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I Dare You

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My first story on here; completely true btw


It all started with my best friend, Mason. At the time I was 16 and he was 15. I'm average height, thin and lanky with some muscle definition. I have black hair and brown eyes; Mason, who is a little shorter than me but has a very well-toned body, has chocolate brown hair with brown eyes as well. I had always felt some kind of attraction toward him, although I never really understood what that feeling was.

One afternoon he came over after school to hang out. We played some computer games for awhile, poking fun at each other the way best friends do. At one point I became so frustrated at him beating me on the computer that I tackled him. As you can imagine, this quickly evolved into a full-on wrestling match. Mason was slightly stronger than me, but I had him in weight and size. After a few minutes of tumbling around and getting hot, I accidentally brushed his crotch. This touch sent my heart into a frenzy and I wanted to try again. At one point he almost had me pinned, so as a last resort I reached down and grabbed his dick through his shorts. He quickly let go and whimpered in pain as I clutched his cock; he was helpless. I grinned at him evilly and said, 'Who's the bitch?' Now, Mason HATES being called bitch or anything referring to him as gay or womanly, so he was pissed. He gritted his teeth and said 'I'm the bitch...' I laughed and let go, but suddenly his hand shot over and grabbed my entire package, he twisted mercilessly and said 'Now who's the bitch?!' I grabbed him back and we were at a stalemate. Suddenly I felt my cock start to inflate, and so did Mason's. The heat, smell of sweat, and physical closeness was too much and soon we both had full erections. Unfortunately my dad asked what was going on in there and got up to come check on us so we had to stop.

Later that night, after dinner, we decided to go out to the hot tub. At this point neither of us had seen the other naked, but I suddenly had a craving to see him in all his glory. We got into the steamy water and relaxed, talking about school and video games. Soon the conversation moved to sex and girls and he asked who I liked, but I refused to tell him. Naturally this only increased his desire and he kept badgering me. Eventually I said 'Ok I'll tell you... But first I dare you to run naked to the fence and back.' He glared at me and said 'You just want to see me naked fag...' I grinned, 'Nope but if you want to know who I like you have to do it.' So he got out and dropped his pants and ran, but it was too dark to see his cock clearly. 'Ok so now you gotta tell me,' he demanded. I told him one girl I liked and he said 'I knew it!'

Eventually I brought up truth or dare, and he quickly agreed. We started off with easy things like streaking, but soon we got bolder. By this time we were both naked and were sporting erections, he had a nice seven inch cock that slightly curved up like a banana. 'Told you mine is bigger than yours' he teased. It was true, but his balls were much smaller and looked like little marbles in his tight sack. Soon he dared me to hold his cock and I was more than eager. It felt so amazing to hold another guy's throbbing boner; so soft yet so hard!

Eventually he dared me to jack him off, which surprised me but I was excited. We both got out of the hot tub and he laid on the concrete behind it. 'Hold on, I need a sec to get horny,' he said, which was complete bullshit since he was already about to burst. I laid my hand on his abs and traced them and said 'Take your time.' Soon he said he was ready. I eagerly moved down and tickled his balls, which made him involuntarily moan. Then I grasped his pulsing cock and began to beat him off. 'I don't think you will be able to finish me off,' he mumbled,'I'm not gay and so a guy can't do anything for me.' My only response was beating him off faster and a second later he said 'Oh crap!' and then his entire body tightened and he moaned as ropes of cum shot out onto his stomach. I felt his penis pulse with each spurt of cum. He laid there a minute and I couldn't help it, so I dropped my pants and jacked off right there looking at his naked body and smelling his musk. He watched curiously until I finished and then we both went inside to sleep.

Hope you enjoyed it, it's completely true. Let me know if you want more stories because there are plenty!



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