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I Caught Kate

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Kate (Name Changed) is well educated and in a profession. I wont identify her any further than that. We have known each other for about eight years. She lives with her dad as her mom left home when she was a baby.


Oh, we flirt. Quite a lot, actually. But nothing ever seemed to come of it. Kate is tall, slender and not to put too fine-a point on it, stunning. Lovely long legs, and an ass to die for. She does not dress provocatively, as some young women do these days. No thong up round her waist, but now and then, her panties are visible above her jeans. It is NOT by intent. Sometimes they are what you might call ordinary ones, but now and then, yes, she does wear thongs.

Now, Kate is HIGHLY intelligent, but she is a total disaster anywhere near a computer. She seems to be able to destroy them merely by looking at them, and this is where I come in. I am an MCSE rated engineer. Since we are neighbours, it is usual for her to ask me to install programmes for her or stuff like that.

However, last week, she had experienced a total melt down of her laptop. It wouldn't even boot up for her so hence the call for help.

So, eventually I got it going and was soak-testing it and running some more diagnostics. On her hard drive was a truly massive video file. And I mean HUGE. It looked like it had been recorded by the on-board camera and it was certainly clogging up her hard drive. So I decided to take a peek and see if it was something she would let me delete.

It wasn't.

What I saw blew me away. There was Kate in her bedroom. Bra, a tiny pair of red panties, and lying on her bed reading something obviously erotic. She was lightly touching herself and I figured that was how she got her kicks. I have never seen a guy around her place.

Then, to my utter amazement her dad came in and well, there are rules here, right?

As I was watching this video file there was a frenzied banging on my door. Kate. Looking like a scared rabbit and she took one look at me and knew I had found her file.

I invited her in and holy SHIT, what a difficult silence! I wanted to tell her, hey what the hell. Instead she explained that she and her dad 'helped each other out' from time to time. She made me promise I would never tell anyone, then she asked me if I had copied the file. (I am many things, but NOT an asshole, I would never dream of doing something like that to anyone, let alone someone I know and like)

Then, she just broke down and cried. She told me how sexual she is, and how little she gets. I found myself sitting next to her just letting her cry and then she looked up and kissed me, taking my right hand and pushing it up her skirt.

I could feel the heat between her legs as our tongues danced. She had on the little red cotton panties I saw in the video, and I was soon to discover that she was totally smooth down there.

As I fingered her and rubbed her clit, she got my cock out. (Better mention here that I am married!) Soon, she was kissing my body and made me leave her alone as she brought me to a huge orgasm (Bigger than I thought I was capable of since I had already blown my load that afternoon with my wife!)

Then I got on my knees between Kates legs. I have always like pulling a girls panties aside, rather than taking them off, and Kate looked so fuckable. I fingered her hard, three fingers inside her, curled around to her 'g' spot and I really went for it! She arched her back and was moaning and suddenly 'HOLY FUCK I'M CUMMMINNNNNNG' And I felt her spray all over my face. At first I thought I made her pee herself, but it definitely wasn't pee. (Damn, but I wish Claire, my wife could spurt).

I fingered Kate until she stopped cumming.

A really delightful afternoon, from a most unexpected source.



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