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I Came for a Stranger

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My fingers are so wet while frigging after I remembered and wrote this down. Enjoy x, I sure did!!


I was at a club with a guy I was hot for and had been seeing for a short while. I didn't intend to have sex with him that night but I wasn't against the idea either. I guess I still had loyalty issues to my recent (now ex) boyfriend, even though I knew in my heart I had to move on. All night long the new guy had his hands on my waist, my lower back, my butt and even my 34C's at times. OK, I was hot!! The black leather mini skirt, white silk skirt open to my cleavage and the white knee stockings that I was wearing was having an effect on his libido so I couldn't entirely fault his aggression. I was getting impatient with this animated flirtation game.

He was behind me nuzzling my long blonde hair, as guys do, and had one hand into my blouse at the front and another rubbing my sodden thong from behind while I started grinding my butt into his groin. I could feel a tremendous hard on, unless he was carrying an axe handle in his pocket!!

We were in the dark recesses of the club with our backs to a corner. People were mostly onto the dance floor and those that were not, were watching the light and sounds from the front of the club and the floor. I no longer cared if we were watched because we weren't trying to be obvious or public about it. I eventually could feel my thong being pulled aside and felt his fingers explore my by now wet labia. He hiked up the back of my skirt and grabbed my waist as I arched my back to raise my butt and spread my legs to give him better access. He continued to reach around to my breasts, which he released from my low cut bra and was caressing them through the unbuttoned top of my blouse. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him unzip his fly and fondle his seriously erect cock. I could feel my little black leather skirt ride up to my waist as I anticipated more to come when suddenly I could feel and hear him spasm and come, spurting bolts of white spludge on to the floor with sharp splatting sounds as he came. What a shock!! I'm ready but unfulfilled!!

He was going limp while I was massaging my clit hoping I had not lost the moment. Was I upset!! The horny wimp was done and he was 'packing up'. I turned around to see his embarrassed sheepish look. Only then did I catch the horny gaze of a cute guy twenty feet away, standing beside a pillar. He had a huge cock out of his pants and was jerking it with idle abandon as he looked at me. I felt a sharp tingle go through my pelvis. I slumped into the lounge sofa and continued to stare, while my 'Mr. Spent Ammo' fondled my breasts. I waved him off of my pussy because that was now my domain and I wanted the standing jerker to get a good view of my fingers in and out of my sodden labia.

I thought OK, it's my turn and there is no reason why I should be disappointed! I pulled my skirt to my waist, spread my legs and started jilling like crazy. 'Spent' started to pull his dick while licking my now exposed erect nipples. I bucked my hips while using two fingers on my clit. I started to raise my pelvis and shove it onto my fingers in a slow oval motion. OOOOooohhh it felt so delicious!!

I could feel my legs tremble as I started to come and squinted my eyes when I had shoved in the other hand into my vagina. I could hear my labia making sopping sounds from the intense wetness I had achieved. I could feel my butt getting more soaked as my fingers worked the hood of my clit and the sides of my vulva. As another orgasm hit I just opened my mouth and rolled back and shook my head as my legs and knees spasmed.

The guy jerking went wide eyed and jerked faster when he could see I was giving him a show and I was enjoying his. His face got more serious and went red until he finally started blowing streams of white cum into the air and floor in front of him. I'd never seen a perfect stranger cum in front of me before. Even after coming he seemed to want to keep me excited by continuing to pull his cock. I thought it was a sweet gesture.

Whether it was that or watching 'Mr. Ammo' get a second erection that I wouldn't be satisfying, I'm not sure, but I came again like a torrent, raising my shuddering buttocks off the sofa and knees wide apart. I'm sure I wasn't quiet because soon I realized another couple was following our lead and were getting at it hurriedly in a chair. I left 'Ammo' pulling his cock in the corner while watching the chair couple as they started to moan. I went home with a girlfriend satisfied, but disappointed in my choices in men. What is a girl to do?



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