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I Guess I Got Started Early

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I discovered my clitoris and the sexual pleasure it gave me at an early age. Somehow my hand gravitated down to my clitoral area, either due to the sweet sensation that I felt there, or because some friction caused the pleasurable feeling in that area to be noticed by me for the first time. At any rate, I began masturbating to orgasm, almost every day.

I was an only child, and consequently had quite a bit of privacy (at least no siblings), and a lot of free time on my hands (pardon the pun!). I would be lying in bed, and would begin to feel the sweet ache from my clitoris becoming erect, and my hand would gravitate down to the front of my crotch and begin to rub-I discovered that the more I rubbed the better it felt. I was captivated by the sweet sensation that my rubbing elicited. Pretty soon that sweet feeling would go up and up and up, until I had an intense orgasm. When I would be laying in my bed, and when I would climax, my legs would go tightly together, my toes would curl out, and in completely innocent response to the excruciating pleasure that I felt, I would let out this long, loud 'AAAHHHH', which tended to alert my step-mom, who would come in and simply freak out at the fact that I was lying there with my panties pulled down around my knees and my fingers between my legs. After she did that a few times, I realized the necessity of being considerably more quiet as I tried to endure the pleasure of my orgasm. Although she had repeatedly told me to stop masturbating, I totally ignored her and simply tried to have my pleasure a little more quietly...

I would frequently lay in bed at night and rub and rub my clitoral area, entranced by the sweet sensation that my rubbing induced. I couldn't wait to feel the sweetness rise and rise until it became unbearable (what I learned many years later was called an orgasm) and then start over again and repeat the process. Sometimes I would lay there literally for hours, hearing my fingers go 'swish, swish, swish' in this monotonous rhythm, going from plateau to rising to orgasm, then to resolution and back to plateau again after I had rested a minute. I would repeat the process over and over again if I had the time. I would also sometimes hump the corner of the bed, or my pillow or stuffed animals, in this monotonous, sweet grinding that felt so good...I never really had any sexual thoughts (not until I entered puberty)-I just enjoyed the sensation that I felt, which actually was one of my main sources of pleasure and happiness-it made me feel so healthy and alive. I thought that I must be the only person on the planet that did this kind of thing, until I met my friend April.

I was spending the night with April one time when I accidentally walked into the bathroom when she was using it. To my complete surprise she was sitting on the commode rubbing her clitoral area like crazy with her eyes closed, and kind of moaning lightly, obviously enjoying the pleasure her fingers were causing. She suddenly lifted her hips off of the commode and groaned-I knew she was having that same feeling I had when I 'finished'. I told her, 'wow, you do that too?', and she told me, 'oh, it feels so good, I just can't help it!' April told me that when it was time for us to bathe, that she would show me another way that gave her pleasure.

She told me to remove my clothes-she had a considerable amount of light brown pubic hair already, and her breasts had just started to grow. She got into the shower, kept the curtain open, and leaned against the back wall. Then she picked up a shower massager (!)-a new revelation for me-turned on the water, pulled back the hood of her clitoris with one hand, exposing the red, raw looking, swollen head-and directed the strong stream directly at it. She immediately closed her eyes tight and yelled 'OH!' She stood against the back wall of the shower, with the stream shooting directly at her swollen clitoris, and kept mumbling, 'oh, it feels so good....' I could definitely tell it did. Her small breasts began to turn red, and her nipples stiffened up...then she got this intensely painful look on her face, her legs went together tightly, and she kind of made a shrieking sound.

I thought, 'wow, I gotta try that', and I hopped in and did what she did-the instant the water stream hit my clitoral head, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. When I achieved my orgasm, which I literally screamed through, I became so wobbly in the knees that I could barely stand up.

When we got to the bedroom April and I laid on the bed and watched each other manually bring ourselves to orgasm again-she said that she always made herself 'finish' before she went to sleep at night. Even though we just knew each other for about a year until she moved away, and I'm grown now, I sometimes bring myself to orgasm thinking about how she looked as she was masturbating, and when she was having a climax. I still think that it was a sexy sight to watch.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my early experiences with the pleasures of masturbation. If I didn't bore you too much with them, I'll tell you about my later experiences in the near future.



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