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I Found Her Video's

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One of my best friends, Nicky, happens to live alone with her mom. Her parents got divorced a while back and her mom got custody. One of our favourite things to do was always get together on weekends to just watch movies and go out for coffee and stuff.

Since we've been friends for such a long time, we know pretty much all there is to know about each other. We like to think we transcend that typical 'friend' zone, because we've bonded in so many different ways growing up. We actually first masturbated together, through mutual self discovery at around the age of twelve, and still engage in it whenever we get the chance.

However I've always kinda secretly had a bit of an attraction towards her mom. I've seen pretty much all there is to see of Nicky's body, basically through all different stages of development, and she has seen mine, except through adulthood. I still absolutely adore her little perky figure, and have always said she has the cutest boobies on earth, not to mention her delicious puffy lips, which are just unmatched. I think she'd say the same about me. But after all that, I still die of curiosity every time I see her mom, thinking about what lies under those clothes, since I've never really seen the naked body of an adult woman, except on the internet.

So one day I go over to Nicky's house, but when I arrive no one bothers to answer the door. Then I notice this paper hanging in the door slot addressed to me. Basically they were writing saying they had to step out for a bit, but left the spare keys hidden for me since they knew I was coming. I went inside and got comfortable, figuring they'd be gone for a while since I recalled Nicky mentioning something once about having to visit some other family members one day.

The problem was that as I got bored, I got horny. So I made the necessary preparations, in case I had to quickly revert back to normal if someone suddenly came in. Opting for safety first, I got my clothes off in the toilet. After a few minutes of warming up, I got a little more daring and walked around their house completely nude. Then I got this great idea and decided to go and snoop around Nicky's moms underwear drawer. There was some real cool stuff in there, sporty stuff, lacey lingerie and risque g-strings. I put some of her pantyhose on and a bra, which was a little big for me, and opted for no panties. Parading around her room dressed like her just got me completely wet. I got onto my knees and bucked and fingered myself to an orgasm.

As I lay there I noticed something I hadn't seen before, a small brown box just behind her shoe collection under some matresses. Who in their right mind wouldn't take a look? To my shock and amazement the first thing I saw in it were two sex toys! One, a large pink see through rubber dildo, roughly 10' long, and a thicker black eight inch vibrator, the kind with two bits hanging, one for insertion, the other for either anal or clitoral stimulation. I was already dripping fresh juice from my pussy when I saw something else. A small collection of unmarked tapes. I can't tell you how quick I ran downstairs, still wearing her pantyhose and bra, carrying the vibrator, and a few tapes to see what they had on them.

I shoved the tapes into the vcr and couldn't believe my eyes. Nicky's mom, possibly from lack of sexual activity with her ex-husband, was filming herself masturbating. Watching my best friends mom, enjoying every inch of her body, exploring every hole and displaying this vigour that only a fully grown woman can, just sent shivers down my spine. It was amazing, she had this wonderful shapely body, large round and very firm looking breasts with sensual erect nipples, her hair hanging sloppily over her face and back, sticking to her skin which was just glistening with sweat, all ending off in this puddle of pussy juice that was pouring out of her carefully trimmed vagina. To me this was what masturbation was all about, I felt like for the first time I was witnessing it in it's purest, rawest form. Just one woman concerned about nothing but satisfying herself. If anything I felt like I was being shown what the peak of masturbatory delight should be.

In the end, Nicky's mom just completely tensed up, and let out this amazing moan, which I swear, lasted for a good two minutes as she blew this constant gush of cum out of her pussy and onto the towel she lay on (which was on her bed). Then for a few more minutes she just lay there, her chest breathing hard and slowly, her body stretched as she let out these calming groans before getting up to switch off the camera.

I completely lost track of time and myself, and didn't even notice that I had that very same vibrator in my own cunt, nor did I feel the large wet stain that I was leaving on top of the couch. I quickly got up, put the tapes away, and tried to clean up the mess I left. The only way I could hide the stain, was to pretend that I went swimming and sat down with a wet towel on the couch, which seemed believable as Nicky and her mom arrived home.

It's been about two weeks now and no one's said anything. I still can't get those wonderful images out of my mind, and have set a goal for myself of reaching the same level that Nicky's mom is on. Hopefully some day I'll be able to watch the rest of those videos, and maybe even show them to Nicky.



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