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Being 'hung' isn't all it's cracked up to be.


Dear reader,

This probably isn't the hottest story you'll read on here. I just want to tell people about my life. I've tried typing this story three or four times, slightly embellishing it to make it more erotic, but ultimately I decided to just stick with the facts. Everything you're about to read is absolutely true.

I am the only son of a single mother. My mom is a deadbeat alcoholic and she supports me and my sisters on welfare checks and food stamps. My older sister Clair is 22 and dropped out of community college to work at a hair salon to help take care of me and my younger sister. My younger sister, Liz, is 12 and a huge brat. I'm 17 and a bit of a nerd. I don't have many friends since we're poor and I'm ashamed to bring people over to my place. None of us have the same father. All three of them are deadbeats, and only Liz's father comes around every once in a while.

We live in a two bedroom apartment in a medium sized town in the Midwest. My mom has one bedroom, my sisters share the other one and I sleep on a mattress in the floor of the walk-in closet in the hallway.

Enough of my background, on to my story.

I entered puberty when I was about 13. Because of my lack of a father figure, no brothers and few friends, I had nobody to help be through the changes that started to happen to me. Being a bit of a self taught kid, I did a lot of reading at the public library. This along with a general public school health class education gave me the basic information I was looking for. By the time I was about 14 I knew that I was developing differently than most guys. Specifically, my cock was larger than average. By the time I was 15 it had reached the size it is now. I have measured it to be slightly over 11 inches from the base closest to my navel to the tip. It is 11 and 1/8 inches fully erect, and about 5 and 1/4 inches flaccid. I've measured with a measuring tape and I am 6 and 7/8 inches around when erect and 4 and 3/4 inches around when flaccid. Just to put that in perspective, its about the size of a can of hairspray, but a little bit longer when it's hard. My balls are pretty big as well, each about the size of a tangerine. I am still a virgin and haven't had any sexual contact with another person, so if you're expecting this to turn into a story about me masturbating with one of my sisters or something like that, forget it (gross). I'm not much to look at. About 5 foot 7 and 140 lbs, not great looking, but not ugly either, just average. And just to clear up any curiosity, I don't have unusually big hands, feet, or nose.

I have an average sex drive for a guy my age, I think. When I started getting erections they were of course very noticeable and very embarrassing and I took to wearing baggy pants and boxer shorts. I masturbate everyday, usually first thing in the morning to get rid of my morning wood and to prevent mid-day erections and sometimes again at night right before bed. I have to keep a towel close by because I produce a lot of cum most of the time and tissues aren't enough for the job. I usually sneek the towel into the bathroom with me about twice a week to wash it in the tub, otherwise it gets really crusty and starts to smell really strong of cum.

I have been caught once by my older sister about a year ago. She walked in on me in my closet/bedroom and I quickly threw a sheet over me, I can't be sure that she didn't see my dick, but I'm sure she knew what I was up to. She looked right at the bulge under the sheet as I tried to cover it with my hands.

'Were you...?' She asked. But I denied it. She took another look at the bulge, and I bent my knees up to my chest to hide it.

'You're disgusting.' She said with a condescending grin, and walked out. Since then I've noticed her glancing at the front of my pants from time to time, but she always knocks on my door before barging in. She also has one girlfriend she knows from work that comes over every once in a while and I've caught her checking me out too. She never really talks to me, so I have no idea if my sister told her anything or if I'm just imagining things. She's not good looking anyway. She's fairly overweight and wears way too much makeup. She even has those drawn on eyebrows (no offense if you do too).

School has been tough for me. I'm pretty shy and keep to myself, but my shabby clothes and nerdiness make me a target for bullies. I try to stay clear of them, but it's not always easy. It's mostly just verbal abuse and easy to ignore, but it still stings.

Gym is the worst. I'm fairly well coordinated, but I'm one of the smaller boys so I get picked on mercilessly at any team sport. Also, I have to wear a jock strap to keep my dick from flopping around inside my gym shorts and boxers. It gives me quite a package in front which has not gone completely unnoticed. Mostly it becomes a target for the other boys to throw things at, volleyballs, basketballs, soccer balls, etc. It's mostly just this one kid who's a pretty big jerk, and fortunately he doesn't have very good aim, but I know he's trying to hit me intentionally. I've caught a few girls glancing at the front of my shorts, but they never say anything to me.

