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I Can't Believe It Was Me

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This is the one and only 'alternative' sexual experience I have had,


Earlier this year my employer selected myself and another lady (Anne) to attend a four day training course in a nearby city. I had met Anne previously at our departmental managers meeting but knew little about her other than she was five years younger than me and a single mother of one.

We had been allocated a rental car and Anne picked me up for the four hour trip early Sunday afternoon. During the journey we chatted mainly about work, the course and a bit of ourselves...nothing startling.

Arriving at the hotel where the course was being held we discovered that our room was a twin share. Not a big issue, we moved in and made the usual jokes about snoring etc while we agreed which bed was who's and unpacked our gear. Rang our families, took a look around the complex, a meal, went over the course notes in front the tv before turning in...all the standard stuff. We were getting along fine.

Monday 8.15 am and I'm seething with anger as Anne bursts out of the bathroom, bare ass naked and apologizing flat out about taking so long and not being used to having other people about...Blah Blah. I stormed into the bathroom for a fast shower briefly getting a glimpse of Annes trimmed bush, and her full breasts jiggling about while she towelled her hair dry. Anne is around 5'6', brunette, and well toned. Unlike myself who has a little extra padding around the middle.

Out of the shower, dressed and down two floors to the course. I didn't speak to Anne till she turned and continued to apologise, promising that it wouldn't happen again, and I could go first for the rest of our stay. I accepted the apology. I was in a better mood by now, and we completed the first course day as friends.

Tuesday..1.15am, I stirred awake...unsure of why. In the dark of the room a shaft of light shone from a partially open bathroom door. As my senses tuned I thought I heard Anne crying..I lay there thinking about what to do when it dawned on me..she wasn't crying, they were gasps I could hear..Anne was masturbating! I had nowhere to go, no idea what to do and so I lay there. As my hearing focused I could hear the sounds of her wetness as Anne worked away at her pussy. Her gasps mingled with little grunts and the wet slapping sounds increased speed. I felt myself becoming aroused and slid my hand down to my own wetness. I lay there squeezing my nipples and teasing my clit..listening intently to Anne in the next room and enjoying the sordidness off it. Easing into a familiar motion I relaxed and I began to work my own magic on myself. Next thing, I was jolted from my own pleasure as Anne orgasmed with a muffled shriek and sobbing grunts. I heard her gasping as I tried to get back to my own, but she turned off the bathroom light and returned to bed. I lay there gently caressing myself, hoping to resume when Anne fell asleep. It didn't happen.

Tuesday 7.30am. I awoke to the sound of my alarm. Groggy I turned it off and rubbed the sleep from my face. As I did so, I noticed a familiar scent on my hands. Hmm ..that's right. I swung my legs out and sat at the edge of the bed, looking at Anne sleeping like a baby four feet away. 'Lucky you' I thought and headed for the shower. As the shower warmed I stripped my night gown off and surveyed myself in the mirror that's when I noticed Annes shower bag on the floor. In it was more than I thought I would find..a huge looking light blue studded gel dildo about eight inches long. It was kind of tacky in my hand and I knew instantly it was Annes cum. I tentatively stroked it through my hand before deciding whether to or not. Stepping into the shower with it I soaped it down and washed it off..getting aroused by the feel and the memory of last nights unfinished business. I wasn't quite ready, but the temptation was too great. I crouched slightly, easing it into me with a slow constant push. The soap and warm water helped, and I soon opened up till the dildo felt comfortable. I knew I didn't have that long and worked it in and out of my pussy, hanging onto the shower head I leant forward, water cascading down my back and around my pussy as I thrust harder with each stroke. I bit my lip to stop from crying out as the waves of pleasure cascaded through me. Shaking, I dropped to my knees and pulled the dildo from me. My pussy quivered and clutched at it as I withdrew...My god that was intense!

Feeling very light headed and euphoric I finished my shower. Replacing her toy where I found it, I dressed and exited the bathroom. Anne was up and walking round with a coffee. I wished her good morning (and meant it) as she headed for the shower. My pussy was still purring with pleasure as I made a coffee and promised myself I'd get one of those.

The remaining course days went smoothly and uneventfully. Anne and I had no more tiffs and got along quite well. The next two nights however were a different matter. Both those I lay semi awake waiting to see if Anne would repeat her nocturnal activities. I came quietly in my bed as I listened to her and enjoyed a more vigourous release 'borrowing' her toy in the shower.

I am absolutely sure Anne has no idea of what transpired, and we are now very good friends. I purchased an identical toy of my own and regularly re-live the highlights of the most amazing training course of my life!



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