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I finally caught my neighbors attention.

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The scheme I came up with to get the attention of my neighbor who caught me masturbating last week ...


Last night my parents went out, and I knew they wouldn't be home until late. When they told me that, I got butterflies in my stomach because I'd been planning what I'd do the next change I got. Last night was my chance. I love having the house to myself, and I know it's time for me to move out. But for now, I just look forward to their nights out, because I know that's when I can have fun, and do whatever I want to do. And last night, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Until my neighbor caught me masturbating, I'd never noticed him. I knew who he was, sort of, but I didn't ever glance his way. Since that day though, I haven't thought of anything else except how to get him to come back over and play with me again. But I wanted him to come over, thinking it was his own idea.
He lives next door, and I found from watching his house for almost three hours, that his bedroom is on the side of the house that faces our house. It looks as if his bedroom is on the third floor. Our third floor is where our recreation area is. It has anything you want up there, including a bar, stocked with all types of liquor. It's where my parents entertain. There are several windows on the third floor, but I don't know which one is his bedroom window. I don't know the layout of his house. His third floor could be completely different from ours. We have huge sliding glass doors that take you out to the wrap around balcony that I've barely been out on since I've been back home. It's been so cold, and not worth gong out there. But last night I knew I had to.

As soon as my parents left, I turned up the heater so it would be really warm, like a sauna in the recreation room. I'd also turned the fireplace on up there, so it would be almost sticky hot, despite the cold weather. Then I took a hot, and very steamy shower. I washed my hair, which was long, blonde, and had curls that hung loosely when it air dried.

I took my time rubbing the soap over my body. I slowly washed the parts of my body that made my toes curl. I was feeling the excitement of the hope of what was going to happen, but I also loved the way my fingertips gave me tingles when I grazed my nipples, as well as when I touched my clean shaven pussy. I'm not sure how others feel about it, but I've decided I don't like hair down there, at all. I used to get a bikini wax, but once I had them remove all the hair, I loved the way it felt.

After my shower, I was tingling all over. My pussy was wet, my nipples were hard, and it was truly like a sauna all through the house. I didn't dry myself off. I just ran my fingers though my hair, with a salon product that gave my hair the curl, without the frizz. Then I slipped on my light pink tank top that I'd had since 7th grade. It clung to my body, and it was wet because I hadn't dried off. My hard nipples were practically visible through that shirt. The outline of my tits were the first thing anyone would notice. It was as bad as being naked. Or as good. Depending on who was looking. I didn't bother with panties because I liked the way the way I felt without them, but I also liked the way I looked with just the tight tank top on, and nothing else.

I ran upstairs to the third floor, and turned on all the lights. It was dark by then, and I opened all the blinds to the windows so that if he looked over for any reason, he'd see everything clearly. I saw some lights on over his way, but the blinds were closed on all the windows. I was nervous so I went over to the bar, and drank an entire bottle of water. My mouth was so dry. It does that when I get nervous. I started on my second bottle, when I realized it was time to move on to the next part of the plan.

I turned up the music ... then I walked over to the sliding glass doors and opened them all the way. The cool air hit me with a rush, but it felt good. I was sticky from the heat, but it felt amazing. The music wafted outside and I drank the rest of the water, and then turned on the outside lights, and walked out to the edge of the balcony. The wind blew my hair and I knew I looked good. The cold air made my nipples even harder. I loved the feeling of the cold air rushing over my pussy, and I realized I was breathing heavily. I knew I was horny, but I didn't know how bad it was. This had started because I wanted to get the neighbors attention, but now it went from want to need. I needed to feel his cock inside me. I kept picturing how he'd stroked himself, and the size impressed me. I wanted him inside me.

I still didn't see any sign of him, so I went over to the table that we use in the spring and the summer, and I noticed that it would give me some height if I was on it. He might see me that way. I climbed on top of it, the wind still blowing all around me, but I was so distracted I didn't notice. The fireplace was so hot, it was even heating up some of the balcony.

