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Hyper Masterbator!

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How would it be?


This is a story you may find interesting. Recently, my wife Mary had to go home to help out in family matters and is now learning how to relate with a teenage boy. First, my wife and I being apart is not fun but it has to be done. Since both of us are die hard masturbators for the past 20 plus years of our marriage, and the years before marriage, we just masturbate separately. No big deal.

But it is starting to get interesting. Due to the economy, my wife's cousin and her teenage son is staying with my wife at her parent's house. My wife is well experienced in dealing with teenage girls (ours), boys no. From the outset the aunt/nephew relationship started well and is continuing to do so but with a hitch. Her nephew is 13 and without a dad (passed away) and has a lot of questions about sex. Why not talk to mom? I didn't nor did my wife so it is understandable.

Teenage boys are walking hardons full of hormones dying to be used. My wife needed her nephew to do something, so opened his room door and saw him in bed under the covers with rapid movements under the covers, hmm. So without hesitation she asked him if he could stop what he was doing, take care of a task, and restart when he was done, cold.

Her nephew masturbates - no big surprise, what teenager doesn't but the secret is out and the questions started. With the fear of not being in trouble and the no worry of being judged about being discovered masturbating, my wife's nephew feels comfortable in talking to my wife about his questions on masturbation. Most questions my wife could handle such as, 'How many times is too many per day?' Or, 'Is it ok if I masturbate in the tub? 'What do I do when I rub my penis too much?' But then there were questions she could not answer well because they were too sensitive, so my wife told her nephew to save them and ask me when I come out to visit. My wife said she thinks I'm the 'masturbation king' (gee, I did not know she thought that!!!), won't that be fun.

Now the interesting part, because my wife and I are apart, our desire for sex between us (kissing, petting, groping, intercourse, masturbation, and oral sex) is growing. So the only thing we can do is to masturbate. But my wife she is experiencing an interesting twist to her horniness. For the past week it is increasing and her masturbating times are increasing. Since she used a vibrator, she got one to help satisfy her. When she called me last night she told me she is totally horny!

The day she called, she twice experienced two strong orgasms without any genital stimulation! They just happened! She loved them but why? She has been masturbating four times or more times a day on her own. She knew her nephew disappeared several times that day, probably masturbating. So when we talked on the phone and she told me about her hyper horniness, I said it sounds like there is a big influence to sex due to her nephew in the house and she is picking up on the vides! I said her nephew may be thinking about her when he masturbates, and she agrees. So, for the whole day she has had a clit hardon and it won't stop! She loves that so she just masturbates more!

To add to that, when Mary masturbates, it is not just one orgasm, she orgasms many times during the one event. Several times when we masturbated together she has counted as many as 15 orgasms! She has many orgasms by her own hand through the day! Add the surprise orgasms and she has constant clit hardon! She is a very happy girl! I called her today and even now with a period, she has done several masturbation sessions and still has a hard clit and is going to bed to masturbate. I said this talk is giving me a hardon and a puddle is forming. She said it sounds like I need to masturbate too, that will be two today! I may be the king but she is the 'Masturbation Queen'!



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