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I Can't Believe I Really Did This

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I had never done anything like this before. It was so strange while I was doing it, I got lost in myself and completely forgot I was in public. It ended up being great, but beware, this is not as easy to do as I may make it sound here.


I first started helping myself to self pleasure when I was about thirteen years old. I had no idea what I was doing, but it felt so good, I sometimes did it two or three times a day. I remember the first time I did it, I 'big O'd' and when you are only 13, it is a little scarey. It was two years before I was able to let go again.

Fast forward about a decade, and no, I was no longer a virgin. I lost that when I was 16, in the back of a Thunderbird with some guy who I never saw again. He barely got it up, and he was done. I went home that night and took care of myself three times. Anyway, I was sitting in a club waiting for someone. They were late, and I was getting pissed. Stress was getting the better of me, and I had better things to do than wait on someone who didn't even have the consideration to be on time.

I was getting obviously more agitated, and a guy sitting in the booth across the isle from me asked if something was wrong. I sharply said no, I was fine, but he didn't buy it. He told me if everything was fine, I wouldn't be acting like someone had imposed themself on my valuable time. I asked him what he meant, and he asked if he could sit with me. We talked for over an hour, and I soon completely forgot why I was there.

Pretty soon, I was feeling pretty good, someone was paying attention to me, and I was able to participate in an active, grown up conversation. My 'date' still had not shown up, but so what, I had made a friend who was buying me drinks, and we were talking about anything and everything. Pretty soon he asked me how often I had 'the big O'...

I told hime I had the big 'O' any time I wanted it, because I usually had to 'do it myself'. He laughed and said something to the effect that it was that way for him too. We continued talking, when he asked me if I could show him how I did it.

WHOA buddy, we are sitting in a bar, with about 50 people I could hit with a spitwad, and I just met you tonight and you want me to do what??

He then very cooly told me he would go first...

What is going on here? This guy sticks his hand in his pants and in a couple of seconds asks me if I want to help...Is this perverse or what? I reached into his pants and there was what seemed like a fresh-off-the-grill salami that was litereally throbbing. He told me to be still, because if I didn't, he was 'coming'.

Holy Crap that thing felt good in my hand.

Ok, my turn. Took my hand out of his pants, off his throbbing whatever it was and eased it into my thong. The heat was still in my hand from his cock, and when my fingers went across my clit, I virually exploded. It only took about a minute and I was shuddering, trying not to fall off the barstool. He came over, held on to me and let me finish...It was a couple of minutes before I could regain control of myself, but when I did, I lifed my hand up and stuck a couple of my drenched fingers in his mouth. His licking my fingers caused me to go off again, and I had to hold on to the bar so I didn't fall. The bartender asked me if I needed anything, and I told him he didn't have it, whatever it was, but not to worry.

Dave (sorry, that was probably not his real name), asked if we could leave. It was probably time, since we had been there almost three hours, and it didn't matter who I left with at this point.

He took me outside, and said we needed to do this agian. I just didn't know it was right then. He told me he wanted to do himself, while I did myself, maybe over in the corner of the parking lot or someplace. I couldn't resist...

I asked him if he had a car, he said yes and we walked to it. Ends up it was a brand new F-150 and we lowered the tailgate when we got to it. It was just a moment or two before we were sitting (almost) on the tailgate each one of us doing our own thing. I felt enough to feel just a tinge of strange, but not enough to quit. Watching him manipulate and rub on himself made me pretty hot, but when he asked if he could 'get some juice' so he didn't get so raw, I almost screamed as he touched me. I didn't even know this guy, and here I was grabbing him, and trying to manouver us together. He resisted until he unloaded all over the place. I had already let off enough steam to leave a size three butt print on the tailgate of the truck, and we ended up 'behind the seats' in the horizontal position.

Never again and not since have I ever done anything like that. But I can just move around on a chair and the urges don't take much to overwhelm me in a flourish or orgasmic rush while thinking about that night.



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