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I Came With the Pizza

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I delivered pizzas in my sophomore year at college and got pretty used to girls answering the door in sweat tops and panties. This particular day I made a stop at a third floor flat of a couple of hotties who had ordered pizza once before. I did a serious double take when the brunette, Tasha, invited me in while she found her money, saying with a giggle, 'oops, no pockets!' She had no pockets, no pants or anything else on below the waist. I eagerly followed her wiggling bottom into the living room as she set down the pizza and introduced her room mate Natalie. Natalie was a gorgeous lithe strawberry blonde but what struck me was not only her happy smile and wave but that she too was without a stitch of clothing on below the waist. Tasha took a place beside Natalie on the couch as I stood there wondering what the deal was. Nobody seemed to be rushing to find pockets, produce some money or anything that looked like payment.

Tasha did all the talking. She said that they were taking mid terms and were super horny and bored and needed me to judge a 'Jill Off' contest. I was to say go, they would, with fingers only, frig thenselves to a climax and I was to judge which one of them 'came' first. The loser would pay for the pizza and provide me with a 'nice tip'. She added that if I wanted to join in, I was welcome to haul it out right now and jack along with them but I was governed by the same rules. Being a guy my hard on was ripping at my jeans so I wasted no time in unbuckling, unzipping and pulling down my pants and shorts, wondering when I'd wake up from this dream. Then I said 'Go..!'

The girls were amazingly good at this and must have been practicing a bit before I got there, judging by the sounds of wet fingers on slippery labia lips. It was incredible how they were making me hard and anxious to just pull my cock faster and faster.

I never knew girls could get that much of a hand into their pussy. The groaning and the bucking of asses on the sofa was getting too much for me. Natalie said that my purple knob was so shiny with pre-cum and looked so hot to her. I could feel a charge coming from below my scrotum so it was just a second until I started to spew. My legs buckled and I felt myself flexing my knees and bending forward involuntarily. My mouth was open to shout but no words were audible. Suddenly Tasha raised her ass from the sofa and started to scream OoH!! OoH!! OoH!! and spasmed as she violently rubbed her sodden vulva and engorged wet clit. Natalie cried foul and said 'She's pulling a Meg Ryan!! she's pulling a Meg Ryan!!', not wasting anytime to wax her own petals or tell me how it was blowing her mind.

It was too much for me. I blew spunk everywhere. On to the girls legs, on to their stomachs, on to the couch between them and on to the floor. I hadn't jerked for a couple of days because of stress with work and exams and it suddenly all came out. All I could do was grunt Unghh, Unghh, Unghh or UnOOUngh with every spurt. Natalie and Tasha both really came in unison, both actually shedding a bit of girlie ejaculate so I knew neither was now faking. They both stood up and we gave each other a good hug and a wet fondle.

I said it was too close to call but I definitely came first so, they had to pay up. Tasha giggled and asked if I would consider best two out of three, knowing full well the sum total of all the cum I had was on her, on Natalie and on her couch! I laughed and said 'Anytime' but said it was such good fun that it was on me this time! They giggled with joy because they were really down to no money anyway and this was how they amused themselves and sometimes ate well. If I had known I'd have brought all the pizzas in my car!! Women are such bad bargainers!



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