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I Did As I Was Told

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I sometimes can't believe I did this!


A few years ago I worked at this fitness club as an attendant. It helped me with cash while I attended college part time. Of course once our shift was done employees could use the club for free, so I would take a dip in the pool after work. That’s when I met him.

I was in the men’s locker room after swimming and I was changing. We were pretty much the only ones there at the time and I noticed this middle-aged guy just staring at me. I had just pulled on my underwear and he says something like, ’you got a hot bod.’

I did a double take. I couldn’t believe he just said that. I just kind of smiled and said an awkward ’thanks’ and sped up so I could get the hell out of there. I had never been hit on by a dude before and I was creeped out. He must’ve sensed it, cause he goes, ’Hey, just giving you a compliment. That’s all--no worries.’ Then he kind of smiled and just his whole demeanour made me relax a little.

’it’s cool,’ I said. ’no big deal.’ I pulled on my t-shirt and he finished dressing while we just kind of chit-chatted. I told him I worked there and he bullshitted about his job a bit and we grabbed our shit and started walking out of the club together. Once we got outside I was about to walkover to my car and was more than completely prepared for that to be the end of our little encounter when he goes, ’hey--this might be out of line--but here goes anyway: look, I’ll pay you a hundred bucks if you come with me to my place and let me take a few photos of you.’

WHAT??? My mind was racing. I didn’t know what to say at first. Who was this guy? Gay serial killer, the darkest part of my mind said.

’uh, photos?’ I think I ended up saying.

The guy smiled. ’look, I know I’m really out on a limb here, and if you’re not interested that’s totally fine. But if you’re up for a little adventure and wouldn’t mind getting paid a hundred bucks for showing off that body of yours then here’s your chance.’

’I’m not gay though...’ I said all dumb sounding.

’neither am I...’he goes.

To this day I still don’t know how I made this decision--but I said ’OK.’

I followed him in my car to his condo.

I went up with him to his place. The dude was wealthy. His pad was packed with nice shit. He poured us both some nice whiskey in two tumblers.

Anyway, we just shot the shat for awhile talking sports and movies for a bit. The guy was in good shape and probably in his forties somewhere. Dark, but graying hair.

He suddenly placed two fifties on the coffee table between us and said, ’you ready?’

I laughed nervously, ’I guess.’

He got his camera out. He told me to strip.

I did. (Now you need to understand this was not normal for me. At this point in my life I had only had sex with like two girls and those were pretty embarrassing and sloppy encounters. And I had never done anything with a guy before with the odd little exception of comparing dicks side-by-side with another buddy once in like sixth grade.)

But now here I was--buck naked in this strange dude’s living room about ready to let him take pictures of my body.

I was beyond nervous. I was sweating in my hands. I was turned on, but so nervous I wasn’t hard. I had no idea what was going to happen--but at that moment I felt I could just about be talked into anything.

The guy started taking pics. He ordered me around and I did as I was told. I started to kind of get off on submitting to him, I realized.

That’s when my penis began stirring.

’whoa--lookee here...’ The guy said and pointed the camera down at my erecting dick.

’sorry--I,uh...’ I think I stammered.

’no that’s great,’ the guy said. ’that was kind of the point. You should stroke it.’

My inhibition was all evaporating. So I took my penis in my hand and started masturbating in front of this man.

He took more pics. At one point he told me to stop stroking and spread my ass cheeks so he could take pics of my asshole.

I spread my ass for him. He took pics. He told me to shove a finger up there, so I inserted my fuck-you finger up my asshole for him.

He said to turn around. So I faced him and he put the camera down. At first I thought ’this guy wants to fuck me, and you know what? I’m going to let him if he wants...’ That’s how crazy in lust I was at that moment.

But instead he just knelt down and spit on my dick and told me to stroke. And I did. I stroked and stroked my dick right there in front of him till my shaft glowed red from the rubbing. My cock was huge, my balls swelling with cum. The guy saw I was beating myself raw, so every once in a while he would lick and lightly suck on my head and shaft to lube them.

I jacked and was about to spooge and I told him, ’I’m about to cum.’

The guy grabbed his tumbler and said, ’cum into the glass.’

I felt my load of sperm rise up my shaft and tilted my dick down into his tumbler. I came in milky waves into the glass.

When I was done spooging, the dude raised the tumbler and said, ’cheers,’ and shot my sperm down his throat.

I left with the two fifties and this crazy story that I can’t really tell people face-to-face about because--I mean, what would they think of me?

So there you go Solo Touch.



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