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When I was in college, in my late twenties, majoring in psychology, I had a unique experience involving masturbation. I was part of a study group, composed of five guys. We were all hanging out in one of the dorm rooms when one of the guys, named Tony, casually mentioned that he knew how to hypnotize and often fooled around with it for fun. We were all really skeptical and began making jokes about this. He just smiled and asked us if we had the nerve enough to let him try to put us under. We all thought this was really silly but agreed to try it.
Tony had us get comfortable, a couple of us sitting in chairs and the other two of us on the edge of the bed. He put on some soft music and began talking to us, telling us to focus on our breathing. Tony had a nice voice, very soothing, and within a few minutes I found myself feeling very relaxed and almost light headed. He continued talking to us helping us relax more and more, and as I did so I started to feel as if I was floating, with his voice becoming the sole focus of all my attention.
I don't know how long he spoke to us but I ended up with my eyes closed and my head forward with my chin resting on my chest. He told us he was going to count to three and that we were all going to open our eyes and when we did we were going to feel soft feathers tickling us between the legs. On three we all open our eyes and, to our thrill we all felt the most wonderful sensation between our legs. I immediately started squirming around on my chair, and the other three guys were doing the same with big grins on. We were all having the same reaction and enjoying every second of it. I got hard as a rock, and had a huge bulge in my pants that I didn't even try to hide. Tony asked us if we were enjoying this and the responses were, all like,..."God yes" or "This feels totally awesome"
Tony let us squirm around for a few more minutes, then told us to go back to sleep, which I did instantly, although I still had the hard on because the sensations had driven me so crazy. Tony told us that when we opened our eyes again we were going to be so turned on we just had to masturbate and that we wouldn't feel shy about unzipping our pants and just pleasuring ourselves. Tony counted to three again and with any hesitation we all unzipped our jeans and pulled out our hard cocks and started to peacefully masturbate. It really felt so natural and wonderful to be doing this, although normally I'd be embarrassed to be naked in front of guys for any reason, even in a gym shower. I looked over at the other guys and they were all stroking their hard cocks. A couple of them had their heads back enjoying the sensations, and one of the guys, named Andy, was watching me masturbate as he stroked his own cock. I noticed that Andy's cock was almost seven inches and that got me even more turned on.
Tony was standing in front of us enjoying the view, offering an occasional word of encouragement as we all pumped away. Tony would say things like, "What good masturbators you all are," or "Keep pumping, this is so fun for me to watch." After about a minute or two I was at the verge of coming. I could tell that the others were too from the sounds they were making. Tony said we should all focus on coming at the same time and to help us he was going to count down from five, which he started to do. I lost myself to the sensations and began to pump my hand wildly as the numbers went down, and when Tony reached one, I moaned really loudly, tossed my head back and exploded. I shot all over my stomach and hand. The other guys were really loud too, I wonder if anybody in the other rooms heard us all coming at the same time.
Tony brought us out of the trance we were all in, a couple of the guys were pissed at him for making them jerk off but they were so exhausted from the orgasms that they didn't have the energy to be really angry. What we all just wanted to do was relax. This was a very intense experience and to this day, hypnosis is a major turn on for me. I'd love to hear from anyone who enjoyed reading this or from anyone who has a hypnosis fetish. (P)



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