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I Jack for Him

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I guess, I wouldn't mind hearing feedback on this. I really enjoy doing this, but it feels like a gray area too.


Um Ok. I'm a sophmore in college. I live in the dorms-in fact, I got a dorm room to myself (which is awesome, btw). So yes, I'm free to study and jack off as I please.

Anyway, I'll cut to the chase. One week night I was particularly horny and was surfing the net for the usual porn-but got inspired to go further than that. So I started searching around for chat rooms. Seedy ones. I searched out topics of a more and more carnal nature. AND WOW!!!! is there a lot of weird stuff out there...

Anyway, the evening ends up with about me and 3 or 4 people out there basically IM-ing about sexual fantasies.

Well, eventually it's just me and this other guy talking and he asks if I'm naked surfing. (Of course I am-I was intending to masturbate to porn an hour prior)

I type, 'yes.'

He types back, 'well, can I see?'

Hmm. What to do? I'm not gay and have no plans to be. But I am horny, this is kinky, and there's no harm... right?

I type back 'Ok.'

Before we get our cams all synched he jots off a polite warning not to show my face. You know, for my safety. I already know this, of course-but it's cool he brings it up anyway, I think.

I point my cam to my thighs and penis and click my cam on to him. I'm semi-hard, and I suddenly realize as his cam comes up on my screen, that I'm exposed-that someone else is seeing me naked.

As for him, he's fully clothed. I don't see his face, but I see a trim, well-dressed torso-a white shirt and tie-the guy seems to be late 30s or 40s? But there's no way of knowing for sure. But he obviously is older than me, has a career and everything behind him looks well-lit, orderly and nice.

I realize he can see just my cock, thighs, and a dark, messy dorm room.

'Hey,' he goes. 'that's nice. You got a great cock. I'm sure you'll be a hit with the ladies if you aren't already are...'

I utter out a sheepish 'thanks.' Then I notice my dick totally stirring and I get harder and harder and harder...

'Whoa..'the guy goes. 'Hey, if you want to jack off right now, I'd be more than happy to watch you.'

I gulp. My penis goes to full erection. I don't get it. This is just some random dude and yet I can't help but get hard knowing he sees my hairy penis.

'Are you sure you want to see that?' I ask stupidly.

'Yeah,' the guy goes. 'You've got a great dick. Let's see it come.'

So I grab my baby oil. I pour and lube. The guy just watches.

I lean back a little and start to stroke. Slow at first, then a little quicker. I find my pace.

'That's great...' the guy goes.

I get harder than I've ever been in my life. I feel-literally feel-the guy's eyes devouring my dick. I look down and see my penal head is purpling and super-puffy. Pre-cum oozes. I see the guy shift in his seat.

I stroke faster, more violent. Then I cup my balls, pull on my sac. I lean even farther back and see on the screen I'm barely also exposing my asshole to him too.

'That's beautiful,' I hear him say.

Then I feel my cum rising up my dick's inner tubes. Pressure. Pressure. I moan. 'It's cumming!' I say. 'My sperm!'

'Let it!' I hear the guy go.

I buck in my chair and pump my fucking cock like a fiend.

Milky-white cum spring up like jumping trout out of my penis and I quake and quake and quake. My cum flows all slow and lava like into my black pubes and I rub my fingers through it-which I've never done before, so I know I'm doing it for him. My cum sticks to my fingers like a spider web.

Anyway, I basically do this in front of him now like once or twice every couple of weeks or so. The guy never jacks off too, he never demands anything. He just watches. And on one whole level I love it. I love jacking off in front of him on-line. But I can't help thinking if this is weird or like damaging maybe in some way? I don't ever want to meet him and I'm really not interested in having an in-the-flesh encounter with a guy. But anyway, I'm just really curious about any outside perspectives on this about whether this is healthy or could be unhealthy....

Thanks Solo Touch.



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