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I Finally Bought My Aneros

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SoloTouch is a daily must-read! Awesome site!

What I am writing here is 100% true. You must experience this!


The story submitted by Doobie on Dec 28 about vaccuuming with the Aneros device inserted reminded me to get one.

First I should say that I LOVE masturbation, but who doesn't? Like so many other guys whose stories I've read here, I often try to think of new ways to masturbate or to improve upon my techniques. Many of the more interesting techniques I discovered independently. Reading that others have discovered the same ways is often a great turn-on.

Sometimes my masturbations last for hours and leave me happily exhausted after multiple orgasms which drain my fluids dry. I've experimented with many toys and devices intending to maximize my orgasm. Prostate massage with a dildo or vibrator has been a fav for years.

About a year ago at an erotica web site I read about a device called the Aneros. It is a male g-spot stimulator, and it sounded great, but I didn't order one.

Well, when I read Doobie's story, I went straight to the site and ordered one. It arrived discretely packaged in less than a week. I couldn't wait to try it out!

I was somewhat surprised at how small the part which is actually inserted is. I was expecting something the size of a dildo, but this is much smaller-about the size of your thumb, so you don't need to have a lot of experience with things up your butt to use this. It has an extension in the front which presses against the perineum (the area between balls and anus) and a thin flexible spring-like extension to the rear which is held between the ass cheeks.

The instructions say to lay on the bed and insert the device with plenty of lube, and to relax for a few minutes to get used to its presence in your butt. Then you contract the ass sphincter muscle to 'power' the Aneros as it slides inside your rectum against the prostate and the front tab 'pinches' the prostate from the outside at the perineum. Rhythmic contractions massage the prostate to produce the most awesome feeling!

Let me tell you! My first time was awesome! It took only a few minutes to get the hang of how to contract and make it work. You need lots of lube inside to allow it to slide, but keep the outside absolutely dry so the pressure tab doesn't move.

I had so many orgasms I couldn't count them. Honest. But they were dry which was awesome and reminded me of those wonderful pre-puberty orgasms that went on and on and on. And I could control it and relax for a minute and then stimulate another orgasm-as often and as quickly or slowly as I wished.

When I finally 'allowed' myself to shoot off, I ERUPTED in a geyser of cum! When I could focus my eyes and look at my clock, I realized that I had been producing countless orgasms for 4 hours! FOUR HOURS of orgasms!!!

I removed the Aneros and washed up, but I still had a tingle throughout my genitals. I realized that I was still quite horny and began to beat off again, this time with my lubed hand on my dick, and had 3 or 4 more cums.

I have now used it in combination with my vibrator and my FleshLight. THAT'S a mind blowing experience, believe me!

I am actually glad that I had to travel away from home to work this week. After 4 days of nearly constant masturbation and literally nearly a hundred orgasms, I had to take a break. Now I can't wait to get back home!

I promise you-I am NOT exagerating. If you are serious about your masturbation, you MUST get one.

Awesome. Honest.



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