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I Broke Him In

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Back when I was around 10 I walked in on my big brother and caught him messing with his penis. What I now know as jacking off. He didn't stop and just kept stroking himself. I asked him what he was doing and he said 'I'm jacking off'. He then told me to 'watch and you can see me shoot my cum'. I had no idea what he was talking about but he soon started making grunting sounds and moving his hips. His face got all tight looking and he had his eyes closed. Then it happened. Squirt after squirt of this white stuff came out of his penis and landed all over the floor. All I could say to him was 'that was neat'. He made me promise not to tell and that we could do it again.

Sure enough. Next day before mom and dad got home he came to my room and wanted to know if I wanted to see it again. I told him yes. We went into his room and he pulled down his pants. His little penis was now so big and stiff. He said it makes it even better having me watch him. He started with the stroking and I asked him if I could do it. His answer was 'if you want to'. We sat on the bed and I slowly reached my hand over and touched it. I then wrapped my hand around it like he does and started doing the up and down thing. My brother leaned back on the bed saying how good it felt and not to stop. Soon he again got stiff and started grunting. I could feel throbbing in his penis and watched as the cum squirted out right in front of me. He was kind of growning and was breathing real hard. This went on for weeks and he eventually started rubbing my legs to get him more excited. I didn't have any tits back then. I think he finally began to feel some guilt and we stopped doing this.

But, I now knew things about boys thanks to him. A couple of years later when I was around 12 I was playing with my friend's big brother. He was around 13 or 14 at the time and I was in his room. My friend was outside. We were on the flood kicking at each others feet. I guess something about our play got to him but I could see he had an erection. It really showed thru in his shorts he was wearing. I looked at it and told him I know what you need. He didn't know what I meant. I told him while pointing at his crotch area that 'I can jack you off if you want me to'. His mouth dropped a bit at hearing this. I kept it up saying 'come on. Let me do it'. He finally nervously said OK.

Here I was the very first girl to ever see and touch his penis and was he ever excited. He got up and closed and blocked his door. Next he said 'are you sure?'. I told him yes and to take off his shorts. I told him at this time that he can even touch my leg if he wants to. He was so nervous he could hardly stand. He finally sat on his bed besides me and I reached over and put my hand around it just like I used to do my brothers. He almost immediately started shaking a bit and came out with a aaahhh sound and started shooting his cum. It arked thru the air I bet 3 feet high. He probably lasted around 5 seconds from the time I touched his penis and his cumming off. I know I was a dream come true to him. I have since been the first to other boys and it is always so exciting to me also.



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