Fortunately I don't go to a school where we are required to shower after gym. I usually go into one of the toilet stalls in the locker room to change to avoid getting pantsed. I can't wear the jock strap all day or my balls get super sore, but I can't take it off out in the open either. I know if everyone knew about my oversized cock they'd just tease me more.

I've heard that there's a rumor going around school that I have a big dick, but as far as I know it's only hear-say. Someone told me that one of the more popular girls is planning on asking me to prom in order to find out for sure if the rumors are true. It would be nice to get that kind of positive attention, but the girl is nasty. Everyone knows she's a total slut and has slept with half the guys in our class, the popular ones anyway. I sometimes fantasize about what it would be like to be one of the popular kids that all the girls want to sleep with because of my giant dick, but the girl has never said a word to me or even looked at me, and I'm pretty sure that the person who told me about her was just messing with me to see if I'd reveal anything.

The only person who knows for sure about my dick is our family doctor. I say 'family doctor,' but really he's just a GP assigned to our family by the welfare department. We were required to have a physical when we entered high school, so to the doctor I went. The check-up was normal, until it came time for the whole turn your head and cough part. I was not expecting that at all since I'd never had that test done before. When I pulled down my boxers the doctors eye brows went up and he said something to the effect of, 'Well, you're a bit above average, aren't you son?' I mumbled some reply, but really I was burning with embarrassment. I was flaccid, but as he conducted the test I started to get hard. By the time he was finished I was about a quarter hard, but still hanging down. I quickly pulled up my pants and sat down on the table with my hands folded in my lap to cover the obvious bulge.

Then the doctor started asking me all these questions about if I had a girlfriend (no), if I was sexually active (no), did I have 'nocturnal emissions' (rarely). Then he launched into this lecture about safe sex and using protection. He told me that since I was larger than average I would have to use plus-sized condoms and be careful so that I didn't hurt my partner. He went on describing the female anatomy and its functions, all the while using very clinical terms like penis, vagina, cervix, and so on. I have never been more uncomfortable in my whole life. I figured later that was sort of what it must be like for normal kids to get the birds-and-the-bees talk from their folks. I left the doctor's office as fast as I could with a pamphlet about contraception that he gave me stuffed in my pocket.

I have never actually met my father. My mom told me that he stopped coming around when I was still a baby. She told me he was a good guy, but how good could he have been to abandon his son like that? He did give me one thing however. I can't really decide if it's a blessing or a curse, since I haven't really used it for anything yet. But at any rate, Mark Aaroncrook, last know address in Austin TX, if you remember knocking up a woman named Brenda somewhere near Kansas City in July or August of 1990 who then had a son in April of 1991 whom she named Joel; that boy is me and I've got a huge cock, so thanks for that and fuck you.

To all the rest of you guys out there, having a huge dick isn't all it's cracked up to be. So far it hasn't brought me anything but trouble, and taking into account what I've read on the internet about size, it's not going to be any kind of picnic when I do finally have sex, if I ever do. I'll probably never get a proper blow job either(ever try getting your mouth around a soda can?). I'm not totally sure, but given the chance, I'd probably trade it in for an average sized, or maybe slightly larger than average sized one. It gets in the way. It's hard to find pants that fit. It hurts if I do any physical activity without a jock strap on, and spontaneous erections are extremely awkward, embarrassing and sometimes even painful. I think it's amusing that most of the guys who post on this sight claim to have a seven to nine inch dick. If that's the case, Solo Touch must attract a disproportionate number of guys in the top 5 percent. Anyone who is even slightly educated knows that most of you must be full of shit, but take it from me. If you honestly are among the 90 percent of guys that measure between five and six inches, don't wish you had a big one. It's not that great.

Oh, by the way, I don't have any black genes in my family either. I'm a white guy.



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