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I Can't Believe I Got Talked into This

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My wife has been out of town for three weeks now taking care of her sick mother. You'd think I'd be happy just masturbating in the house any time of the day or night I want, but no, I've gotta have more.

So, I took a look at the Casual Encounters section of a contact list, and found a fellow around my age and build (a bit pudgy), and decided to have him come over. We both agreed we didn't want a 'relationship' or anything, no kissing, just a couple of brand-new friends doing something of a jerking off nature.

He arrived and we had a beer, watched a porn movie (two guys and a girl, very hot, got us fully in the mood). He suggested we play strip poker. Good idea!

He was losing badly, which I rather enjoyed and was down to his underwear. Then I lost my belt, my pants, and my underwear, all in rapid order. What next? He suggested we continue the poker, and whoever wins each hand gets to tell the other what to do, within reason.

Dang! I lost again. But he was gracious enough to remove his underwear so now we were both naked. I was starting to wood up, and so was he. Sometimes I kind of worry about getting hard around another man if he isn't hard also, sort of an embarrassment thing, but he was stiffening up also, so it was excellent. Just being hard with another man my age is such a nice, horny and freeing feeling.

But, I lost the round, and so he could suggest something. He wanted to tie me to the recliner with some rope, and 'do me.' And the funny thing is I agreed!

So we rummaged around, found some rope and bandanas and things, and he had me pretty well tied down. I mean, I really couldn't move other than wiggling an inch or two.

And he asked if I wanted his special massage treatment, but wouldn't tell me quite what it was. I said, OK, as long as he'll stop what he's doing instantly if I say the safe word: UNCLE. He agreed.

So then he started. I was worried he may be too rough or something. In fact, I wasn't even entirely sure he would respect the safe word, should it be needed.

It began with a light testicle massage. That went on for perhaps five minutes. Actually, I had to ask him to squeeze harder. It felt really nice to trust my balls in the grasp of another person, and the harder he squeezed, the more comforting it felt. He slowly, ever so slowly, wiggled his fingers and squeezed ever harder. Finally, I sort of gasp-whispered 'uncle' and lo and behold, he stopped right away. Perhaps a disappointment as well as a relief. Now that I think back on it, he could have squeezed much harder, and I think I would have enjoyed it.

Now here is where it got interesting. BTW, we had abandoned the strip poker long ago. Now, for some reason, he was enjoying 'doing me' as much as I was enjoying being 'done.' And he stayed hard, even though I hadn't even touched his dick once. Not that I could have, tied up and all as I was.

He put some more oil on my glans, the tip of my dick, grabbed around the shaft with his left hand, and very slowly, very gently, rubbed it with the palm of his right hand. INTENSE! I squirmed instantly. I don't know if you've ever had that done, but it is amazing. You feel you've got to get away, and you want more, simultaneously. And, as it progresses, you feel like you're going to cum, but you don't. You stay just below the threshold.

After a while, the feeling wears off a bit. But he knew that, so he varied his grip with the hand that was surrounding the shaft of my penis, and varied the movement, pressure and speed of the rubbing with his palm. I was absolutely in heaven. Well squirming like crazy, but in heaven. I have to admit it was far greater than anything my wife has ever done in our whole 15 years together and she has come up with some excellent experiments.

Unfortunately, like all good things, it didn't last forever. Suddenly, the familiar feeling welled up in me, sort of mixed with a 'gotta pee' feeling, if you can believe it. Wonderful! And as he continued rubbing with his palm, I squirted sperm like there was no tomorrow.

...And he kept going. For a moment it was great, but then it became unbearable. Uncle!

After a few minutes recuperation, I was all set to return the favor, but he didn't want it. He seems to have been happy just to do me.

We're going to meet up again in a few days. He says sometimes he likes to be 'done' but mostly wants to 'do' me again. I'm all for that. I'm also starting to believe I want him to squeeze my balls harder next time-see how much I can take. And, I'm pretty sure I want him to keep rubbing with his palm after I cum. But we'll see...



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