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I Had My Doubts Your Stories Were True

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Can't Believe It
I have been reading the stories on your site for months now and just love all them. I realize that some of them must be just fantasy, but it seems to me that the majority of them are probably very true. After surfing around at different websites, it seems as though there's a lot more sex going around here than I've imagined. Especially what we feel is 'gay' sex. There are actually many, many guys out there that have sucked or been sucked by another guy.
Your stories about jackin off in x-rated movie houses and arcades with gloryholes made me curious about this so I did some checking for other sites. Interestingly enough, there seems to be a lot of men and some women who just love to frequent these places. In particular, there are many straight guys who love to get sucked off though a gloryhole and some, even confirmed by your contributors, that want to experience sucking off another guy's cock too. I'm wondering if this comes because of past experiences as we're growing up or because porn is so easily available nowadays.
I have been a strictly hetrosexual male all my life and just love to see blowjob flixs, especially with lots of cum scenes and regularly jack off to them. I guess after seeing all of these scenes, one does get curious what it would be like to put a cock in your mouth, using your tongue and lips to rub and lick it enough that it makes someone shoot out all of their sperm from their balls.
I decided to go down to a local theater nearby that has also some arcade booths to check it out. Sure enough, there were guys jackin off watching the movies, some guys coming up to them and sucking them off and more activity in the back of the dark theater. I don't know if this goes on all the time, but I was amazed to see this happening. My dick was so hard that I decided to pull it out and masturbate. No more than a minute later, a guy came by and knelt in front of me. I was so worked up by that time that I blew my load into his mouth after only about 5-6 deep strokes of his lips. I went back the next night and found a booth with a gloryhole and from what I learned, pulled out my cock and started stroking it. The guy next to me put his finger through the hole, so I nervously stuck my cock through the hole. It was the most incredible experience to have your body up against this wall with the movie going on and having someone you can't see suck on your dick. This guy was truly an expert as he licked and sucked and teased my prick and balls. He paused once in awhile that sent me up the roof and at some point, sensed that my balls must have been filled to the brim and finished the job. I'm jacking off now at my computer just thinking about how his lips were sliding up and down my cock with just the right pressure and nips at my penis head that I started to cum. He then used his lips to coax all my sperm out until I couldn't shoot anymore.
After I had gained my composure, I sat back down and I look over to the hole, only to see that the guy's cock is coming through the wall. Like all of your stories, I felt like I wanted to pleasure this guy just as much as he did me so I put my lips on his dick and it was unbelievable experience. It felt weird at first, just thinking I had another guy's dick in my mouth, but as I got going, moving my head up and down, I couldn't help myself. I tickled his balls and head and pretty soon I heard him whisper he was going to cum. My mind told me to pull out and jack him off with my hands, but I don't know, I kept at it with him inside my mouth and I felt these hot streams of sperm splash inside the back of my throat. I tried to swallow as fast as I could and I could tell he must have ejaculated about 4-5 ropes into my mouth. A memorable experience indeed.
With regard to your other stories, I was a little skeptical about how kids learn at a young age but I found out otherwise. Since this movie thing came true, I decided to do some discrete investigations myself. I have a son about 13 and a daughter 11 and in thinking about them, especially my son, I now recall many times when one or two of his friends would come over and be very sneaky and go into his room and spend hours there. I didn't think much of it until I read your stories, so I set up a time when I told my son that his mother and I would be out for the whole day. Only thing I didn't tell him was that I dropped my wife off at the shopping center and quietly came back to the house. When I got back, I crept up to his room and sure enough, he and friend was lying in bed naked and my son was sucking his friend. My dick got so hard watching all of this that I stayed quiet (although I don't think they would have noticed). My son did an expert job and before you knew it, his friend came in his mouth. They switched places and that's when I had to go downstairs and go into the bathroom and jack off to what I just witnessed.
I was torn about whether to talk to my son about it or not but I eventually did by first talking about masturbation. Although I could see that he was embarrassed, he later admitted to me that he did indeed masturbated and had been doing it for sometime now. I then told him what I saw what he was doing with his friend, but quickly told him that it was fine and normal to experiment like that. What the hell, the other month I just sucked off a stranger. At least my boy is doing it with a friend of his. If I didn't read about the stories on your website, I would have first thought he was turning gay, but now I know. As for my little girl, I happened to over hear a conversation she was having with a girlfriend and I was a bit shocked. She was talking to her about oral sex on a guy. I don't know if this comes from the influence of TV or President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, but I knew she needed a good talking to also, so my wife sat down with her. She hadn't had any contact with boys as yet, despite that phone conversation, but my wife did find out that she masturbates quite often to which my wife told her it was very normal and not to be ashamed. My wife uses a small vibrator once in awhile so she ended up buying my daughter one. I only wish I could be there while she does use it!
To end this letter, I want to say that I was truly skeptical about some of the stories on your website, but found that it's definitely true, at least from what I've discovered about myself and my kids. Keep up the great work. There seems to be a lot of bigger problems in this world than a bunch of people and kids getting off.



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