After finding the best spot on the table, I got on my knees, and spread them out far enough so my pussy was perfect for anyone to just come up and fuck me, and I'd never have to move to make it happen. I was so wet, I was almost afraid to touch myself. Instead, I ran my finger over my nipples and moved my hips in circles, as if I were fucking someone slowly. I even moved up and down, the way I would if I were riding someone. The music was still loud, and the lights were so bright, and I was thinking if he'd been home, he'd seen me by now. I wasn't going to last much longer. I was about to cum, and worse, because of the water I drank, I had full bladder. I was truly hurting so good.

I decided to just get myself off, cum hard, and forget about the boy who obviously had no interest in me. I cupped my hand over my pussy, and rubbed my stomach lightly with my fingertips, the way I'd wanted him to. I was in my own world, thinking about how nothing else mattered. But just as I was getting ready to finger fuck myself, I heard someone call my name. and I jerked my head around, seeing the boy I'd been waiting for, standing right behind me. I was so startled my body lost control, or rather, my bladder did ... and I peed all over the table. Once the flow started, I couldn't stop it. I couldn't look at the boy, so I just watched as the pee came rushing out, and it should have been embarrassing and disgusting, but it only turned me on more. Just as I finished, I looked around, after hearing him say, "Damn that was hot, Bree." He was still standing behind me, and he lifted my body, and pressed my ass up against him. He had on clothes, but I could feel his hard cock against my ass. I was breathing so heavy, and my heart was racing. I couldn't think straight. Things felt fuzzy. He licked his finger, and rubbed it across my nipples and then ran his hand down my body, stopping briefly at my stomach, tickling it lightly saying "fuck, fuck your body is so hot." His voice was low, and it was more of a whisper, but I could hear him. Then he stuck his finger inside me, and he barely had it in before I started to get that feeling, right before you orgasm. It slowly took over my body, and got stronger and stronger. He put another finger in, and I pressed my ass against his pants, feeling the hard bulge, and the orgasm surged through my body in waves.

I began bucking like a wild animal ... it was uncontrollable. I'd never done that before, but I didn't feel like myself at all. I felt better than I ever had. I was moaning, and biting my lip not to scream in ecstasy, but the moans were loud enough. I heard him moan too, saying things like "damn bree, so hot bree. fuck." Just as I couldn't stop peeing before, now I couldn't stop coming. I've had multiple orgasms for years, but sometimes they're more intense than others. These were very intense. One more intense than the other. He kept whispering in my ear, "that's it Bree. That's it baby girl, keep coming for me." And I did.

When the orgasms subsided, my pussy was contracting. He could tell and knowing how weak I was, he picked me up, took me inside, and laid me down on the couch. He put his hand over my pussy, and patted me like a baby until my body had calmed down. I was out of breath and drained. He was laying beside me, still with his clothes on and he was just running his fingers through my hair and saying how amazing I was.

After it occurred to me that this was even better than how I'd thought it would be, I asked him how he'd gotten inside the house. He told me my dad had given him a key since he was interning for him, and needed to pick up things from his office. He'd only had the key a day, but told me it was the best thing he'd ever been given.
"I watched you, Bree. I watched you a long time before I could come over here. You turn me on so much. I was afraid I'd lose control."

I knew it was late, and I told him he better go before my parents found us that way. Before he moved to go ... he put his head between my legs, and licked me. Then he said, "I just want to leave you with wanting more. I want us to do this again."

"I do too. But next time, I want to do what you want. What is it you want?" I challenged him.
He hesitated and I told him to just tell me. Nothing that good could be bad. So he said, "I want you to pee on me like you did on the table. And I want to make you cum while you do. Then," he hesitated again, "I want to fuck you up the ass."

My body reacted and I wanted to tell him to do it then, but I knew we had to leave something to look forward to. I told him to let me know when. He said Wednesday night because he knew his parents would be leaving town and wouldn't be back until Sunday night. I told him I'd be there. Just as he stood up to leave, I took his cock and put it in my mouth, and sucked it for a minute before saying, "Something for you to look forward to." He left with wobbly knees, and a huge grin. And now I know that if you want something, and plan for it properly ... you can have anything you want, and even more.



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