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I Helped

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I've been reading Solo Touch since for a long time and only one type of story here really turns me off and that IS the incest ones. I really found them making my skin crawl. Strange then......


.....that when the police knocked on the door to tell us my brother had been seriously injured on his motorbike all that changed.

For six weeks Steve was in a medically induced coma, and then another three on a high dependency ward. He had multiple injuries internally but the one that would never heal was a freak fracture dislocation that paralysed his arms and left leg. The doctors said he was lucky that it was only that, and nothing more. This type of injury is usually fatal.

Over the coming months he progressed until finally he was home, although he needed everything done for him. I took my turn and got used to seeing him naked, feeding him, washing him and even helping him go to the toilet.

One evening I was sitting with him but he was asleep when I noticed the sheet move, and before my eyes a huge boner took shape. It hit me like a hammer. He had no way of taking care of himself, and hadn't since the accident. His bitch ex girlfriend dumped him as soon as she realised he was going to be permanently disabled. (She and I are going to have a little talk real soon).

Steve woke, realised in a second the condition he was in and started to mumble an apology.

What I did next, I would have put money on that I would never have done it in a million years.

I stood up, kissed him full on the lips and reached under his sheet. I wrapped my fingers around his cock and started to jack him, all the time kissing him deeply and muttering filthy words. It didn't take long before, well, before he erupted. Damn but there was a lot there! I felt his warm cum running over my fingers and between my palm and his cock. His cum is far more watery that my boyfriends.

It seems to take ages for him to stop, but when he did my mind was made up. I told him I would help him take care of business as often as he needed to. A tear fell from the corner of his eye.

Back in my room I was genuinely surprised that I was turned on too. In fact, I had to masturbate.

A few days later, I was talking to my bf about how my brother has permanently lost the use of his arms. Allan said he felt bad that Steve can't even jack off and said maybe I should help him. I blushed and said "well....er....actually....." Allan was more turned on by those three words than I have ever known him. He literally fucked me through the bed!

So I now masturbate my brother. And I like it. Sometimes I do it naked, sometimes even sitting over his face so he can smell me and lick me, and yes, sometimes that makes me cum.

I haven't gone the whole route with him though. Although I think that I should add "yet" to that because I really want to.



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