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I Had a Hard Day Part 3

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This was a first time for me at my age.By now most women have done it or they never will.Part one and two was posted on July 18 and 27.


It was a typical Saturday night.I was home getting ready to go out with a friend of mine for dinner and a night out.Anyway about seven thirty my phone rang and my friend had to cancel our plans.

I was already dressed and ready to go.Thinking what was I going to do now.Then I got an idea.Being alone and no one would ever find out,I thought about the lesbian bar in town not far from my house.Before I could leave I had to make a few changes on clothing.I needed to show off what I had.Changed my bra and panties.To a matching set.Black thin bra not giving to much support and a pair of matching black panties, bikini cut.A black tank top and a pair of blue jeans that were so tight they were almost painted on.Put on a little extra eye makeup let my hair down and off I went.

I arrived at the bar about nine o'clock.I stood out side for a while until I got the courage to go inside.I sat down at the bar and had a drink.The women ranged in age from their twenties up to about my age.All sizes and shapes.It took a little longer than an hour when I was approached by a woman in her fifties.She was not as tall as I am.A little chunky.Not fat but carrying a few extra pounds.Her tits were a little larger than mine.Her ass was large but something about it was so sexy.She had on a button down top so tight I thought her big tits were going to bust right out of it.A short tight skirt.And a pair of nice high heels.She said hello.Introduced herself as Karen.I told her my name was Darcie.She asked me to come and sit a table where we could talk and get to know each other a little better.

I explained this was my first time and I was a little nervous.Really just looking to touch each other and nothing more.We could go as slow as you want she said.As she took my hands and started to rub them so soft and tender.We talked and had another drink.Then Karen asked me if I would like to come to her apartment a few blocks away.I would have felt more comfortable at my place but I said OK.

We arrived at her place in a short time.I went to the bathroom to freshen up.When I came out and Karen was already out of her clothes and wearing a silk robe.She could see I was very nervous.Like a young virgin.She poured us a glass of white wine as we sat on her couch.

In moments she started to kiss me.This was the first time I ever had another women's tongue in my mouth.I must confess I was feeling relaxed with her as she went very slow.She stood up taking me by the hand and leading me to the bedroom.I was now shaking.She kissed me again.This time her hands went across my body.She also took a good hand full of my ass.OH YES.You feel great.She slowly undressed me down to my bra and panties.Telling me how big and beautiful my tits were.Opening my bra and playing with my tits.She looked down seeing my pubic hair,causing a mound in the bikini panties.OH YES all natural.As she opened her robe standing nude.Her tits were larger than mine but her nipples were not as dark.We were now laying on the bed as she started to pleasure me. She began masturbating my hairy pussy.My clit was throbbing.then with out warning she began sucking my tits,than kissing her way down to my throbbing pussy.She was now preforming oral on me.It felt so good.I was unable to control myself as she brought me to first of three orgasms that night.

I now had to try somehow to preform the same magic that was done to me.He pussy was so sexy shaved clean with a landing strip on top.Her tits were sagging as I was sucking her large tits.I also loved her big ass,not firm at all,but I wanted it so badly.I inserted my finger deep up her fat ass,getting her going. I brought Karen to two wonderful climaxes that night.After we were done she held on to me tight as I did the same.The two of us needed to relax after the wonderful time we just had together.So Karen asked me how was it with another woman?It was a wonderful experience.How did I do?I asked her.She kissed me and said you really know how to finger and touch a pussy.Laughing a bit I said I have a lot of experience masturbating taking care of business when I am alone.She said you too? Telling me she masturbates about twice a week.I said lately I have been doing the same. As we held on to each other again.

She wanted me to stay the night and I did.We woke up the next morning and had a little morning enjoyment, showered together and I left to go home feeling very for filled.Glad I had this experience with another woman.I do not know if I will do this again.I really enjoy men.Although I do not have any regrets about what I did.as always any comments are welcome good or bad.look forward to your opinions.



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