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I HATE Christmas!

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Right. Here's the deal. I have been reading Solo Touch since I was 13. I love to masturbate, and love Solo Touch. This is my first contribution - and probably my last. I just want to get something off my chest!


Think of the words 'strict', 'Catholic', 'older-than-usual-parents', and you have my home life in a nutshell. My parents belong to a very strict branch of Catholicism, no talk about sex EVER, no locks on doors, even our bedroom doors (my sister and me) have to be kept open at all times except for a few minutes while we get dressed.

And to make it worse, every fucking Christmas we have to visit relatives. Why the hell they can't get off their asses and visit us, I have no idea. My folks work real hard, and all the relatives we spend rushing about don't work.

So, my sex life, and that of my sister is confined to a few hasty stories here and a visit to the bathroom for fast jilling. We have both learned to jill real fast, we have no choice!

So two days ago, we arrived at Aunt Bernadette. (Yeah, named after the saint). Only to find that she had had a flood and one of her bedrooms was stripped bare, meaning Anna and I had to share a room. Anut Bernadette never married, and despite being strict, well, I don't know, there is a kindness there too you know?

So we were in bed and Aunt B popped her head round the door, smiled and said 'Goodnight girls' and gave a quirky little smile....and shut the door.

Anna and I are not allowed to sleep with the door shut at home, and I was desperate to jill one out. For a while we lay there side by side until I couldn't stand it any longer. I took a deep breath and said 'Listen, Anna, don't be freaked, but I need to jill off. Is that ok?' She said 'OK? Fuck, Em, I need it too.' Soon we had our legs spread and were breathing really deeply. I felt Anna's leg against mine and the bed jiggling as she really went for it.

What happened next, I can't really describe, but it seemed to me that suddenly, with no preamble, we had our hands between each others legs. Anna has hardly any hair there but DAMN, she was wet. I loved it when her fingers slipped up inside me and it made me cum on her fingers. We kissed too, and did more that probably can't be told here. Other than fucking each other with strap-ons, we did everything two girls can do to one another.

The next morning, mom and dad had gone to Mass (Aunty B had persuaded them to let us have a lie in). We both got up and I have to say, our little room smelt of sex so we opened the window.

Downstairs, Aunty B made us breakfast, and then sat down at the table and started to talk.

'I have been alone all my life. The reason for that is that my parents could never accept and would never have understood that I am attracted to other women. I know what it is to have super-strict parents, and I know what it is to grow up as a young girl, very sexual, with no outlet for that feeling. Our Church is right about many things, but also wrong about many things too. As you two have grown, I have seen the repression in you both. I don't know what you did last night, but it seems to me that something you both needed very much has happened. I don't know if you are lesbian, straight, or bi-sexual. But when you visit me from now on, I will do my very best to at least give you some private time, maybe I can even distract your parents if you ever meet a boy you like.' And I noticed that a tear was tracking its way down her face. 'Don't ever be ashamed of your bodies, or your needs. They are God-given too!'

Then she asked what we would like to do now. Anna and I looked at each other and to my surprise, my sister said 'To be honest, Aunty B, I want to go back to bed and have Em finger me off again.'

Aunty B just smiled.

I think I am going to enjoy Christmas at Aunty B's from now on!



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