the floor.

I asked Ricky to flex his biceps again. As soon as I saw his arms jump into those rounded balls of muscle, my dick became rock hard. I then turned around and flexed in the mirror. I was skinny, but my arms also hid rounded balls of muscle. When I flexed, my biceps looked like tumors on top of my arms. Ricky's eyes bulged out of his head, since neither he nor anyone else in my class had ever seen me flex my muscles before. He reached down and grabbed his dick, as he watched me bounce my biceps up and down. He stepped into the space that separated us, grabbed my dick, and put his mouth on mine. We kissed passionately. Rick stroked my dick faster and faster until I was about to cum. I reached out and grabbed his shoulders and ran my hands over his near transparent skin, which glistened with his sweat and stretched and bulged with his muscles underneath.



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