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I Felt That Way Once

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I read in a couple of comments to Solo Touch about some men not thinking much of 'ladies of the night' girls. I once felt the same way. This was until. Here, I'll explain.


Back when I was 22 I and my girlfriend shared an apartment. Goes without saying I was very sexually satisfied. Things were fine until we had a big argument about something and she moved out. Of course this left me going without. After around two weeks of 'making love' to my hand, I was sure beginning to 'hurt' for a female, if you know what I mean.

One evening, I just wanted to get out of that lonely apartment for awhile. I just went for a drive. It was then that I spotted this girl standing on a corner dressed in a short tight skirt and did she ever look good. I turned and just had to go back for another look. This time the girl gave me a little smile and a little wave. I knew then what she was doing there. Looking for 'Johns', as they say. I had never had any desire at all to have anything to do with these kind of women and had always thought it was a bit of a sick way to make a living. The idea of letting strange men stick there dicks in them for money with no love or anything involved. But, feeling like I was that evening and with a hard dick in my pants going crazy for the feel of a woman after all those weeks it all of a sudden didn't seem so sick after all. And, the more I looked at her in that tight little skirt the more 'hurting' I was getting.

So, I ended up going around the block again only this time I pulled up to her and ended up picking her up. I was a bit nervous but I just couldn't help it. I took off and we talked for a minute about the weather. Then, she ask what I wanted to do. So, I just told her about breaking up with my girlfriend two weeks ago and how good she looked standing there on the corner. I then told her I just wanted to feel her while she felt me. She knew what I meant and said it would be better if we could get close. I redid the seats bringing down the console seat my SUV had. She moved over next to me. I paid her and she started feeling on my dick. I undid my pants so she could get her hand on my dick. I reached in back for this roll of paper towels I always carry for the windows and brought it up front. Then, while she gave me a much needed hand job I felt her leg to really arouse me. She took her time on me and really knew how to do it very pleasurable way. I guess from years of experience. When my orgasm came over me, it really felt good and it was a good thing I had that roll of paper towels in my truck. We sure needed it.

Anyway, from that time on, my impressions of these women changed. I don't know what I would had done without them. I visited them several times back then until I finally got another girlfriend to move in with me. I haven't used any since but believe me, I'm sure I will again if I'm ever alone like I was then. Us guys sure need what they have when we don't have it at home.



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