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I Hear Chefs Are Good With Their Hands

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An absolutely true story-happened just last week in fact.


I would say this is more of a journey for me more than anything else. If you get pleasure from reading this then that's just a bonus, but right now I just have to write this down.

I work in a pub. Hardly the most interesting of places, with hardly the most interesting looking staff, especially in the kitchen. Walking into the kitchen was like walking into a room of stereotypes. The big, fat, head chef, the little woman doing all the desserts, the tall, slender apprentice with the beautiful eyes...Wait? That can't be right...

But sure enough, the moment I met 'Matt' I was enthralled. He had the most beautiful clear blue eyes, and was tall and skinny-just my type! He also, unfortunately, had something going on with a female member of staff, so all my thoughts about him would unfortunately have to remain in my head-or so I thought.

As time went by he had to leave the pub and move onto the next place, but unlike other apprentices this one stayed in touch with everyone. He would pop in to say hi now and again, and although I could never make it, he would attend the parties that would be organised from time to time.

It was just last week when our last staff gathering was. It was at someones house, and me and 'Matt' would both be attending. I got out of work a little late, and when I arrived late I had some catching up to do. But it wasn't much bother. I was happy enough to be with all my friends, and the drink was just an added bonus.

I should add that this house was mansion-like in size, and being confined to just a couple of rooms there was of course the incentive to go and explore. And this is where all my wildest dreams came true.

'I wanna go explore...' I said, almost under my breath.

'Yeah, me too'. I turned my head. 'Matt' was stood to my left, looking agitated.

'Let's do it.'

And off we went. Straight up the stairs and into the first room we could find. Fair to say this room was, as we probably expected, huge. It had the biggest bed we had both ever seen, and our childish instincts meant that jumping on it was the only option.

If the ceiling hadn't been so high then we would have been sure to hit our heads, but this room was amazing in size. As we jumped around 'Matt' aimed a punch at my balls. Fair enough, we're joking around, and I decided to aim one back. Before I know it we are both aiming pot-shots at each others crotches, and 'Matt' finally manages to hit me square in the crotch, and I fell to the bed.

'Aahh that hurt!' I moaned, just as 'Matt' joined me lay down.

'Ah whatever, you shouldn't have started it then!' He replied.

'Yeah, but they hurt now...' I complained again.

'Whatever, I'm sure its nothing'...

..As he said these words I noticed his hand had moved to my leg. I couldn't quite believe it, but I moved my hands out the way just to see where his hands would go next. Sure enough they slowly crept up my leg, and he slowly started massaging my ever growing bulge in my jeans.

'Seems someone is quite turned on doesn't it!'

I could only let out a nervous laugh. But sure he carried on, and he opened up his body shape as if to invite me to have a play as well. Sure enough I did, and I can feel his rock hard cock easily through his jeans.

But he wasn't interested in just fondling my jeans, and after getting me thoroughly turned on he slipped his hands down into them and took out my now rock hard seven inch cock. Ever so slowly he began to toss me off, his soft hands moving perfectly up and down me.

This really was my wildest dreams come true, and it was as if he was reading my mind when he leant across and started to kiss me passionately on the lips.

The kiss finished, and as my hands had moved away from his crotch I began to move them back there. As I got closer he opened his jeans, and I was clear to go in and start returning the favour to him. I removed his stiff cock, and although it could have been no bigger than 6' at a maximum, it was still more than fun to play with.

With the kiss having been stopped, there were footsteps. He quickly moved away, tucking his still hard cock back into his pants as I did the same. We didn't want to be caught, mainly for the sake of him still telling everyone he is straight. And then that was it. It was all over and the night went on and nothing else ever had the chance to happen...

He texted me the next day. Said he can't remember anything, but he thought we had kissed. He says he isn't gay, but that kiss was too passionate to be just a drunken moment. But whatever. I have yet to tell him exactly what happened, and I'm not sure I ever will. I will just wait and see if it happens again...



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