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I Couldn't Leave Myself Alone

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Over the weekend, I was supposed to meet two of my friends for a hike. The trail was a couple of hours from my house so I got up early.

When I got up, I couldn't help but notice the erection between my legs. I figured, as with most mornings, it would disappear after I relieved myself and took a shower. As I flushed, it was still there, but not as hard as before. I expected the shower to do the rest.

The water felt great as I stood there letting it run over my body. As I turned to get the soap, the spray of water hit my cock. It felt surprisingly good. I stood there a moment, enjoying the sensation. I lathered up the soap and began to wash. When I got to my cock, my soapy hands slid along the shaft and around my balls. Again, a nice sensation that brought my penis to attention. As I washed my legs and feet, my penis rubbed against my body. Wow, for some reason I was getting harder and it was feeling great. I continued to touch myself and realized it wouldn't take long to make myself cum. I really needed to hit the road, but this little self indulgence wouldn't take long. So I applied more soap and quickly attacked my erection. It wasn't long before my cum was circling down the drain at my feet.

I quickly got dressed and packed some shorts and a sweatshirt for the drive home. (I didn't want to drive a couple hours back home in dirty sweaty clothes) It was early in the morning and I was about half way to the trail when I got a call. One of the guys said he couldn't make it because of a sick kid that kept him up all night. He also told me our other hiking partner backed out too. We laughed and joked that with his new girlfriend, we probably wouldn't see much of him for a while. Still, I was more than half way there by now and decided to press on. I was looking forward to the hike, even if I had to go it alone.

The trail I was heading to was isolated and to get there, you really had to want to get there. It was in the middle of nowhere. The thought popped into my mind that I would truly be alone, and I could probably hike it nude. I pulled off to top off the tank. I decided to do it now, rather than wait for the return trip. If I did get to hike nude, I would probably want to drive home nude, and would hate getting dressed just for a few minutes to get gas. As I was standing at the pump, I started hoping that would be the case. I went into the store to pay, wash my hands and get some coffee. By the time I was back in my car, my cock was showing signs it liked the idea too.

There was nothing on the radio, so I turned it off. I let my mind wander and my hands picked up on the idea. The radio may be turned off, but I was getting turned on. First I unbuckled and then unzipped my pants. My cock struggled to find open air as I gently touched myself. I put the car in cruise control as I unfastened the seat belt. I arched my back and managed to slide my pants to the floor. I buckled up again and resumed touching myself. I didn't set out to give myself another orgasm. It just felt good. But soon good turned to great and great to intense. I couldn't believe I was so horny! I had jacked off in the car before and had a roll of paper towels ready. Having cum once already that morning, I didn't expect much semen. I totally focused my attention on my shaft, ignoring my balls. (I really couldn't adequately get to them anyway.) The faster I stroked, the harder my feet pressed against the floor and the gas pedal. I was now way past the speed limit and didn't want to get a ticket. So, I turned on the speed control to keep the car at the proper speed, while my hand switched into overdrive. And it was long before I coated the nest of paper towels with my sticky goodness.

I had arrived at the trail to find I was indeed alone and would be. There was a sign blocking the road saying the trail was closed and would reopen next month after some repairs. There was room to one side to drive around, so I did. But first pulled up my pants incase there were any park officials working up ahead.

I found there were not. Not a soul was around and no equipment or signs that there would be any work going on. I felt a rush of excitement. I figured if anyone did drive to the trail, they would probably obey the sign and leave. The parking lot was about a quarter mile from the sign and no one could see my car. At the trailhead I found another sign stating the repairs on the trail would start next week.

I stripped off my clothes. The cool air felt good against my skin. I decided to hike the trail without a safety net. I grabbed my fanny pack, but left my clothes in the car. Moments later I was hiking, free as a bird knowing I could spend a couple hours on the trail with no fear of being caught.

I enjoyed every bit of it. The sun and wind on my skin was refreshing. I could feel my batteries recharging. But the thought of hiking nude heightened the experience and it was really exciting. In fact, my batteries weren't the only thing recharging.

I still had my hiking shoes on and came to a stretch of the trail covered with pine needles. I decided to hike this stretch totally nude and removed my shoes. I carried them along and then came to a grass field. I loved feeling the earth through my feet and decided to leave the shoes on a rock and continue on.

The excitement and pleasure of hiking nude was also intensifying between my legs. The more relaxed the rest of me became, the more excited my cock was. I couldn't help but to occasionally touch it and my balls. I usually don't take a hiking stick with me, but I was quickly developing one between my legs.

