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I Always Masturbate Remembering This

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About a year ago I submitted a story of a true incident that happened to me. I have had many fun experiences in my life but nothing to top this one. When I am horny and want to jack myself off, I remember this incident. I have jacked off hundreds of times thinking about it.

I play a little game now and then of getting on the couch naked about 15 minutes before my wife comes home from work. I will work up a good hard-on and be stroking myself when she walks in. It ALWAYS leads to an impromptu wild sex session with my wife.

My wife has a friend who drops by now and then. She never knocks. She just walks in and says 'Hellooooo!' This particular day, I decided that I would play my little game of surprise for my wife. Oh, I was soooo horny! About 15 minutes or maybe 20 minutes before she was to get home I stripped naked and started slowly jacking on the couch. The phone rang and it was my wife saying she would be late, maybe an hour late getting home that day. I was really hard and horny, so instead of getting dressed, I just continued what I was doing, relishing the wonderful feeling.

Suddenly the door opened and in walked our friend. 'Hellooo!' There I was in plain view, totally naked, big rock hard dick in my hand, laying on the couch stroking! It scared the hell out of me! She shrieked too. I was apologizing trying to find my carelessly thrown clothing on the floor. My underpants were probably 10 feet away. I hurridly got up and scurried towards the chair for my underwear. Suddenly, she said 'Wait!' I stopped in my tracks, standing there naked and hard looking at her. 'Just wait ...' she said. I continued to apologize. She just stood there looking at me. 'Where is Sue?' (She is my wife.) I told her she was going to be about an hour late. She kept staring at my naked body and my dick. Finally she said 'would you keep doing what you were doing ... and promise me you'll never tell Sue?'

Just the THOUGHT of that suddenly had my dick THROBBING hard! 'You want to watch me jack off, huh?' I asked her.

'Yeah, but you better finish quickly ... and NEVER tell Sue this happened!'

I was really excited now. One of my all time fantasies had been to jack off in front of a woman, especially THIS ONE! We walked back over to the couch and I laid back down. She got on her knees at my mid waist area with her face about a foot away from my dick. I started jacking. She kept telling me how nice my dick was and how hot it was to see me doing that. I asked her if she wanted to feel me, so she reached and took my throbbing dick and felt me, and jacked me for a little while, then I took over again. I told her I had fantasized about doing this in front of her before. This surprised her. I told her I had always fantasized about her body ... wondering what it looked like. I asked her if she would show me her pussy as I jacked off. Without hesitation she pulled her jeans and panties off and stood beside me. She placed one foot up on the couch so I could see in between her legs better. Oh, my. Her pussy was gorgeous. Her pubic hair was full, however trimmed. Her lips popped open when she placed her foot up on the couch and I could easily see her clit and her pussy opening. I reached up and slid two fingers up inside her to feel her wetness. She felt wonderful!

She held that position as I slowly jacked myself. I was wishing we could stay like that for an hour, but I knew I had to finish and not take any chances of being caught by Sue. I finally had to start jacking in ernest and I squirted cum all over my lower stomach and up to my chest. She moaned when she saw me cum, and said 'what a waste.' I guess she meant it was too bad I wasn't screwing her and making my deposit inside her.

We quickly cleaned up and dressed and took seats in the living room talking about how hot that had been until Sue finally got home. This never happened again, and it has never been mentioned by our friend. It was HOT, HOT, HOT! I have jacked myself silly in the past year thing about that day. All it takes is one thought about it and I get totally hard. Oh, my. I will remember that day for the rest of my life.

One time months later when she was over, and Sue was upstairs, I whispered that I would love to jack off for her again sometime. She told me it had been fun, but she wouldn't ever do that again because of her friendship with my wife. I understand that. I still jack off thinking about it though.



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