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I Can't Believe My Sister's Best Friend

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A couple of weeks ago my sister's boss asked her to watch his house while he was away for a trip. The house watching required her to sleep there each night. When I first heard I volunteered mostly because I wanted to live in a huge mansion for a week.

Well to my sad surprise, my sister's extremely hot friend decided to join her instead of me. Before I go on, let me describe my sister's friend. She's about 5'7', 36c chest, blonde hair, 20 years old and an ass to die for. My sister decides, out of the kindness of her heart to let me join them that night. We decide to sleep in the same huge bed so that way we won't have to worry about where each other are that night. Lucky me I got to sleep right next to my sister's hot friend.

After watching a couple of movies we all go to sleep at about 2:00am. I woke up and heard a soft moaning, I turned over to see if everything is allright and it looked normal, but I saw my sister's friends hand moving up and down under the covers. Imediately I put two and two together and I became rock hard, knowing that one of the hottest girls I have ever seen and probably ever will is masturbating right next to me!! Well I didn't notice but my sister's friends eyes are wide open and are looking straight at me.

She gave a soft cough and I looked and to my horror saw that she's looking at me. What she did next suprised me to this day. She winks at me and then all of a sudden lowers the covers and she was completely naked and she was touching her pussy. She had the most beautiful and perfect breasts I had ever seen, and a shaved pussy, but she pulled the covers up and winked again so I turned over and went back to sleep. I woke up the next morning with me in the bed alone. The room that we were in had two bathroom's, both with a shower.

I heard both of them running so I assumed that I was alone. I decided to seize the moment and masturbate to my wonderful experience. So I pulled down my pyjama pants and boxers and started rubbing my penis and thought of my sister's friends hot naked body. Well if that night wasn't shocking to me, what happened next most definately was. I had my eyes closed and in my fantasy when all of a sudden I heared 'If you were going to do that you should have told me first.' I opened my eyes and there in a towel is my sister's friend. I was so embarrassed I was caught naked with my penis in my hand.

My sister's friend suddenly drops her towel and came over and grabbed my penis and started to rub it. I decided to start to rub her perfect breasts. After a minute of doing this I started to cum. I shot six wads, most of which landed on her breast and stomach. She then asked if I could do the same. I knew how to, I've done it to my girlfriend before. So she lay down and I started to rub her clit slowly but then faster and then I suprised her by inserting a finger and then another and pretty soon she started to buck and she came all over my hand. She said 'Wow that was amazing,' and sat up and kissed me and then kissed me again and then suddenly we were making out. We soon got dressed and swore we would never talk about it again, but this was only the first night, a lot of other things happened, some with my sister!! But I will post those later.



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