Soon, my dick was stiff like a divining rod seeking water. Only this rod wanted something else. I slowly began giving in to the impulse I was feeling. It wasn't long before I was stroking in time with my steps. I reached an overlook on the trail and decided to celebrate my good fortune. Totally nude and turned on in nature, I worked to increase the excitement that was building deep inside of me. My sweat providing a lubricant that allowed my hand to glide up and down. Soon I lost myself in the pleasure of the moment. Ignoring the beauty before me I closed my eyes and absorbed the wonderful feeling within. I wanted this moment to last. I would throttle up, and back down. But my cock refused to relax. I don't know if it's possible, but it seemed to be getting bigger than ever before. This added to my pleasure, which was now rippling through my body. The time had come for me to cum. I no longer had control and eagerly stroked faster and faster until I exploded, my cock spewing semen like a popped champagne bottle. I was surprised at the amount. (stunned actually) But didn't give it much thought because of the intense orgasms coursing through my body. It was by far the best of the day. I lay there in the sun, spent, and could feel the last trickle of cum flowing down my leg.

I hiked on a bit further before turning back. I was really rejuvinated now. Passing the scene of my latest self pleasuring, I couldn't help but get turned on a bit. I wonder how many others had treated themselves to the same reward at that spot that I had just done. I picked up my boots and didn't put them back on until the trail turned rocky towards the bottom near the parking lot.

At the trailhead, I traded my boots for flip flops and did some exploring. There were camp sites I had never seen and a picnic area. I tend to get excited when I'm nude in an area where the public is always clothed. As I grabbed an old towel from the trunk to sit on, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of excitement as I drove off, still nude.

I hit the highway, glad I had gassed up already. I nude and happy and didn't want to change either one. As I drove, I replayed the day in my head. Three orgasms! And where did all that semen come from? I was wondering what I had dreamed or what I had eaten the night before that caused all of that.

The more I thought about it, I started getting turned on again. Round four? I couldn't leave myself alone. It was too much fun. My cock slowly sprang back to life as I massaged it, gently touched it. After the day I had, I expected I would have no trouble edging all the way back home. While my dick was ready for action, surely my body could produce no more fluid. I spread my legs and included my balls this time, as I touched myself behind the wheel. I managed to make myself rock hard, the other cars on the road oblivious to what I was doing behind the wheel. My sunglasses helping to hide any hint of pleasure that was creeping across my face. Touching, caressing, stroking. I changed my approach to keep my cock occupied. This time I used the cruise control from the start, not wanting to call attention to my nudity and now my masturbation. Up and down, slowly the length of my shaft. Touching and tickling the tip. Fingering my balls. I was in pleasure as I sped down the highway.

As I entertained myself, a familiar feeling stirred inside of me. I loved that feeling. I didn't give it a second thought and wondered if I could make it home without cumming again. I so wanted the pleasure to last. I tried to keep it under control, but as I edged, I couldn't help but increase the pressure and the speed. I was rewarded with every pulse of my cock sending mini waves of excitment through my body.

Oh wow, I couldn't stop. My hands and fingers knew what to do, where to touch to bring my to the edge. My brain would try to slow them down. I loved touching myself. The thought of another explosive orgasm driving me on. My cock was again swollen and ready. My fingers played along the skin, well skilled in knowing exactly what I liked, knowing exactly how to drain every ounce of pleasure from my cock and then bring even more.

For the fourth time that day, I reached the point of no return. I reached for the paper towels to catch my release, but knocked them on the floor beside me. The towels were wedged on the other side of a cooler beyond my reach. There was no time left, it was too late for a plan B. My body was speeding toward orgasm like a runaway train. I tilted the seat back just as my cock exploded.

My body was awash in ecstasy, wave after wave of pleasure spashing over my body from head to toe. My cock was pumping cum. The first blast hit my chest, it's pungent odor filling my nose. With each wave of pleasure it released more. I was in heaven. Could this be a multiple orgasm? I seemed to have hit the jackpot. My cock seemed to shoot more with each stroke of my hand. Absorbed in pleasure on the inside, covered with my own juice on the outside.

I was an orgasmic mess. Still relishing the pleasure, I could feel my cum across my chest, stomach and on my right hand. I couldn't drive home one handed and began the cleanup. I licked the pool of cum from my hand. Salty, yet sweet. Even as I licked my fingers, I could feel the cum running down my body. My fingers catching the larger loads and bringing them to my mouth. The silky, sticky milk my body produced dancing on my tongue. I have sampled myself before. This was nothing new to me. But there was so much and I was still very much turned on. I found I could drive home with one hand. The other playing with the sticky ooze on my skin and slowly feeding it to my mouth. I was spent now. But I couldn't help but wonder if the day that started with fun in the shower, would also end that way.



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