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I Had No Clue!

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I seriously thought this boy was sick!


I used to live in a small community out in the country. I used to walk to school each day down what used to be a railway line, but was now just a rather wide path. On the way home early one afternoon a boy approached me and showed me some pictures of naked men.

'Do you like these?', he said. I was intrigued, but only eleven years old and very naive. 'Yes', I said. Well, it did appeal to me somehow on some level. 'Come with me', he said. He took me to a siding which was surrounded by trees and immediately pulled his pants and underwear down. Bear in mind the only cocks I had ever seen were mine and my fathers and, being 11-years-old, I was about four inches hard. This guy was huge, I mean HUGE! It looked to me like an elephants trunk in his pants and he was rock hard. In hindsight I would say he was about seven inches long, but at least six inches round! It was the width that scared me! My jaw must have dropped.

He said 'show me yours'. I said no, but only out of embarrassment for my size. I really wanted to be naked with him and my tiny cock was straining at my 'superman' underpants but I was embarrassed because mine was so tiny. 'Touch it' he said with a wry smile on his face. Oh my god, I reached out and brushed this monster with the palm of my hand. Electricity bit into every fibre of my body and I had an immediate dry orgasm there and then. I didn't know what one was by the way, but looking back... well, everything looks different in hindsight right?

I never took my eyes off his cock. I was touching and stroking, and playing with his balls, all the time my heart was in my mouth and my poor little penis was fighting superman to get out! He seemed to get a little uptight and said 'stroke it like this'. He showed me how to masturbate him basically. Again, I had no clue. I got closer to him and kneeled in front to get a better view. I started to rub him the way he asked me to. His cock skin was silky and soft but his cock was so very hard. The veins were echoing his heart beat and stood out from his shaft. I instinctively moved one hand to his balls and gently touched them.

He tensed up 'want to see me cum?' he said, trying to catch his breath. I had no clue what he was talking about. I thought he was a little confused because he was already there, or is that here...oh well. I chuckled to myself a little and said 'yeah, sure'. Little did I know what was about to happen.

He pursed his lips 'harder, faster...uh...yeah... keep doing that'. I was intent, not really knowing why I was doing this. I'm sure his cock got harder...maybe it was just me.

'uh ... I'm ... cumming ...' He hissed at me and he arched his back. I was still transfixed on his manhood and I remember noticing that his balls seemed to lift towards his body. The head of his cock was bright purple and looked shiny. I swear, again, that his cock got even bigger. I felt like I had to arm wrestle it to keep it pointing at me. I carried on pulling on his dick and just raised my glance to his purple head when he growled. The next thing I knew I felt a wet splat on my forehead. It was warm and sticky. I was confused, it was a hot day and there were no clouds, another one, this time right on my neck. I saw him rub it furiously, his hand was a blur and his engorged dick was still pointing at me, another splat on my nose and one more on my lips, still warm and sticky. For some reason I licked my lips, hmm...tastes a little odd...almost salty but not, I wonder what that is?

The guy was wiping his dick with some leaves. He shakily nodded at me, pulled up his pants and ran like hell away from me. I was confused about what had happened, and what the hell was this white stuff on my face? It didn't smell like birdy poop...oh hell, did I just lick birdy poop? I nearly gagged.

I cleaned up as best I could and walked the rest of the way home. When I got home I recounted the story to my sister. She was a year and a half older than me and seemed to know everything about sex. She told me he had orgasmed on me and that what I had on my face was sperm. I nearly gagged again knowing that I had tasted it, and had an instant image of little fishes swimming around in my stomach. Ugh...what a thought, I needed to throw up! Well, I was eleven after all. That thought faded but the intensity of the situation I had just been in stayed with me.

That night, when I went to bed, I got daring. Confused with all the thoughts in my mind, I started to get hard. I pulled my PJ's down and started to do to my dick what I had done to his. It felt good and in no time at all I felt that jolt of electricity. I felt my little guy flex and spasm and I felt like my butt was going to shake off, it felt wonderful. I looked down, no white mess. Hmm...was I broken?

Again I mentioned this to my sister. 'You're not old enough silly,' was her reply. 'Damn, that's not fair,' I said. 'Look at it this way' she said 'you get all the feelings and stuff with no mess!'

How about that, she was right! That was my introduction to masturbation and I haven't stopped since, with both women and men!



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