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Humiliation Did It for Me

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Picture the scene. Girls boarding school, and a room party which are terribly against the rules, but that's what makes them fun, right.


We have, (don't laugh) 'House Mothers'. They live in the boarding house and usually keep themselves to themselves, although they do patrol just to make sure we aren't being naughty, either with a boy someone smuggled in. (Yes, that happens although it is rare as do-do shit) or each other. (FAR less rare)

So, we waited until our House Mother was in her room and we heard her TV shut off. Then we waited another hour. Then, slowly, so the old floor boards didn't creak, the eight of us who had a room each on our floor gathered in Lucy's room for a midnight party.

There was food, of course, we all chipped into that with goodies from home, and there was even a little wine which someone had smuggled in.

Then we sat in a circle, talking in whispers until Lucy said 'Right. Up for a game?' Naturally, truth or dare, but ALL her dare cards were sexual! We had to answer a horribly embarassing question or do something like lift our tops up or pull our panties to one side. (No doubt Lucy is bi, or maybe even full-on lez.) The questions were really hot. 'Where and when did you first masturbate?' was one of the mildest ones. 'Have you ever fantasized about a family member?' 'Talk dirty for one minute'. Even 'Swear for one minute'. Then it was my fourth question, by which time everyone in the room had seen my boobs and my pussy.

Lucy picked up the card, and I saw her eyebrows arch up. 'Right Zoe. We want to know......the dirtiest thing you ever did.' I was about to make something up, but Lucy said 'Like maybe the time you nearly fucked your brother?' That was an ultra ultra secret I had told her about how last holidays my brother and I had fooled around. GOD I hated her for mentioning that, and it was obvious that there WAS something to tell. The other girls giggled and wanted to hear more, but that was a no-no for me. 'Right Zoe, your forfeit is.......masturbate to orgasm while we all call you names.' Two things. One, being called dirty and disgusting names is the ONE thing that can make me cum without even touching myself, and two, I have never masturbated in front of anyone.

Slowly, I eased my panties off and spread my legs, leaning back against Lucy's bed. Then I closed my eyes and started to flick my clit. The other girls leaned in close one by one to my ear. 'Bitch'. 'WHore', 'Brother fucker' (from Lucy obviously) and so it went on... really REALLY dirty words and names. Suddenly, just as someone had whispered 'Your sweaty little pussy smells.' I came long and hard. But that wasnt the end of my forfeit. Lucy said 'Finally, you have to make the girl who made YOU cum, cum in her knickers.' The girl in question was Sarah. I have never touched another girl before but I slipped my hand into her knickers and found a totally smooth pussy there. I flicked her the way I like it and she leaned in and kissed me. Not long after she started breathing heavy and came into my hand. When I broke the kiss I looked around. The other girls were either masturbating or masturbating each other. Lucy, of course, had two girls sucking her tits, and her hand was in both their knickers.

We all got back into our own beds around 2am. But I took a little present with me. You see, I got really curious about other girls. (Yes, I have been fucked... several times and by four different people, two of whom were in their late 30s.) But making Sarah cum and having other girls humiliate me like that made me wonder if I could, you know, kiss a girl....er... there. I didn't want to try it for real like Lucy ended up doing, but I figured, hmmmm.

So I asked Sarah if I could have her knickers. She slipped them off under the long T she was wearing and I took her warmth and wetness back to bed with me.

So, the ultimate question. 'Could I actually lick another girl's pussy?'

Ohhhhhhh yeah!!



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