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I Caught Dad

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This story is really important to me and this happened when I was thirteen and has affected my life of masturbating. Enjoy!!!!!!!


When I was only three years old my father and mother had seperated (they weren't married), and I went to live with my mother. I would see my dad on Friday nights. When I was little me and my dad had a good relationship, as I got older we grew more distant because we had completely different interests.

I began masturbating at age 11, I actually started by accident. I was watching a movie where a man was sitting in a car touching himself and I began to mimic his motion and I had my first orgasm (dry of course, I was still too young too ejaculate). I had a 5 inch penis at the time and didn't really understand that that size was pretty normal and I felt self concious.

Two days after my 13th birthday, I was at my dad's apartment and I was taking a nap. I awoke and I heard the shower running and I really had to go to the bathroom and I knocked on the door and told my dad to hurry up. He said he would be out in a minute and to just wait.

He finally got out and when I was done in the bathroom I walked to the bedroom and accidentaly opened the door without realizing, and I saw my fathers penis, with a full erection. He had a fairly good sized dick that looked about 7 inches long and wasn't really that thick. He was standing against the dresser jerking off!

Now my father at the time was 42-years old and in very good shape since he was in construction work. He had a very hairy chest and pubic region but no hair on his back. He is also very good-looking and has tan skin, dark hair, and very deep green eyes.

When he saw me he just told me that he would be done in a minute and to close the door, and he would come out and talk to me. When he came out of the room he was fully dressed and he began talking about sex and masturbation and how it is very normal and natural, especially when your not with somebody.

He asked me if I ever did it, and I told him no, even though I did do it almost every day. We began talking about different ways of doing it and what kind of pleasure you can experience. He then told me if I ever needed any help or had any questions to simply ask him. He then told me that when I was ready to began masturbating to tell him about it and he could give me pointers and even porn if I needed it.

I never felt so close to him in my life, and I felt as though we finally had something in common.

We never spoke of the incident after that, but we did have another similar experience one night when I was 16, thats another post.

Keep on jerking, enjoy!!!



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