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I Get so Many Boners

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My mom said I should get a physical since I haven't had one since I was 17 so I went yesterday. Our Dr. is in our small town but he moved to a new building last year & now he's in with a few more doctors there I guess because so many people come from all around the town.

I had to be there at 3:00 & I jerked off in the morning when I woke up but not after that because I never had time. I was in the shower just before I went & started to jerk off because I had a boner like usual but I thought about how my cum leaks out a while later. It would be embarrassing to have that spot on my underwear so I stopped jerking just before I was going to shoot my cum. That was a hard thing to do. I sure wanted to shoot but I didn't.

When I got to the doctors office I waited a long time. There was a lady that finally took me to one of the new rooms & told me to sit & the Dr. would be in soon. Then a real hot looking woman came in & asked me to take off my shirt & she took my blood pressure. She was nice. Then she wrote something on a chart & told me the Dr. would be in soon & that I needed to take off my clothes & put on this stupid wrap around robe thing she left me. it felt like a bed sheet. She left & I took off all my clothes & put them where she said. I got a boner right away & all I could think about was my boner & my Dr. seeing it. I thought about bad stuff to make it go away & put on the robe thing. I waited for about 10 more minutes & my boner kept going up & down. If I knew I had that much time I would have jerked off right there but then what would I do with the cum & then I would have had that after leak too. I sure wanted my boner to go away though. What was bad was my boner was so easy to see because it was holding up the flimsy robe like it was paper. I just kept holding it down in case he came in.

Finally the door opened & the Dr. came in but it was not my Dr. It was a lady Dr. She was pretty tiny & real cute. Then I was really scared about my boner so I tried thinking about things like when I went to my grandfather's funeral a few years before. It was working not bad. My boner was only about half hard & it wasn't holding up the robe any more.

She asked me a few questions then told me to hop up on the bed thing there. She told me to pull down the top of the robe to my waist so I did. She listened & made me breath in & out & lots of other stuff. Then she told me to lay down & she started to push around on my stomach & down close to my cock. Then it was happening again. My boner got big & hard real fast & I couldn't help it. It moved straight back all big & hard & when it is like that it stops right at the top of my belly button. She was real cool & didn't say anything about me getting a boner. She actually held it over to one side with one hand while she was pushing & that was so way cool. I told her I was sorry for being like that but I never said boner, I just said being like that but she knew what I meant. She told me to relax because it was normal & it shows I'm healthy in that department she called it. I did feel better after she said that.

Then she did something I don't remember happening last time I had a physical. She actually grabbed my balls to feel them. She felt around for a bit then asked me to sit up & stand for her. Then she started to talk about my balls but she called them the Dr. words, testicles. I think she was trying to make me feel better by telling me why she was doing what she was. She said guys testicles move up & down & when they are up like mine were it was hard for her to check them. I never did ask what she was checking for but I guess they were good. When I stood up she moved the robe up & asked me to hold it. I already had about the hardest boner I could get & I was starting to feel more horny & not so embarrassed. I felt my boner sticking out & I held the robe so I could just see the end of it. It was only about a foot away from her face by then. It was the first time a girl ever saw my cock & balls & she was feeling them & they were hard & all shaved off too. I liked what was happening by that time so I never tried to make my boner go away. I just let it do what it wanted to. I wanted it to have a boner.

She pulled a bit hard on my balls & put her fingers behind them & rolled each one around pinching them a bit. I kept flinching & she told me to relax & she would not hurt me. It didn't take long once she got them pulled down a bit then she let me sit down again. I sat down with my boner sticking out so she could still see it & she told me I could cover up now so I did. She didn't have to do anything else to my balls or cock & she checked my eyes & some other stuff & we were done. She left the room & told me to get dressed & that was it.

All the way home I had a boner thinking about her looking at my cock & feeling me. I wanted to pull over & jerk off right there on the road but I didn't. When I got home I went right to my room & jerked off twice. I didn't do it for a long time. The first cum happened a lot faster than normal. After about 10 minutes I wanted to do it again. That time it lasted a lot longer & I kept thinking about her touching me & mostly about when she held my cock to the side. She held onto my boner for about 15 seconds. That was so sick cool! When I jerked off the second time I felt my balls just like she did. I never felt them all around each one before like that. I kept doing it thinking that just a short time ago she was feeling them just like I was. I even held my cock over just the same to see just what she would have felt. Pretty cool! Then I kept feeling my balls but I could feel them when I came because they were too close to my body by then. Shooting my cum felt so good that day but it always feels good. I jerked off three times already today & she was all I thought about.

That was better than seeing the stripper girls. She was so cute & nice & she smiled at me a lot too. I hope she is my Dr. if I have to go back again. I'm sure if it was my regular Dr. that my boner would have gone away but I can't say for sure. I get them so many times every day that it might have been the same. I'm glad it was her. I keep thinking about her touching my balls & cock.

That's really all there was. She didn't do anything sexual to me at all. I guess it was just normal going to the Dr. except for my boner. That was my fault but I liked it once she made me feel like I was not bad or strange.



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