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Hurricane Hardons

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I live in one of the many areas affected by hurricanes this summer. Thank goodness we were not in a direct hit zone. Anyway, this story is about what happened before, during, and after the storm!

I have lived in the neighborhood for just over two years and have become very close with my next door neighbor and her son. I often hire him, Jayson, to do odd jobs around my house just so I can admire his beautiful boy body. He is a kind of scrawny, 17-year-old, kid but looks really HOT in a wife beater and a pair of shorts!! His long blonde hair glistening in the sunlight In case you have not guessed, I am gay but am quiet about it.

Jayson's mom is a big corporate executive and is often out of town. Now that Jayson is old enough his mother lets him stay home alone but always asks me to keep an eye on Jayson. About a week before the storm Jayson's mom calls to tell me she will be in L.A. on business for the next week. Three days before the storm I ask Jayson to help me put up the hurricane shutters. We agree to do both houses together.

We get an early start. Jayson agrees to do the ladder work because he is younger and I am kind of afraid of heights! When he climbed up the ladder I could see right up the leg of his shorts, he was freeballin'!! I tried not to look but could not help it. His dick and balls were practically falling out of his shorts! Needless to say I could feel a bulge growing in my pants! I forced myself to calm down and concentrate on the task at hand! We worked the whole day in the hot sun and sweltering humidity. Between the view and the succulant aroma of boy sweat I was horny as could be as the days work ended! After showering and eating I was too exhausted to jerk off and just fell fast asleep. As for Jayson, he had a friend over for a while but he left early. Jayson's friend was just like Jayson only with curly brown hair and a bit taller.

Just as the sun is rising the next morning I am jolted awake by my doorbell. I jump out of bed and throw on a pair of underwear, I sleep nude, only to see Jayson standing at my front door. Still half asleep and unaware of my semi, I open the door to let him in. Given the expression on his face, he could see my semi. I quickly excused myself and went and threw on a pair of shorts and a wifebeater. Nothing was mentioned directly about the earlier scene but soon comments started flying. Jayson started making jokes about jerkin' off not to mention the making the universal hand gesture for jacking off on several occasions. I made some comments about him and his friend Ryan jerkin' each other but quickly moved on when I saw his face turn beet red! Once again he was wearing loose legged shorts with no underwear!Later in the day we actually talked about our masturbation habits but I never found out if he and Ryan ever.....By sundown we were finished and I invited Jayson to stay for dinner. Jayson's mom called panicing because she could not get a flight home before the storm. I assured her things would be fine and that Jayson could stay with me as long as necessary. This put her mind at ease and Jayson just smiled a wry little smile. We ate and then he had to go because Ryan was stopping by. Exhausted, I showered and went right to bed-horny but too tired to take care of it-AGAIN!!!

The storm is rapidly approaching. The winds are picking up and the skies are filled with ominous clouds. We run some errands-gas-batteries-food-ice-usual hurricane stuff. We prepare one last grand meal knowing it could be our last hot meal for a while. The storm was still a few hours away so we settled in and watched a movie before deciding to turn in and try and get some sleep before the storm hit. I headed to the master bedroom and Jayson to the guest bedroom.

I stripped off my clothes and got into bed. Finally, I horny and not too tired to take care of it. I started fondling myself under the blankets when I hear a faint knock on my door. It is Jayson wearing only a pair of ripped up boxers. 'Dude can I sleep with you-I'm scared' Before I can answer he is crawling under the covers on my bed!

'You know I am naked -right?' I ask. Without saying a word Jayson strips off his boxers and tosses them on my face! 'Now I am too!' he says teasingly!

'Were you jackin' off?' He asks.

'Not yet-if you would have walked in 5 minutes later....!!!'

'Ya wanna?' Jayson asks sheepishly.

'We can't you're only 17!'

'Age of consent in this state is 15 and I am 17!' Jayson reminds me. We are now both rubbing our dicks under the sheets. Just the thought of this boy jacking off next to me was giving me a major hardon. 'You and Ryan ever do this?' I just had to know!

'Why ya think he has been coming over every night-to play video games!?' He laughs. Then the winds really pick up and the power goes out! We had left the flashlights in the other room so Jayson climbs out of bed and fumbles around until he found a flashlight. The site of his beautiful naked body illuminated only by the flashlight gets me hard again. Then he walked closer to the bedside and concentrated the light on his groin. He reaches over and pulls back the covers exposing my raging hardon. His responds by getting very hard very fast. He climbs back into bed and turns out the light. While the storm rages outside, we are laying in bed slowly stroking our cocks. I move my leg in close to his -the feeling of our hairy legs rubbing together was incredible.

'You and Ryan ever jack each other off?' I casually ask.

'We've tried but ...it just isn't that good.'

'Then you're doing it wrong!' I exclaim.

'Would you teach me?' Jayson asks devilishly.

'If you really want me to.' I cautiously respond.

'I've wanted from you for the last 2 days. Why do you think I have been freeballin' in loose shorts!?'

I reach over and took his boy cock in my hand. Exploring his dick and balls in the darkness was very exciting. Soon his hand finds its way to my dick and he starts stroking it. He is doing to my dick just what I am doing to his dick and the feelings are incredible. It felt extra good because I had not cum in three days and I was with this really cute boy! All too soon we were both moaning and gasping and bucking our hips-we speed up our strokes and then BAM-we both shoot off gushers of cum. We kept working each other until we were both pumped dry and limp! I put my arm around him and rest his head on my shoulder while we relish in our post orgasmic bliss. The storm continued to rage outside; we just snuggled and talked until we both drifted off to sleep -naked in each other's arms! I was eagerly awaiting the morning so I could actually see what I had played with in the dark the night before!

By morning we were catching the back end of the hurricane-we had survived the night. While the hurricane raged outside boners were raging under the sheets! Once we were both awake again our attentions turned to our throbbing hardons. We started playing with each other but I had another idea. I moved around so we were in a 69! Just enough light was coming into the room so we could clearly view each other. This time I was determined to drive him insane with a slow stroke with lots of thumb action just under the back ridge of his swollen head; using my other hand to work his hairy base and ball sack! He did exactly the same to me! The only sounds to be heard were the winds through the shutters and our primal moans as we relentlessly pleasured each other! We held out a good long time but neither of us could hold back any longer. With no real warning, we both began to shoot wads of cum everywhere. Afterwards we just collasped onto the bed trying desperately to catch our breath.

We spent the rest of the day 'teaching' Jayson new techniques to try with Ryan! Jayson stayed with me for three more days until his mom was able to get back into town and power was restored. I taught him well-I hope Ryan appreciates Jayson's handjobs as much as I did. I mentioned to Jayson that he and Ryan should come over for a day of play. Hasn't happened yet-but if it does.....



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