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I Couldn't Stop Shaking

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This was awesome


This happened today

I wrote another story two years ago called 'Looks Can Be Deceiving'. I have no idea of that's all spelled right but whatever. All the names have been changed also. Alisha is now changed to Amy, there both fake names. And the other names are very different also.

The time now is that it's almost spring. Summer on it's way. and the days are getting pretty warm. Warm enough for most girls to wear mini skirts which makes me happy.

Well I was in my third hour class on B-days. And the way the class was set up was pretty cool. Also very different. But me and two other people had to move our desks so that we could see the projector screen. It was then that I noticed a petite short, but pretty attractive girl sitting across from me was wearing a mini skirt. I was like 'Oh yeah, I might be able to see her panties.' We had about 15 minutes to the end of class and onto the last hour of the day, fourth hour B-days. This girl across from me, Jessie, kept her legs crossed. So I was like 'Come on!' In my head of course. And then two minutes before the end of class she spread her legs giving anyone across from her in a regular lit classroom full access to looking at her panties. But because of the movie the classroom's light were off and everything under her skirt and in between her legs was dark, like a shadow.

The bell rang signalling the end of class. There is a seven minute passing period, and about three minutes before the late bell rang to fourth hour rang I entered the class. This is my chemistry class and I have a lot of friends in this class. There is Rick, Amber, Jose (Hosay, he's Mexican), Abrina, Kelly, Lilla, Mike, Syrina, Linda, and Amy. I have known Amy since the sixth grade. I did have a little crush on her the seventh grade but she had a boyfriend then, well still does, and that died. But that didn't stop her from looking very good. And by good I mean it could make a dude say 'Daaaaammmmmmmnnnnn!' as a girl walked by. But that's what I thought of her, she had an awesome chest, I love her boobs even though they are only a B or a C cup, and her skin looks so soft. Makes me want to touch it. She's my friends, but she doesn't know I think about her like that, and to me the way she looks is great, in the sense that it can give me a hard on. But like normal she didn't walk into class about a minute till the late bell rang, but I didn't mind that, I didn't see what she was wearing, at that time. But the late bell rang and like usual our teacher started class about three minutes after the late bell rang. Amber walked in late. But he said he could finish a lab, and work on papers that we didn't do. And I hadn't done any of the papers for that unit, and also I didn't finish the lab. So I had to finish it with my friends. Well with Rick and Jose, about fifteen minutes into the class we got done with the lab. And I went to my desk not knowing how to do the unfinished papers on my desk. So thought to myself 'Maybe Amy might be able to help me.' and I walk over to the empty desk next to her on her left. And WOW!

I sat down and looked at her and I became semi hard. Amy isn't that big, she is about 5'4', I'm about 6 feet tall, and liked I said her boobs aren't that big, but they drive me crazy, she had her hair a little poofy, which was pretty hot, she wore an American Eagle Outfitters shirt, like the 4 buttons at the top of the neck, but she had all of them unbuttoned, and oh my god, she was wearing a very short mini skirt, even for her height the mini skirt was small on her. And oh my god, it was very very hard to keep my eyes off her legs. They were short, but looked so soft, and I just wanted to run my hands from her ankles up to her pussy.

'Umm... Amy?' she turned around and I was like 'Do you know how to do this?' holding a work sheet of problems in front of me. She grabbed it from my hand and looked it over, I thought to myself 'Oh please uncross your legs.' She said 'Yeah.' She leaned over to my desk, her ear next to my nose and said 'Hold on.' being short she couldn't really reach all the way over. So she scooted her desk next to mine, facing me, with her legs slightly apart, and my view was about a half inch off from me seeing her panties. I wasn't sure she was wearing panties or not, with what she was wearing she could have been wearing a g-string for all I knew. But oh did I want to see whatever underwear she was wearing.

She leaned over giving me a little peek at the top of her bosums and bra, she said 'See here, you just divide this by this, and then you get the moles.' I looked at it and said ok. I glanced back at her skirt and her legs were crossed. She watched me do the whole problem, and every 20 seconds I'd glance at her skirt to see if her legs were uncrossed. I didn't want to stare at her skirt, I didn't want to be caught by anyone.

She watched and leaned next to me like a one on one tutor session, the whole time I was asking questions like 'is this right' 'Like this?' and stuff. She smelled nice, I'd still glance at her skirt. The next problem for some reason she got stumped. I asked 'Is it like this?' She leaned over and looked at it.

She looked at it for a good 45 seconds. She sat back straight into her seat, her legs crossed. She then hunched over a bit, a very tiny bit, but while doing so she uncrossed her legs. And unlike third hour, the room was well lit. The whole time she was facing me, trying to give me an answer. Amy then put her hands up to her neck and closed her eyes and said 'Oh how was it? How do you do this?' I made a joke and said 'I don't know, that's why your here.' She giggled and smiled, with her hand still up and eyes closed. She kinda' leaned back in her chair, spreading her legs a little more, and it was then I noticed with the corner of my eye that something white that wasn't there before was kinda' shining by her skirt. She kept her hand up and eyes closed I then looked down to see what the white was.

I looked down, and oh my fucking god...

It was her panties! I got a hard on faster then I ever did before, and there was a very nice, clear, large view of Amy's panties. Oh I must have stared at her panties for 5 seconds. I then looked away trying to see if anyone had seen me. Amy opened her eyes and put her hands down. But kept her hands in exactly the same position. I didn't dare look until she started staring at my leg, and as she did that, I took three more glances, at least two seconds long each, and noticed that her panties had light pink flower petals on it. Oh I so badly wanted to jack off right there and then. But I had to get my paper done and there were too many people around.

Later my friends came and sat next to me, I got two more looks at Amy's panties. Then for a while I didn't look. Then my friend Rick said something funny, and Amy laughed hard, she rolled, leaning, back on her ass with her legs spread showing the bottom of her panties, it was then that I noticed that her panties also had light green and light blue flower pedals on it. I was in heaven.

When I got home I couldn't wait for privacy and when I got it. Oh I jacked off so hard. For a good 20 minutes, just thinking about Amy's panties and her boobs and pussy. I remembered I had bubble wrap and I jacked off into that, and I came so hard picturing I was cumming on Amy's boobs, face, panties, legs, and ass, and pussy. It was so awesome.



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