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I Got My Jollies as a Nurse

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I was asked by a friend to relate something that just happened to me working in the medical profession.

When I was interning as a nurse, and I mean interning as working for no pay I saw plenty of naked bodies. I saw so many I thought I was abnormal for having no feelings at all towards any of them. Hearing others talk made me self conscious about my sexuality.

Until one day I was just over twenty years and still a virgin. I was in the exam room with my aunt who was a doctor. I kept notes for her during the exams. There was the most well built man standing naked facing my aunt and me behind. I couldn't keep my eyes off his wonderful butt and I felt myself just oozing into my panties.

Nothing happened but the memory really stands out and it was my first proof that I was hetero.

I asked my aunt why pussies got wet and she just said it was anticipation.

Now many years later I experienced something similar. Reading the chart a man about the size, age and build of my father is to be examined. A routine flight physical. My father was a pilot before he died. As I was reading the chart everything tells me this could be my father.

Sure enough I walk in to take his vitals and I can't get it out of my head this guy could be my dad. His face even was very similar and he'd be just the same age my father would be if alive.

Fifty eight is usually signs of not the best body in town either. Not this hunk of a man, he's toned and thin and quite muscular. I do all my prelims and get the chart ready for the doc.

I felt a bit of anticipation in my panties, I must admit.

Fifteen minutes later I'm asked in, the doc is doing a biopsy, and I'm needed. Nothing serious, just a small odd shaped mole. This guy is completely naked and oh what a beautiful butt. He turns a bit and this guy has a full erection, I could see the glans sticking straight up. I move to take it all in (pun intended) and it's glorious. Oh what a penis. If I didn't know my employer so well I'd think she was harassing me. What she's doing is returning many favors I have done for her.

Never mind the procedure at hand, all I can think of is taking him in hand. Right after I have to go the toilet and rub one out. I actually think if I had to stay in that room a few moments longer I would have asked him to fuck me. His cock went small when the scalpel came out but I got all the visuals I needed. I still can't get that cock out of my head but I fantasize it being elsewhere!

From my second floor room I watched him leave. He got into his car and drove off and here I sit thinking up ways to get him to come back.



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